The past few months have been absolutely buzzing with excitement at Voxco.

The past few months have been absolutely buzzing with excitement at Voxco. If you haven’t been brought up to speed yet, Voxco has completed a transaction to receive recapitalization and named a new CEO. 

With that, we also welcome 4 new board members (including our CEO, Sumit Aneja) to bring their expertise to Voxco.

Since the new ownership, we’ve been able to enhance our product roadmap and build a more refined forward-looking vision for the company — and for our clients. 

Without any further ado, let us introduce you to our new board members:

voxco board craig jones
Craig Jones is the Managing Partner at TPE Boulder in Boulder, Colorado. He’s invested extensively in software, healthcare, and business services companies. His survey research roots go back to his days at Bain & Co and MarketTools.
voxco board glen silvestri
Glen Silvestri is in the process of finalizing a capital raise for his fund Sage Capital, based in Toronto, Canada. He is an experienced private equity advisor in the tech space, and formerly a Partner at Imperial Capital and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (which is the largest private equity firm in Canada.)
voxco board dave rhodes
Dave Rhodes has decades of experience leading teams in information technology and software development. He spent the first part of his career in telecommunications and electronic trading. He is currently CTO at Condata Global, Inc.
voxco board sumit aneja

Sumit Aneja has a background in strong leadership, with his experience founding companies and his private equity firm, Pivoton Capital. His great knowledge in research stems from his work at IMF as well as the Bank of America. He also has a background in Engineering and Data Science.

Our Content Marketing Manager, Helene Fleischer, sat down with the board members to get their perspective on things and get to know them a little better. Keep reading below:

What expertise do you hope to bring to Voxco?

DR: My background is in hands-on software development and managing a range of team sizes, from small scrappy teams, to large enterprise teams. 

To name a key philosophy for me, in terms of development specifically, I am a big fan of automating as much of the development and QA testing process as possible. Everything about a software process should enable everyone to spend as much time as possible on new features for customers.

SA: My background in different facets of technology: electrical engineering, technology investment banking & private investments, research background at IMF has me primed and ready to work in this particular space, and know what it takes to grow. 

We have a clear vision for the company that we’ve been able to move closer to every day.

You’ve worked with many companies across multiple industries and vertical markets. What are some differentiators that Voxco has from other companies?

CJ: What is really interesting about Voxco is that it has truly been around for decades. A company like that should have deep relationships and a level of customer loyalty that is immense, and we did find that with Voxco. 

In addition, we felt that the company has an extremely strong position within Canada, as well as in France and the United States. 

GS: We know that the research industry is booming, and that Voxco specifically is in a niche segment with a strong market position. As Craig mentioned, Voxco has an impressive group of customers, a roster of organizations that are very strong. 

What excites you the most about the survey software industry today?

CJ: We live in a connected economy. The biggest difference between today and 30 years ago (when I was starting out in VC) is the multiplying feedback loop caused by the explosion of the internet and low-cost technology. 

Ironically, it doesn’t mean customers are more satisfied, it means they expect more. And I know Voxco can help companies deliver better products and services to their customers. 

SA: Data is the key for all strategic decisions. We have sophisticated multi-modal survey software to enable robust unbiased data collection and analysis. Survey data is being used to inform important policy and corporate decisions (both through Voice of Customer, Voice of Employee), so it feels great to help empower those decisions for our clients.

How have you overcome the challenges of operating within a niche market in the past?

CJ: Your team is absolutely everything in putting in the work to bring companies to the place they want to go. Working with a highly trained executive, like Sumit, positions us in a great place to seize opportunities within the market. 

GS: Niche market or otherwise, good people that are dedicated and working hard will make all the difference. We’re very impressed with the level of engagement in the management team. 

At a micro level, the challenges aren’t much different than the challenges that other companies face. Being agile and not having a very large system of bureaucracy is the key to all.

When you’re off-duty, what do you do for fun?

CJ: My family and I love being in the mountains, hiking and skiing when we can. I’m a very active member of the community. When I lived in California, I had the pleasure of founding an elementary school that is now K-8. I was also the mayor of the town! I also have a great love for being involved in organizations that work towards the preservation of endangered species.

GS: I love going to the gym! It is my number one stress reliever, however you may not know it by looking at me (said while laughing). I also love to play soccer! 

I spend a lot of time being an Uber driver for my kids to various activities, my daughter is a gymnast and my son is very into basketball. 

DR: Some people think I’m crazy, but I keep working for fun. I love what I do and I find it difficult to put things down. When I’m really off-duty, I love playing golf and doing outdoorsy things with my family. I even do karate with my daughters!

SA: Number one thing: hang with my son and wife! My son is only 15 months old, but he loves (toy) cars and technology just like his dad! I also love the feeling of just driving as a way to relieve stress. In fact, I recently drove from New Haven to Niagara Falls and New York to Montreal! 

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