Meet Sumit Aneja: Voxco Survey Software’s New CEO

Meet Sumit Aneja: Voxco Survey Software’s New CEO


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Voxco has some exciting news! If you haven’t heard already, Voxco Survey Software has completed a transaction – to receive growth equity capital and recapitalization from Pivoton Capital.

In addition to that, Sumit Aneja, Managing Partner from Pivoton Capital, has joined Voxco as the new CEO!

To get our readers acquainted, Helene Fleischer, our Content Marketing Manager, sat down with Sumit Aneja for a Q&A.

Keep reading to learn more about him and his mission at Voxco:

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Can you talk a little bit about your experience in research?

My work in research began at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) during an interesting period. It was 2008 and the global economy was going through a tough time with the recession. The IMF was at the forefront to fight the financial crisis and I was fortunate to serve in their research department during that time. 

Of course, real estate was one of the central issues we focused on. The IMF collaborated with the World Bank on many research topics. World Bank conducted a lot of surveys on the ground, quantifying micro-indicators across many countries.

During my time there, I interacted heavily with alums from International Food Policy Research Institute, researchers with top academic minds from Stanford, Peterson Institute, and many other universities.

Another thing I should mention is that I have a background in engineering and data science, so I have a good understanding of the problem solving it takes to build a robust technology.  

You were the Managing Partner of Pivoton Capital – working with investors, analysts, and consultants. How are you going to apply that experience in your role as CEO?

Over the course of almost two years, we worked with many stakeholders and partners to do our due diligence on companies that would be well suited for our mission as a private investment firm.

Our team truly looked at multiple deals across tech enabled services and software industries during this time period! There were many moving pieces: industry, technology, finance, regulations, compliance – many elements we needed to look at closely before making a decision.

Something really interesting that came from that was learning to navigate sensitive stakeholder relationships, all while keeping our pipeline full and traveling all over North America. It was a juggling act that taught me a lot.

What has drawn you to Voxco Survey Software?

I have a great respect for the survey software landscape – its opportunities and challenges that are ever-evolving. The founder, Raymond Cyr, has done an incredible job bringing the company to this point.  

Of course, it also links back to my research background at the IMF and technology background prior to joining the IMF. We were very impressed with the tremendous potential Voxco has and we’re ready to take the company to next level!

What do you think sets us apart from others within the survey software industry?

Voxco has a long, sustained history of providing multi-modal survey technology and we will continue to deliver on that front. We are well aware that researchers are constantly looking for different methods of reaching respondents and enhancing their response rates.

Another thing that is incredibly powerful is the nature of our platform: it’s fully customizable and can accommodate the most advanced researchers. We have bells and whistles, come and get ‘em! But on that note, the platform is also suitable for relatively straightforward studies as well.

Can you share a few things that you are most excited for the future of Voxco Survey Software?

The bottom line is that we are a global company – so we are looking to expand globally while enhancing the product further. Our goal is to continue strengthening our presence in North America, Europe, and APAC.

And we’re looking to enhance the product by placing a lot of emphasis on UX and UI. In the survey software industry, product is king. And we’re looking forward to continue delivering top quality technology to our clients.

What is something people might not know about you?

I love playing poker! And I used to play squash at Yale. I haven’t played squash in a while and would like to eventually pick it back up. Our son Riaan is one year old and keeps us fully occupied – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

When you’re not at work, what do you do to unwind?

Number one thing: hang with my son. He loves toy cars, and technology just like his dad!

I also love driving, New Haven to Niagara Falls was a more recent long drive that I can think of.