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What is a Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map can be described as a visual representation of customer journey. It clearly outlines every touchpoint within customer journey in a chronological order. By having an understanding of customer journey, you can understand how customers travel through the sales process, as well as their experience at different touchpoints. Customer journey mapping ensures that decisions are made keeping customers’ wants in mind. This improves the overall customer experience for prospective customers. 

The process of creating a customer journey map is known as customer journey mapping. Mapping allows you to view customer journeys from the customer’s perspective, helping you identify and address pain points more effectively.

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Steps to Create a Customer Journey Map

Set Objectives for the Map

The first step is to clearly outline your goals for what you want on the customer journey map. These objectives will influence how you create your buyer persona. This persona will represent the characteristics of your average customer based on demographic and psychographic attributes.

Define the Goals of Different Customer Personas

The next step is to outline the goals of each buyer persona. For this, you must collect feedback from different customers that will allow you to categorize them and define their goals.

Define your Target Persona

Once you’ve clearly categorized customers into different personas, you have to select which buyer personas you will target. Most organizations tend to choose the most common type of customer persona when first starting with customer journey mapping.

List​ Touch Points

A touch point is any point of interaction between your business and its customers. In this step, you must clearly outline the different touchpoints. This will allow you to clearly identify the different actions performed by your customers.

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Determine which Elements you want to Include on the Map

When listing touchpoints, you will notice many different types of customer journey maps. Based on the objectives of your map, you must select which map and which elements you want to focus on.

Improve Customer Retention

Identify the Resources Required

Your customer journey map will help you identify all the resources you will require to improve customer journey. This information should be used to take inventory of the resources you currently have, as well as what you will require to improve customer service.

Test Customer Journey

Once you’ve created your customer journey map, you should test it and analyse the results. Are customer expectations being met? Are there areas within the customer journey that st

Make Necessary Changes

While testing the customer journey map, you may identify certain areas or touchpoints where customer expectations are still not being met. Once you’ve identified these areas, you can take the necessary measures to improve on them.

Mapping Omnichannel Customer Journey

Customer journey is made up of different interactions, or touchpoints, between your brand and your customers. As customer journey is continually being spread over an increasing amount of channels, customer journey mapping must address touchpoints through all channels. 

Mapping omnichannel customer journeys is complex as touchpoints are across multiple channels. In the digital era, customers are often switching channels during customer journeys. For instance, a customer may look at many dresses online before going to the store to try and purchase the one she wants. Unless you are viewing these individual customer interactions in the context of the entire journey, you may neglect the significance of these interactions. 

Applying analytics to the map can help bridge the gap between different channels to create a more unified customer experience. To offer the best customer experience possible, omnichannel marketing is often backed up by omnichannel customer service. Read more about Voxco’s omnichannel survey solution here.

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FAQs on Customer Journey Map

A touchpoint can be described as any interaction between an organization and its customers. This can include a customer viewing your website, or even making a purchase in a physical store.

A pain point is a term that describes any problems that customers may experience along the customer journey.

Touchpoints are mapped chronologically within customer journey maps.

Customer journey mapping can result in the following advantages:

  1. Improved customer satisfaction
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Clearly defined goals

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