Look Out for These Factors That Drive Your Customers Away

Do you know what’s making your customers leave? Why not ask them! Use our CX survey template to listen to their concerns.


Look Out for These Factors That Drive Your Customers Away HRI
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As customers, we all had to wait in line in a grocery store. Sometimes we may have even left the store without purchasing anything despite having the exact change & the product we want in our hand. Why? A long line or a single register can be the reason. 

This is but one of the many scenarios why customers leave a service empty-handed and maybe never return. 

As brands doing business in a highly competitive landscape, excellent customer experience sets the brand apart. But how can you make sure that your customers don’t walk away? 

In this article, we will talk about the pet peeves that may be driving your customers away. Read ahead on making small changes to keep your high-value customer.

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Six things that drive your customers away

Grow your business by delivering an excellent customer experience & avoid falling into these traps.

1. Are your customers waiting for too long?

Look Out for These Factors That Drive Your Customers Away HRI

Keeping customers in wait when they call your company can lead to a bad experience & harm your business more. 

When asked how long callers are willing to wait on call, 32.3% said customer support should answer immediately. 

Customers are calling you because they want immediate help. If they had time to wait, they would have watched through videos or read your FAQs. 

The last thing you want is to communicate that your time is more important than your customers. Nothing highlights that you care, like answering their calls quickly or responding to their email. 

Utilize an IVR that helps your customers with easy concerns like balance inquiries, money transfers, appointments, cancellations, etc. However, don’t overdo IVR and replace your efficient human agents with technology. Your IVR should route complex problems to the most appropriate agent with all details on the caller for better help. 

Finally, always ask about the caller’s experience after the call to ensure that the caller is left with no unresolved concerns.

2. Stop selling to them at every interaction.

Customers have thousands of brands selling things to them from the moment they wake up. Hald of these emails end up in spam & half the phone calls are turned down or blocked. 

A customer reporting that their phone was stolen does not want to hear your new service or theft protection or theft insurance. A sales pitch in such a scenario will most definitely drive your customer away. 

If your sales strategy is too aggressive, you can drive 84% of your customers away.

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3. Listen to their complaints, not only compliments

Customers’ complaints can help you improve your business process. Their negative feedback can show you what you are doing wrong and what needs fixing right away. 

Your customer experience program should encompass closed-loop customer feedback to ensure you resolve issues proactively. Create an outside-in strategy that focuses on what benefits your customers. Leverage a closed-loop customer feedback functionality that automates routing customer feedback to the right agent so the agent can follow up immediately with the customer. 

Don’t become obsessed with the speed and call handle time. Customers prefer a knowledgeable agent who is willing to help. Show them that you care about their problems. With timely follow-up and effective resolution, you can create an advocate for your brand.

4. Siloed data leads to a shabby experience.

Businesses have become siloed for valid reasons. However, it is often difficult to offer a consistent customer experience with disparate customer data. 

The silos lead to multiple strategies, which become obvious when customers receive disconnected services from the same company. A sub-par experience as such can drive your customers away. 

Your business needs a cohesive structure to create a unified view of customer data across all channels and departments. This allows employees to keep their strategies consistent. Moreover, your agents can personalize their strategy for high-value customers with an integrated view of customer data. 

For instance, Continental Airlines implemented a consolidation layer to address their lack of data integration. The airline identified that due to siloed data, gate agents could not identify high-value customers & therefore couldn’t compensate accordingly. 

With the consolidation layer, agents could access customer data in real-time across specific interactions. This made it possible for them to manage high-value customers better. This also helped the airline eliminate the losses caused by customers exploiting the lack of integration.

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5. Fish out the underlying emotion.

Look Out for These Factors That Drive Your Customers Away HRI

Customers’ emotions can show how successful your efforts are. If customers offer you their feedback, you should take time to understand what drives the satisfaction and why. 

Analyze verbatim with AI & ML functionality to uncover customer sentiment about their experience with the brand. Understand their emotion and categories themes to extract actionable insights. Learn about their frustration, their tipping point, and the reason they are leaving. 

Happy customers lead to brand evangelism and advocacy. Paying attention to the underlying sentiment in customer feedback can help you design individual customer experiences & improve their experience at every interaction. 

Every call or feedback you receive should be used to fortify & guarantee the customer that they made an excellent decision to do business with your brand.

6. Are your employees happy?

Have you considered that your employees are in contact with your customers for the most part. Your customer support, sales reps, or social media manager makes product recommendations or communicates with customers daily. This includes multiple touchpoints, out of which anything could be the reason that drives your customers away. 

Happy employees create a productive environment, but they also result in happy & satisfied customers. A happy employee is willing to put in the work and help a customer at any point in time. However, dissatisfied employee can take out their job frustration on the brand’s customers. 

You must ensure your employees are getting the recognition they deserve and work in a positive & supportive environment. Your HR team or managers should solicit employee feedback to understand how the company can improve the work environment.

Build a business customers love

Customer attrition is a pain point every company suffers. This is often because companies fail to cater to customers’ needs and drive their customers away. 

Businesses have to put a lot of effort to create a plan for how they treat their customers. To begin with, make sure you check out these 6 factors and make your way into evaluating your business process. CX varies as per the business, so mold these tips for meeting your customers’ needs. 

A tip to remember: Instead of wondering or guessing what’s driving your customers away, reach out to your customers and ask them what you can do to keep them doing business with you.

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