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The Logit Group is an innovative, technology-driven research execution company. We’re a team of holistic research practitioners, and aim to add value for our clients through expert-level insights across a wide range of methodologies.


The Logit Group wanted to program a series of qualifying questions to pass data to a 3rd party platform for verifying registered voters in the US. 

The project involved a series of studies across the US including congressional, state and national studies using dynamically verified registered voters. The first objective of the project was to ensure that the panelists they were using for the projects were verified registered voters. The second objective was to append their voter records and history to their survey responses in real time. 

We’ve been avid users of the Voxco platform now for over 20 years. It gives us the flexibility to routinely enhance our survey toolkit and provides our clients with a more robust dataset and story to tell their clients.
Steve Male
VP Innovation & Strategic Partnerships
The Logit Group
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The Logit Group used a combination of online (Voxco Online), integrated telephony system( Cloud Dialer, CATI & IVR) and Panel Management to complete their projects. The team chose Voxco for it’s ease of use and its ability to create custom questions. Voxco also worked nicely with outside code sources. 

The team didn’t have to radically alter any of their programming as the software was able to work within their survey implementation. Voxco helped the Logit team achieve the desired results by offering the flexibility that was required. 


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The amount of registered voters on online panels is severely over inflated. In 2020 almost 214 Million people were registered to vote or roughly 64% of the US population. In surveys where panelists were asked to self identify as registered voters the numbers were as high as 85%+.

Using real time voter verification with Voxco, the team saw a rate of 60% voter match, more accurately representing and profiling online sample sources.

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Favorite Features

The ability to customize question types and the open API which allows for more robust usage scenarios.

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