Examples of Likert Scale

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What is Likert Scale?

Likert scale is generally used for market research and surveys in relation to people’s opinions and attitudes on a subject matter. It is a psychometric scale.

Rensis Likert, in 1932, developed the Likert scale because of his interest to measure people’s opinions and attitudes on different items.

A Likert scale has two endpoints with the highest and lowest variables and a mid-section with a neutral variable. The scale ranges from poor to good depending on the subject matter of the survey. The data obtained with the help of a Likert scale is beneficial in measuring your target audience or participants’ attitude towards your company’s service or product. 

A Likert scale is used for various surveys and research purposes. You can use a Likert scale in offline and online surveys to gain insight into customer or employee satisfaction, the likelihood of recommending, or understanding the customer’s issue.

Examples of Likert Scale 4

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You can use the agreement-disagreement scale, frequency scale, satisfaction scale, quality scale, importance scale, or likelihood scale to gather data from your audience. 

  • Likert scale can be divided into Odd Likert Scale and Even Likert Scale. 

The odd Likert scale contains a midpoint in the scale, which allows the responders to opt for the neutral option. The neutral option helps a responder who does not want to bias towards any answer. 

The even Likert scale does not have a neutral option. Hence, the responders are forced to choose from the given choice. These can be implemented using online survey tools.

Odd Likert Scale Examples

3-point Likert scale: High, Neutral, and Low options. Not enough choices are given to the responders.

➤ Would you participate in the seminar?

  • Yes 
  • Maybe 
  • No 


5-point Likert scale: Two extremities are connected with a neutral option. This type of scale produces a smooth distribution of data.


➤ The company provides an appropriate amount of holiday for employee welfare.

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neither agree nor disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly agree



➤ How was our waiter service?

  • Very poor
  • Poor
  • Average
  • Good
  • Excellent



➤ Would you recommend our Café to your friend?

  • Extremely unlikely
  • Unlikely
  • Maybe
  • Likely
  • Extremely likely

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7-point Likert scale: This scale is known to provide the most accurate data. It gives the responders many options to choose from making it easy to use.


➤ Do you agree with the new property law?

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Somewhat disagree
  • Neither agree nor disagree
  • Somewhat agree
  • Agree
  • Strongly agree



➤ How satisfied are you with our helpline?

  • Completely dissatisfied
  • Mostly dissatisfied
  • Somewhat dissatisfied
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
  • Somewhat satisfied
  • Mostly satisfied
  • Completely satisfied


➤ How important do you think is the legal 40-hour work per week?

  • Not at all important
  • Low importance
  • Slightly important
  • Neutral 
  • Moderately important
  • Very important
  • Extremely important
Examples of Likert Scale 6

Even Likert Scale Example

Examples of Likert Scale 3

4-point Likert scale: It is a better option when you require accurate data. The lack of a neutral option forces the responders to choose an option from the extremities. 


➤ Do you agree with the new flight instruction?

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly agree


➤ How satisfied are you with the range of colors provided?

  • Very dissatisfied
  • Dissatisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Very satisfied


➤ How often do you use our car service?

  • Never
  • Rarely
  • Often
  • Every time


➤ How likely would you recommend our products to your friend?

  • Very likely
  • Likely
  • Unlikely
  • Very unlikely

Other Likert Scale Examples

Examples of Likert Scale 5

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2-point Likert scale: This is the simplest scale. The question is followed by a yes or no type option. This is usually used for measuring agreement.

➤ Did you graduate from school?

  • Yes
  • No 

6-point Likert scale: It falls under the example of an even scale. However, even with the lack of neutral choice, you can always add more intermediate options such as “slightly agree” or “slightly disagree”. This also serves the same purpose. 

  • Extremely satisfied, Very satisfied, Somewhat satisfied, Somewhat dissatisfied, Very dissatisfied, and Extremely dissatisfied.

9-point Likert scale: This serves in the same way as a 7-point scale. Providing more options for the responders to choose from gives them flexibility and freedom to answer. The scale can have a range of “strongly agree” on one end to “strongly disagree” on the other. 

A Likert scale is gaining a lot of popularity in offline and online survey platforms. The questionnaire is easy to create and the choice of options is easy to understand. Unlike descriptive questions which may frustrate the responder and may prove to be time-consuming. The range provided in a Likert scale helps the participants to answer without having to think. 

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