Voxco regularly integrates brand new features to our online survey software. Sometimes these are based on client requests, sometimes they’re just add-ons that our hard-working development team thinks would be an awesome addition to what is already the industry’s most flexible survey platform.

We’re going to get in the habit of sharing these new features with you via the blog each month as they are released. The features below were updated onto our SaaS platform yesterday, July 20.

Keep an eye out for future updates. For now, here’s what’s new this July!

Windows 10 Support

We now support Windows 10 for all browser-based elements of our platform, including Design, Pronto dashboard, and Supervisor bar for 1.10.5. So you can finally accept those pesky Microsoft update notifications! 😉

Scheduled sample imports & updates

It’s now possible to schedule one-time or recurring sample imports from an external data source.

Users of Voxco Panel Manager can now also schedule one-time or recurring sample updates to automatically update your survey with new panelists.

Task notifications

You can now select that the platform sends automated email notifications to project stakeholders once a task is completed or if it fails. This is helpful for keeping track of the successful execution of distributions and other key project tasks.

Panelist field configuration

You can now specify which panelist fields are required for a panel. This enforces validation every time you import panelists, update panelists, edit an individual panelist or add a new panelist. One more way to ensure that your panel is on-target, every time.

Link panelists to surveys via Survey Sample Import

We’ve added a handful of new automated options for linking panelists and surveys via the existing Survey Sample Import feature. You can now link samples to panels via Panelist ID, Email, Username, Phone, and more.

Copy distributions

Project managers who execute numerous similar survey projects can now further streamline their distribution set-up by copying distribution settings from a past survey. Some small feature changes can make a big difference to project productivity.

New respondent filter options

We’ve added several new options for the the survey respondent filter. You can now identify respondents based on the number of days since the following activities occurred:

  • A respondent started a survey
  • A respondent terminated a survey
  • An email or SMS invitation was sent
  • An email or SMS invitation has NOT been sent
  • An email or SMS invitation was received by a respondent
New survey data cleaning options

You can now choose to clean the answers of calling questions on pre-load. When this option is selected, a pre-load cleaning Branch To action will clean the answer of the calling question.

SMS Invitations

Reminder that since our Voxco Online 5.5.1 update, we have offered the ability to send SMS survey invitations.

As a communication channel, SMS text messages are growing in popularity and offer new reach to the channels with which you can invite respondents and panelists to complete surveys.

If you’d like an overview of how Voxco SMS invitations work, please reach out to your Voxco rep.

Translating custom questions

Can be done via the Translation module, just like other question types.

New features available now!

If you’re using the Voxco platform via the cloud, these new features are available now. If your platform is hosted on-site (yes, this is something we offer!), contact our support team to schedule an update.

To see the full details on each of the above updates, please view the individual sections in our online help section.

Onwards and upwards – see you next month!