Improving your business’s customer focus


Improving your business’s customer focus customer focus
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Customer focus follows an ideology of putting your customers’ needs before anything else. As a customer-centric business, it is important to foster relationships with customers for longer terms. And aim to gain their loyalty as much as possible.

Customer experience is the driving force behind all businesses and needs to be put before anything else. Customer focus is a process that can be upgraded and improved with time with right efforts and knowledge. 

In this article, let us take a look at how you can improve customer focus of your business.

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6 tips to enhance customer focus

  • Collaboration 

Customer experience is something that needs to be delivered from an organization consistently. Companies can collaborate within their departments on behalf of the customer. 

Example, a customer service agent can signal the sales department for a potential sale whenever someone asks them about a new product.

Advantages of collaboration are that you can generate comparatively more leads, more deals are cracked with better wins. 

One thing to take care of while collaborating is to make sure it doesn’t drag down your teams’ productivity. To fix this glitch, you can train the teams to collaborate without disturbing their workflow and especially not letting the customer know behind the scenes. 

  • Listen to your customers 

It is important to listen to what your customers have to say. And it is even more important that they feel heard. You have to carefully listen to your customers and make notes of the details, as the customers do not like to repeat themselves. They tend to stray away from a brand that makes them repeat themselves. 

Doing so not only frustrates the customer, but also leaves a bad impression of your brand in their head. And this is not good for your market image as well.

There are some common points you can make of customers when they interact with you so that they feel heard. Those are:

  • Their demographics 
  • Their accounts
  • And the last time they reached out to you and the reason
  • Serve your customers everywhere 

It is no surprise that customers love to have options. Especially when it comes to communication channels. From an organization perspective, it looks easy to manage just one interaction channel and serve the customer their full attention. But this is usually not the case.

With the rise in omnichannel customer experience, there are loads of communication channels to look into for an organization. You are supposed to be active and responsive on all those platforms. They can be phone calls, emails, SMS, social media platforms and so on. 

To provide a customer focused service, make sure you connect to your customers on the platforms that they feel comfortable with.

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  • Feedback loops 

We talked about listening to the customer. But it is not just limited to listening to their problems. Customer opinion is a crucial part of the future of organizations. 

Gathering feedback from your customers from time to time will help you know what customers think about your brand and where they are with your organization.

You can develop feedback loops for various topics, like when there is a new product launched in the market and you want to know what your customers have to say about it, when you need to brainstorm for new product ideas, or just a catchup call.

This will help you stay in touch with your customers and develop meaningful relationships with them. 

  • Combining data with empathy 

Data flooding in these days means meaningful insights and ideas. Brands no longer have to guess what their customers want, or what are the market trends. The data captured and analyzed does the job for them.

But in customer focused approach, combining data with empathy implies:

  • Analyzing the data by adding context to it. 
  • Using the data and insights in the right way for the customers.
  • Using the data to understand your customers more closely and fulfill their needs.

Customer focus helps you to understand your customers individually based on the data each of them bring to your data source. It can allow you to provide customized customer service to them as well. 

  • Leveraging AI

There are a lot of hikes in AI trends and the way they are being used for business intelligence. Data pools in an organization and rather than it going to waste, data science tools can help you give meaning to that data.

Example, sales teams can use AI to predict the next year’s sales. Marketing team can figure out which strategy worked out best in the past and plan the current strategies accordingly.

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