Importance of Optimising Post purchase Customer Experience cvr

Importance of Optimising Post-purchase Customer Experience

Transform your Post-purchase Customer Experience

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While every company believes CX to be the most important strategy to grow their business, most of these companies don’t invest in improving or even monitoring Post-purchase Customer Experience. 56%  of customers claim that they are disappointed by the service they receive post-purchase from a retailer’s or an eCommerce site. 

As per Accenture, only 17% of customers believe that companies care about their post-purchase experience. And, this data does not look so good, especially when your aim is to improve CX.

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Why is Post-Purchase an integral part of CX?

The post-purchase lifecycle allows the brand to develop an ongoing relationship with the customers. For 40% of consumers, according to Support, post-purchase experience makes their brand experience more memorable. 

It is important for retailers to remember that the Customer Journey does not end at the sale. When customers purchase from you there is an experience gap from when the order is placed until the product is delivered to them.

Seamless tracking of their order, technical support, or return and refund are some aspects of the post-purchase journey that can make or break your brand’s reputation. The Post-purchase care a customer receives influences their opinion about your company and their decision to return or not.  

A customer who is impressed by your post-purchase care is more likely to bypass the initial stages of the customer lifecycle – brand awareness and purchase interest – and go straight into their intent to purchase.


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Impact of leveraging Post-Purchase Experience

Until Amazon Prime post-purchase Experience was a forgotten part of Customer Experience

Amazon stands as a customer-obsessed company that introduced a Prime service – free two-day shipping. This not only increased customer expectations regarding shipping and delivery of their order. But, it also helped the retailers who sell on Amazon to overcome and win the Post-Purchase experience. 

Optimized Post-purchase experience impacts customer retention, improves brand reputation and repeat sales. 

By delivering a successful post-purchase experience you are increasing your customer retention. Returning customers spend 30% more on a brand than new customers. 

  • Existing customers grow a sense of loyalty towards the brand. They are more likely to look for your brand when they need something. 93% of customers are more likely to repeat purchases from a brand that offers excellent customer service.

Offering product recommendations or a discount coupon during the post-purchase journey can help increase sales and revenue of the company. 1 out of 4 customers clicks on a recommended product when they are tracking their order.

  • However, make sure that the recommended product is not something that the customer has returned. Utilize customer’s purchase history to offer them something that would entice them into making a purchase. 

An optimized Post-purchase customer experience also leads to customer advocacy. 92% of customers have said that they trust the product purchase recommendations made by their family and friends.

  • When you provide the care and support even after they purchase, you show them a reason to stay with your company. This positively impacts their experience. As a result, they are more likely to share their experience within their network and vouch for your brand.
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Invest in Post-Purchase Experience

Improving the post-purchase customer experience involves embracing technology that offers you deep insight into customers and their experience. It also enables you to provide a seamless service and mend the experience gap. 

Volvo uses AI to predict when their cars need service and what parts need replacement or a repair. The company scans through more than one million events per week to predict the breakdown rate of each part. According to the data they recommend services and maintenance plans to their customers before the part can cause any bigger issue.

My Account Page: 

“My Account Page” created for your customer is responsible for 64% of returning traffic. However, the page is ignored by most retailers. 

Enrich the page by transforming it into a self-service section where customers have better visibility of their purchase status. Customers have the need to track their orders frequently. Sadly 56% of eCommerce sites fail to merge order tracking within their site. 

The My Account Page should be user-friendly where customers can access information regarding their profile information (address, phone no.), wishlist, and order details. My Account Page can be the thread that connects the purchase and post-purchase journey. 

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Order detail page

The order detail page should provide customer details about the order they placed. It should be easy to navigate so that the user can check the order and shipping information. 

  • Order Information: should include the product name, price, quantity, and seller. It should also show order status to inform when the order was confirmed.
  • Shipping information: should provide customers details of every event starting from order packed until it is out for delivery. Proper detail of the shipping process can help ease a customer’s anxiousness about their order and lessen the calls to enquire “Where Is My Order?”
  • Notification Opt-in/ Opt-out: Allow customers to give you permission whether they want transactional emails and SMS and how they want to receive them. These notifications should include any information regarding issues or delays in the delivery process. 

Tracking Page 

The tracking page helps customers receive real-time updates about their orders. It is also an ideal page to offer relevant recommendations of products and discounts. 

It should provide the Tracking ID of the order along with a log of the shipping process.

  • Estimated delivery date: 74% of customers have a higher chance of purchasing again from a brand that informs them of Estimated Delivery Dates. Let them know by which day they will receive their order instead of the number of days it will take to deliver. Provide a progress bar that will show the customer exactly where their order is. 
  • Post-purchase Upsell: Use the Tracking Page to show products and promotions that your customers will like. 75% of customers are likely to purchase products based on personalized recommendations. Offer recommendations based on their purchase history and preferences. 
  • Link to customer support: All the above features will lessen most of your customer service calls but customers may still need help. Use this page wisely and provide email, social media link, or customer care no. 
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Hassle-free return and refund

Inform your customers about the policy you follow on your return and refund process early in their purchase journey. Make sure customers are aware whether the product is refundable and returnable. They should know the no. of days they have to decide if they need the product or not. 

Provide them a step-by-step guide on how to return the product and how the refund process will take place. Customers should be able to follow the guide easily. Also, provide them an update once they initiate the return process. 

American Eagle has a very efficient refund and returns policy. They have managed to make the post-purchase experience seem easy. The brand has no time restriction for return. Customers need to provide a receipt of their purchase to get a full refund. If customers don’t have a receipt, they have two options for refund – receive credit score or exchange items for the current price. 

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Maintain post-purchase Communication 

Post-purchase is the stage where you can re-engage with your customers using transactional emails and SMS. Update the customers at every step of the shipping process.

  • 64% of customers claim that transactional emails are very important messages they receive.
  • Transactional emails have an open rate of 80 to 85%. 
  • 90% of SMS notifications have an open rate of 98%.

Use AI and Analytics to determine what channel your customers prefer to interact with your brand. Use the intel to send the right information at the right time using the right channel. Send them detailed information about the product they purchased, a link to the tracking page, customer care no., and other important details. 

  • Let customers know that your brand will help them whenever required. 
  • Email and SMS can also be customized as per the customer’s preferred language to improve their CX with the company. 
  • Also, give customers the option to opt-out of email or SMS service. 

Gather customer feedback on the post-purchase experience

A part of the Post-purchase Journey includes gathering customer insight. Use the moment to ask customers about product experience/satisfaction as well as delivery experience/satisfaction. 

These insights help you understand how your delivery service fared. You can make better delivery choices and understand the pain point in the second half of their journey. Consequently, improve the post-purchase CX. 

Companies often overlook the post-purchase CX and focus on acquiring new customers. They should not forget that the post-purchase experience is a gold mine when it comes to increasing revenue for the company. 

Your top 10% customers are the ones who purchase as much as 40% or 50% of the company’s total products purchased. These customers return to buy more from your company if you show them they are cared for especially after they have purchased from you. Post-purchase customer experience makes a significant impact on the company’s growth.

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