Importance Of IT Helpdesk Surveys With An Example


 Importance of IT helpdesk surveys with an example Demographic Segmentation
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Robert Half has rightly said “If a customer comes first, the customer will last.”

In this technologically driven world, people feel like they are in an ancient period when technology fails. The helpdesk is a most sought-after point of contact for your customers during these times. Any problem with the product, your customers contact the helpdesk first. 

They want to stay connected to their devices, and when they can’t they call your IT helpdesk frustrated and anxious. 

However, it is not simple to run effective IT support. It can be difficult to locate agents that have the proper combination of technical expertise and excellent customer service abilities. A responsive IT helpdesk is a critical factor in re-establishing customers’ faith in your product. 

IT helpdesk surveys are an essential part of this process to know whether the customer is satisfied with the service provided or not. It helps determine the efficiency, professionalism & knowledge of helpdesk agents, the quality of responses, timeliness, and many more metrics that results in higher customer satisfaction.

In this bog, we will discuss the importance of IT helpdesk surveys and the best practices to execute them. Let’s get started.

What is an IT helpdesk survey?

IT helpdesk surveys assess the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of your customers when they receive technical support from your personnel. The opinions of your users help you assess and improve your services, to continuously deliver outstanding performance. 

As a customer-centered company, it can be damaging to assume your customers are satisfied. 

IT helpdesk surveys provide insights on how to enhance your support services to ensure client happiness and reduce discontent. It also helps in closing the gap between what your IT staff believes is your customers’ priority and what is most essential to them in reality.

Example of IT helpdesk surveys

Here’s a free IT helpdesk survey for you to get started on your research. We have put together a pulse survey that you can use to collect customer feedback right after their interaction with your helpdesk agent. 

Hello Alex, 

Thank you for contacting our IT helpdesk. We would appreciate your feedback if you help us to continue to improve our service by answering some questions below:

  1. Did we manage to resolve your problem?
  • Yes
  • No
  • unsure
  1. How satisfied were you with our services?
  • Extremely satisfied
  • Somewhat satisfied
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
  • Somewhat dissatisfied
  • Extremely dissatisfied
  1. How long did it take to resolve your problem?
  • Shorter than expected
  • Much longer than expected
  • About what I expected
  • Not resolved
  1. Please write your valuable feedback (in about 50-100 words)


Your response has been recorded. We appreciate your time spent on this survey.

You can create your own IT Helpdesk Survey using survey software. The survey is often used to evaluate the performance of the entire process. We have mentioned some of the topics you can assess using an IT helpdesk survey. 

  • Ease of contacting the helpdesk. 
  • Time required to contact the helpdesk. 
  • Timeliness of initial response from the helpdesk agent.
  • Time taken to resolve the IT problem.
  • Attitude of helpdesk staff.
  • Knowledge of the IT agent. 
  • Communications effectiveness of the staff.

Don’t have time to create a survey? No worries.

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Importance of IT helpdesk surveys

Customer feedback is required to examine and identify the strengths and areas for improvement. Here are some of the reasons you should start conducting IT helpdesk surveys:

1. To increase service quality

Customer feedback can help you identify what troubles customers face while contacting your helpdesk. By identifying the recurring reasons customers call your helpdesk you can resolve it to ensure no other customer face the same issue. 

Moreover, it can also help you assess the service your agents provide the callers. 

WIth IT helpdesk survey you can evaluate the performance of your product along with the support delivered by your company. 

2. To compute customer satisfaction

KPIs like customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are essential measures that affect the financial profitability of a firm. This is closely related to other advantages such as greater market share and income. 

Many studies have found a link between customer happiness and corporate performance. You must ensure that you collect consumer feedback on the services you have delivered.

3. Demonstrates that you appreciate your customers’ opinions

When you ask for customers’ opinion it shows them that you value their feedback and want to hear more from them. 

Listening to their suggestions will help you develop closer relationships with your customers, lowering customer turnover. This is an excellent approach to nurture valued brand ambassadors.

4. Helps enhance client retention

Satisfied consumers will stick with you, but unsatisfied customers may not only look for another option but also spread negative word of mouth, which can harm your business. 

Furthermore, the cost of getting a new client is significantly larger than the cost of maintaining an existing one. As a result, by launching an IT helpdesk survey, you can learn how to increase customer lifetime.

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Benefits of IT helpdesk surveys

IT helpdesk survey can generate insights on how your products bring value and where they fail. Additionally, it also points out how your support center puts customers’ issues first and resolves them efficiently. 

We have enumerated some ways that you can benefit from leveraging IT helpdsek surveys. 

  1. Increase the credibility of IT helpdesk representative by using recognition based on customer feedback.
  2. Discover how to prioritize IT performance improvement efforts and projects.
  3. Recognize and resolve recurring issues to lower the call frequency of helpdesk.
  4. Improve IT support performance, allowing for major improvement in performance, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.
  5. Identifying repeating problems and fixing them once and for all. 
  6. Achieving improvement in service agent’s performance, attitude, knowledge, courtesy, and more.

Best practices of IT helpdesk surveys

Following are the best practices and the steps to execute the IT helpdesk survey:

1. Establish Your Goals

You objective is what you want to achieve with your consumer survey feedback. 

Why are you conducting a customer survey for your IT helpdesk?

Do you want to enhance your overall service, or agent, or get feedback from your customers on a new service you’ve launched?

The objective should guide the rest of your survey strategy. Remember that you don’t want to waste your time and effort by asking unnecessary questions that won’t help you improve or find flaws in your firm.

2. Frame a basic, direct questionnaire

Create a survey with a maximum of six unambiguous questions and anwer options that do not introduce bias. If questions are prejudiced, the relevant information is unlikely to be obtained, and customers will not respond.

Decide how many closed-ended and open-ended questions you want to ask. 

Tips: When designing surveys make sure to include the followings:

  • Give respondent the option to skip a question. 
  • Add an answer option of “Not available” or “No answer”. 
  • Don’t add too many open-ended questions. 

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3. Select the method for conducting the survey

The ticketing procedure is one of the simplest ways for IT Helpdesk managers to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Most ticketing software vendors enable you to send a survey at the end of each interaction. You can automate the process and gather data faster.

Another approach is to employ an online survey tool. You can send survey links via emails to a group of targeted customers. This may be beneficial if you want to send feedback requests to a subset of your user base.

4. Testing of the survey

Test run the survey within your company to identify problem areas. Check if everyone understand the question, if it’s easy to access the survey, and if the interface is smooth. 

Run the survey for test until it is perfect for launch. 

Create surveys that bring result.

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The IT helpdesk survey is an ideal tool for getting the specific feedback required to ensure a continuous improvement of your helpdesk service. It helps understand if your service meets the need of customers, and offers resolution that makes their experience worthwhile. 

With an insight generation platform like Voxco, you can create branded surveys – simple to complex – in multiple language to reach your international users. You can also access the survey template library to simply download a free template and start collecting data. 

Once done distributing surveys, Voxco Analytics can help you generate insights by automating data analysis on incoming data. You can create engaging reports or create role-based dashboard to help every one give a review of their performance.

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