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What is an image rating question?

As the name itself is pretty self-explanatory, an image rating question is a close-ended question. It has a list or options of images from which the respondent chooses single or multiple options they feel are the most relevant. 

Image rating questions are similar to other multiple-choice questions, only difference is here the options are in the form of images. Image rating questions are commonly used in order to engage the respondents and give them a better understanding of what the option really means. Image rating questions can be adapted to whichever device the person is taking the survey, and it is understandable.

Another reason to use image rating surveys is to spice up the survey experience for the audience. Long and wordy surveys can get really boring after a while. Including image options to the questions will help respondents process things quickly and give them a fun experience throughout the survey process.

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Why to use image rating questions?

  • Using image rating questions in your surveys will enhance the survey responding experience of the audience.
  • Images help people understand better about the meaning of the question asked and answer accordingly. 
  • It also helps them visualize the meaning of the option so they can relate it to their views and opinions better. 
  • Images help recite the feelings and emotions in a better way than words do. The researcher can identify what the respondent is trying to tell through the images.

Examples of image rating questions

  • Which is your favorite place for travel?

  • How did you like our customer service?

  • Please rate our services below

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Advantages of image rating questions

  • Engagement – image rating questions increase the response engagement for your survey as it is not boring as looking at the words and having to read through everything.
  • Easy to understand – images make it easier to understand the meaning behind every question and answer that is provided in the survey.
  • Data collection – image rating questions help you gather more and better data than regular boring similar survey questions. 
  • Easy to create – image rating questions are the easiest to frame. You just must identify the answer options you want to give for your question and place appropriate images as answers. 
  • Better responses – image ratings get better and real responses from the audience as they relate with images more than words.

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