How Voxco Audience improves sample quality with bot and fraud detection


How Voxco Audience improves sample quality with bot and fraud detection fraud detection
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Online fraud has come hand-in-hand with the inception of the World Wide Web. Now more than ever, with digital advancements, fraudulent behavior is wreaking havoc in every sector of the business world.

No industry is safe, not even market research. With the growing market of online surveys, fraud is posing a more significant threat to data quality. The global online survey market may increase at a rate of 9% annually between 2020 and 2024.

The Insight industry attempts to satiate the data demand while also offering secure channels to customers to share their data efficiently. While the demand for new data never slows down, consumers have become more vigilant than ever on how they share their personal data and how much of it they share.

Consequently, today the panel providers cannot only focus on providing the best sample to the researchers but also on the online experience of the survey takers. Giving respondents the choice and control over their data has become increasingly important.

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So, what does this mean for Data Quality?

How Voxco Audience improves sample quality with bot and fraud detection fraud detection

The market research industry often involves multiple panel providers to deliver the desired sample to their buyers. This suggests the potential risk of fraud data.

On average, the amount of fraudulent data in market research ranges between 15 to 30%. The amount is catastrophic, especially if you note how many industries depend on data to make business decisions.

The direct impact of fraudulent respondents is experienced in the data quality and the invalidity of the research. To maintain the integrity of the research data, we must understand how online survey fraud is evolving and how we can deter it from happening within our research panel.

Anti-fraud technology plays a crucial part in controlling fraud and improving sample and data quality. According to a survey by Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and SAS (analytics leader):

  • 13% of organizations detect and deter fraud using AI and ML
  •  In the next two years, 25% of organizations plan to adopt such advanced technologies.

A proactive anti-fraud approach is now imperative to safeguard buyers, researchers, and clients from the fraudulent outcome.  

A robust fraud detection process requires effective and well-designed actions across all the touchpoints. Fraud detection should not only be a concern during the initial registration, but it should also be an ongoing assessment process as part of panel quality control.

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How Voxco Audience improves sample quality with bot and fraud detection fraud detection

The one factor that diminishes the quality of online research is the presence of bad actors. Fraudsters are those unqualified respondents who invade a survey only for the incentives and the rewards. 

Incentives and rewards are strategies used to engage panelists. However, these are equally tempting to those who are unqualified. 

The frauds lie about their identity or use bots to participate in the survey. Thus, running the integrity of the research. 

  • Bots can fill in your survey with meaningless and irrelevant responses. If not eliminated, it can skew the analytics and ruin the data. 
  • Human fraudsters can complete multiple surveys or provide misinformation. This leads to a larger sample size than the reality, which can cause errors in data analysis. 

Bots and frauds pose as obstructions in research. Erroneous conclusions due to skewed analytics can result in poor metrics. This can further lead to a poor business decision which may cause setbacks in the organization’s progress. 

Thanks to digital advancement, there are tools you can rely on to protect your data from unqualified and unwanted respondents. Leveraging these tools and establishing a powerful framework in recruiting panelists, you can ensure:

  • The legitimacy of the audience and their response
  • The integrity of the research

How Voxco mitigates Fraud

How Voxco Audience improves sample quality with bot and fraud detection fraud detection

To preserve fraud and bots prevention, Voxco aims to balance the research needs of clients and the respondents’ experience. Voxco Audience is powered by AI-driven technologies to ensure that clients only hear from authentic, engaged, and loyal people.

Voxco Audience assures that the panelists are thoroughly vetted and verified not only at the time of registration but also at sample recruitment and within the survey.

Bots and bad actors are some of the biggest threats faced by market researchers when they conduct online surveys. Voxco Audience has implemented anti-fraud technologies at every stage of managing participants not to compromise the quality of your survey and data.

In Voxco Audience, quality and security is the top priority. And, with the capabilities offered at your disposal, you can

  • identify bad actors in seconds
  • deter bots
  • discard any potential fraud respondent/account
  • limit one survey to one IP address
  • remove duplicate responses

Voxco Audience provides an array of capabilities to control and prevent fraud. The platform integrates with multiple tools to verify panelists’ identities, remove duplicates and gather only meaningful data.

IP Detection: Detect duplicate responses by limiting one survey per IP address. Prevent an individual respondent from multiple submissions or creating multiple panelist account from a single IP address.

Bot Detection: Track which respondent is likely to be a bot. Embed Google CAPTCHA across your survey and eliminate bots from filling the survey.

It is also used during registration to prevent any automated registration.

Proxy Detection: Identify any bad actor using an anonymous proxy/ VPN to hide their device or IP address. Detect the anonymity of the IP address in real-time during the survey to prevent fraudulent from making their way through your survey.

MaxMind Scores: Estimate the risk of transaction of an IP address within seconds. Use the risk score to determine whether to accept the survey response or flag and eliminate them.

Voxco Audience gathers data from panelists at every step to ensure that only real, unique, and engaged people have opted in for participating in surveys. We apply assessment at every interaction to maintain efficiency in our research panel.


Voxco begins by gathering profile information on who the participant is. This means gathering some general demographic information at the time of registration. Following are the basic questions asked:

  •  Name
  •  Gender
  •  Year and month of birth
  •  Email address
  •  Zipcode or Postal code
  •  Household size
  •  Age and gender of children under the legal age 
  •  Education* 
  •  Household Income*

(Education and Household income are mandatory at registration, for some countries)

After the initial data collection, the AI-driven model determines if the respondent is real and verifies the identity.

Besides these basic profiling points, we gather further niche-based information that helps researchers sift through the panels to select their desired sample.

Voxco Audience offers over 90 profiling and data points to help clients find the most suitable participants for their research.

In-survey quality check:

Voxco Audience further commits to ensuring that the participants our clients have chosen’ are thoroughly vetted. Our platform supports the researchers – with the latest and advanced tools – to help them identify and remove any fraudsters from their survey.

MaxMind: Estimate the risk score of an IP address and decide whether to accept their response or remove them.  

Bot Detection: Identify whether a respondent is a bot or human. Eliminate them from moving further into the survey early in the process by using CAPTCHA. 

IP Detection: Limit one survey to one participant. Only allow those panelists to respond who have not answered the survey. Prevent gathering duplicate responses. 

Proxy detection: Identify if any respondents are using anonymous proxy or VPN to respond and remove them within seconds. 

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Our research panel Voxco Audience aims to establish multiple layers of protection to preserve panel quality through and through. We leverage sophisticated and advanced AI and ML tools at every interaction with every participant.

With 45+ years of experience in the field of research, Voxco empowers the researchers with the right sophisticated and innovative tools. Voxco Audience prioritizes the security of respondents and researchers and the quality of data and research.

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