How to Write a Research Methodology


How to Write a Research Methodology Customer Journey
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What is a Research Methodology?

A research methodology is an outline of the procedures, tools, and techniques used to gather, analyse, and interpret information in a research study. Research papers will generally have a section dedicated to the research methodology; this section allows readers to objectively evaluate the study’s validity and reliability. 

Exploratory Research Guide

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The Difference Between Research Methods and Research Methodology

The terms research methods and research methodology are often confused. 

Research methods refer to all the techniques or procedures employed to conduct research. Research methods can be categorized into the following three groups: 

  • Methods that are concerned with the collection of data
  • Statistical techniques or procedures used to establish relationships between the data
  • Methods that are used to evaluate the accuracy of the obtained results

Research methodology, on the other hand, refers to the way a research problem is solved. It can be understood as the science of understanding how research is conducted scientifically and systematically. It involves exploring the various measures and steps taken by research studying their research problem.

How to Write a Research Methodology

How to Write a Research Methodology Customer Journey

There are many different components that come together to create an exhaustive and effective research methodology: 

  • Research Method: Your research methodology must outline which research method you chose to employ. There are three main types of research methods; quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, or mixed-methods analysis. The method you choose is dependent on what the goals of your research are and the topic of research.  
  • Reasons for Chosen Method: It is not enough to simply explain which method you chose; you must also elaborate on why 
  • Data Collection Methods: An important component of your research methodology is the outline of your chosen data collection methods. You must explain which instruments and techniques were used to gather data and must also justify why you chose them. Some commonly used methods of data collection are interviews, surveys, experiments, etc. 
  • Data Analysis Methods: Once you’ve explained how you gathered your data, you must also explain how you will analyze it. There is a myriad of tools used by researchers to process data and in this section of your research methodology, you should explain which one you chose and why you chose it. 
  • Explanations and Background Information: This will act as a preface that will allow readers to better understand your research methodology. There may be certain aspects of your research methodology that your reader may be unfamiliar with, and such parts should be explained in further detail. 
  • Sampling Process: Your research methodology should explain the sampling procedure chosen as well as the reasons as to why this procedure was selected. 
  • Limitations: You must also include the limitations of any techniques, procedures, or methods employed within your study. This is an important part of your research methodology as it shows readers that you have objectively weighed the effectiveness of the methods chosen and have indeed chosen the best route possible/feasible to conduct your research. 


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Tips to Write a Great Research Methodology

Here are some tips to keep in mind while writing your research methodology: 

  • Focus on your Research Objectives

While writing your research methodology, you must show why the techniques and methods you chose were best suited to achieve your research objectives.

  • Keep Your Audience in Mind

Your research methodology must have the appropriate amount of information and should not go into unnecessary detail. If your research uses methods and approaches that are less common in your field, it’s a good idea to provide a justification for these choices as well as a further explanation of them. 

  • Discuss the Anticipated Problems

It is important to discuss the problems that you anticipated while conducting the study along with the measures you took to prevent them from occurring or to reduce their impact.

FAQs on Research Methodology

A research methodology is a constructive outline of the tools, procedures, and techniques employed by a researcher to conduct their study.

The following components come together to form a good research methodology: 

  • The research method chosen with reasons
  • The data collection method(s) chosen with reasons
  • The data analysis method(s) chosen with reasons
  • The sampling process chosen with reasons
  • Limitations of the study
  • Additional explanations and justifications if less common approaches/methods were leveraged.

The research methodology section in a research paper outlines the techniques and procedures used by the research to conduct research. This section also allows readers to evaluate the validity and reliability of the paper.

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