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How to use Multiple Choice Questions in your survey?


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What are Multiple Choice Questions?

Multiple choice questions (MCQs) are survey questions that provide respondents with multiple answer options through a predetermined answer list. 

There are primarily two main types of MCQs: single-answer questions and multiple-answer questions. However, multiple choice questions come in many different forms, some of which we will cover within this article.

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Main Types of Multiple Choice Questions

The two main types of multiple choice questions are:

  1. Single-Answer MCQs
  2. Multiple-Answer MCQs


Single Answer

Single-answer questions, also known as single select questions, ask respondents to choose just one option from the predetermined answer list. Single-answer questions are often used to determine a customer’s primary preference from a set of choices. 


How many sports shoes do you purchase in a year

    • <2
    • 2-4
    • 4-6
    • >6


Multiple Answer

Multiple-answer questions, or multi select questions, also ask respondents to select answers from a predetermined answer list, however in this question type, there can be more than one answer. Multiple-answer questions allow respondents to select all the answer options that apply. 


What kind of hair issues do you deal with? (Select all that apply)

  • Hairfall
  • Frizziness
  • Split-ends
  • Dry 
  • Damaged
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Alternative formats of MCQ Questions

The most common MCQ types used within surveys are multiple answer questions and single answer questions. However there are more multiple choice question types, and these are a few:

Star Rating

This MCQ type allows respondents to rate a question using stars. More stars indicate a higher rating and less stars indicate a lower rating. Star rating MCQs are usually used when trying to gather information on whether respondents like your product or service, or not.

Drop Down Menu

Drop down menu MCQs display the predetermined list when respondents select the drop down arrow. Respondents can only select one option from the drop down menu; the one that is most appropriate to the question being asked.

Multiple Choice Questions5

Text Scale Slider

Text slider MCQs allow respondents to select an answer from a predetermined list through the use of a slider. Respondents have to slide across a bar to indicate their answer. 

Multiple Choice Questions survey2

Numeric Scale Slider

The numeric slider MCQ allows respondents to indicate their response through a numeric slider.

Multiple Choice Questions survey3

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

This MCQ option presents respondents with an image of a thumbs up and a thumbs down to define the rating options. Respondents can select the thumbs up to indicate a positive response and the thumbs down to indicate a negative response. 

What do you think of Second-Hand Clothing Stores/ Thrift Stores?

Multiple Choice Questions survey4


Matrix MCQs are used when you want to group questions that have the same answer option scale. It allows you to ask about multiple items in one question.

Multiple Choice Questions survey5


Advantages of using Multiple Choice Questions

  • Versatile: Multiple choice questions can be used to evaluate different levels of learning outcome such as basic recall, analysis, and evaluation.
  • Looks good on a range of devices: It is important that your survey is optimized for multiple devices including mobile phones. A lot of respondents may choose to respond to your survey through their phones. As phone screens are small, it isn’t a good medium for surveys that have text boxes or require a lot of scrolling. MCQs look great on mobiles and can be conveniently filled out by respondents with just a few clicks.
  • Reliable: Multiple choice questions are more reliable than true/false questions as they are less susceptible to guess work.
  • Simple: MCQs are easier to fill out as answers can be filled out with just a click instead of having to be typed out. 

Helps Guide Respondents: As MCQ answers need to be selected from a predetermined list, respondents have context regarding how they should answer. The predetermined list sets the tone for how specific or general responses need to be.

See what question types are possible with a sample survey!


Why Choose Voxco?

These are a few benefits of choosing Voxco’s survey software for your MCQ questionnaires:

  • Omnichannel Survey Solution 

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Voxco allows you to customize and create your surveys to personalise them to your needs. Conversely, we also offer a range of pre-made survey templates that can make your survey creation process quicker and easier. Additionally, we offer a range of question types that allow you to create surveys with different kinds of MCQ questions, such as all the aforementioned question types.

  • Powerful Dashboards

Voxco’s dynamic dashboards give you real-time visual presentations of your MCQ survey responses. This can help you make a quicker decision while evaluating MCQ responses as our dashboard presents data from across all channels on one unified platform.