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Consider the following statistics: 

  • Globally, 54% of all consumers say that they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago. (Microsoft)
  • For 86%, good customer service turns one-time clients into long-term brand champions. (Khoros)
  • 58% of American consumers will switch companies because of poor customer service. (Microsoft)

These statistics reveal the significant influence of customer service on customer attrition, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. They also reveal that customer expectations are constantly changing and brands must keep up in order to remain competitive and retain consumers. Within this article, we will explore 5 key issues experienced by customer service in organizations and delve into how these issues affect the company adversely. We will also go over potential solutions that can be implemented to fix these issues, improve customer service, and boost customer loyalty.

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5 Customer Service Challenges and How to Resolve them

Let’s take a look at five challenges faced by customer service that result in low customer satisfaction along with their solutions: 

  • Slow Response Time

Customers don’t like being placed on hold. They often feel frustrated when kept on call for long before being connected to an agent. Companies should prioritize reducing hold times to provide callers with a better experience. 

The following Solutions can be implemented: 

  • Provide a Live Chat Option: Live Chats allow one contact center representative to handle multiple customers at the same time. This provides customers with quicker responses, reduces queue time, and improves satisfaction levels. 
  • Hire more Contact Center Representatives: This solution is pretty straightforward and involves hiring the number of resources required to meet the amount of workload in your contact center. 
  • Provide Chatbots: AI chatbots allow you to address customer concerns in a way that is quick and cost-effective, and also allows for easy scalability during peak hours. Additionally, unlike human agents, AI chatbots are available to customers 24/7.
  • Getting Transferred from One Department to Another

One of the most frustrating experiences customers have with customer service is being transferred from one department to another without actually receiving any help regarding their concerns. This often occurs when business workflows and communication channels are not aligned the way they should be. 

The following solutions can be implemented: 

  • Improved Department Management: This problem is likely occurring within customer service teams where there is ineffective department management. By distributing chats across the right departments, you can ensure high-resolution rates are achieved. 
  • Smart Routing Software/Systems: There are certain types of software that facilitate smart routing so that customers are routed to the right agent for a quick resolution to their issues. 
  • Rude Customer Service Representatives

Rude customer service representatives can completely ruin the customer experience. Customers have no tolerance for rude customer service and are likely to spread the word about their negative experience with the brand to people they know, and maybe even on social media. This will negatively affect the brand image and deter prospective customers from interacting with your brand. 

The following Solutions can be implemented: 

  • Provide Service Representatives with Chat Scripts: Chat Scripts help ensure that standard phrases and sentences are used while interacting with customers. These scripts should be polite and informative. 
  • Effectively Train your Customer Support Team: The next solution is to conduct training sessions with your customer support team and convey the importance of soft communication skills. This will help your staff understanding what words and tones should be used while interacting with all kinds of customers, even the difficult ones. 
  • No Issue Resolution

There are times when customer service is unable to offer customers a solution in a timely manner. In situations like this, the customer may get frustrated and angry. This issue can be caused by a number of reasons, for instance, the service representative may not be experienced enough or have the required knowledge to offer a solution. Another reason could be that the customer has the kind of issue which requires time to be solved. 

The following Solutions can be implemented: 

  • Redirect the customer to a more experienced agent: The customer can be redirected to an agent that is more experienced so that a solution may be offered. 
  • Conduct training sessions: This problem may occur when agents are not adequately trained. A good solution would be to conduct additional training sessions and encourage agents to spend more time to learn about the company and its products/services. 
  • Tell the customer you need more time: Another solution would be to kindly inform the customer that you will take some time and will surely get back to them with a viable solution.   
  • Too Much Automation

Excessive customer service automation may lead to customers feeling like their interactions with your brand are impersonal and unsatisfactory. Therefore automation should be used for general customer concerns but elaborative discussions should be handled by live customer service agents. 

The following Solutions can be implemented: 

  • Redirect customers to real agents: At times when a customer isn’t able to recieve their desired resolution/response while corressponding with a chatbot, the customer should be redirected to live customer service agents. 

Provide the option of connecting with live agents: Other than providing the option of automated customer service, you should also provide alternative channels such as live chat, call, or email so that your customers can easily contact a customer service representative.

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FAQs on Customer Service and its Effect on Customer Experience

Some common customer service challenges are: 

  • Getting transferred from one department to another
  • Rude customer service representatives
  • Slow response time
  • No issue resolution
  • Too much automation

These are a few measures contact centers can take to reduce their hold time: 

  • Hire more contact center representatives to meet the workload
  • Provide a live chat option
  • Provide the option of chatbots

Excessive customer service automation may lead to customers feeling like their interactions with your brand are impersonal and unsatisfactory. 

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