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How to protect survey response rates? protect survey response
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When you need a large volume of data from customers, employees, patients, or any other group of respondents, surveys are the most-effective method. However, the survey result can be misleading without an adequate volume of responses. 

The tricky part is to get your respondents to complete the survey you spent your time working on. Here we will share some tips on improving your survey response rates. 

Ensure brand continuity in your surveys

86% of customers said authenticity is critical in deciding the brands they like. People these days are more vigilant and are only likely to open emails from an authentic address. 

Use survey software to customize your surveys with your brand’s logo, color, font, domain, email, etc. Send surveys from your brand’s domain builds credibility. Respondents feel safe knowing their feedback is collected by a brand they trust. 

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Everyone like something personalized

How to protect survey response rates? protect survey response

Personalizing surveys using the recipient’s name increases the response rate by 40%. Making the survey more personal can help invite responses. Add information on your respondents, such as name, email, or other data. 

You can also send surveys in the recipient’s native language. Collecting data from a global audience is easy when your surveys are multilingual. Make the survey understandable and allow respondents to answer in their preferred language. 

Personalized surveys can help you create a better survey experience for the respondents. 

Don’t overdo: Ask for Data you need

Lengthy surveys or sending them frequently can be bad for your survey response rates. Respondents may get irritated and drop from surveys or list you under spam. 

Collect the information you need and when you need them. 

  • Be honest about how long it will take to complete the survey. 
  • Keep it short and focus only on essential questions. 
  • Don’t make all questions mandatory. 
  • Set a timeline on how often you’ll send them surveys. 

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Respect their Privacy

How to protect survey response rates? protect survey response

40% of customers don’t trust that companies use the collected data ethically. In this age of the internet, customers feel they don’t have control over their data. 

It is a prerequisite that when you administer a survey, you abide by privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, or any other law. 

Communicate by adding a privacy disclaimer to assure respondents that your brand maintains safe practices. Use survey software that allows you to secure your survey with SSL. Build trust with the respondents to alleviate their concerns & improve survey response rates. 

Take advantage of survey panel

To increase survey response rates researchers often use survey panels. The survey panel offers you a group of pre-selected and verified respondents who volunteered to take surveys. 

The survey panel offers you a large sample size of your target population to conduct a large number of surveys. You can get responses faster, gather reliable data, and speed up your survey. Researchers can conduct surveys anytime and generate high-quality insights with a survey panel.

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Real-time is the right-time

Responses are genuine, and the response rates are high when you solicit feedback right after an interaction. Respondents are more likely to respond when surveys are sent immediately after a support call, product delivery, or app experience. 

The fresh memory of the experience influences respondents to share their opinion. Use micro surveys, NPS®, or CSAT surveys to gather views faster.

Connect with them on the right channel

How to protect survey response rates? protect survey response

Your respondents may have a preferred channel – email, SMS, social media, or in-app – they are comfortable with taking surveys. Using the right channel can help you reach your target audience. 

Reach your audience where they are to boost the survey response rates effectively. 

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Reward them for their time

Offering incentives can increase response rates by;

Incentives have proven to increase the probability of response rates effectively. When respondents get something in exchange for their time and effort, they are more likely to provide data. 

Appeal to them using rewards of different kinds. You can use small incentives like discounts, gift cards, gifts, or a credit to show you are grateful for their participation. 

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Ask the right question to the right respondents

Segment your respondents based on their current stage, demographic, behavioral, or geographical aspect, and ask relevant questions. 

If you ask a new employee about their experience with work ethic, they’ll most likely be unable to answer anything. Or, if you ask a Japanese audience about a product you launched solely in Australia, they will ignore your survey or mark you spam. This will impact negatively on your survey response rates.

Before deploying your survey, it is best to position your target audience to receive reliable and insightful responses. 


Design a survey experience that makes the process fun for the respondents. Show them you value their feedback and care for their time. Their survey experience should be equally personalized as their shopping experience. 

You can follow these tips to increase the survey response rates above average. Or you can also access our survey templates to quickly design your surveys and get started. 

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