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How to Measure CSAT


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What is CSAT?

Customer Satisfaction Score, or CSAT, is a customer loyalty and satisfaction metric used by companies to understand how satisfied customers are with the products, services, or experiences they provide. Tracking and measuring CSAT often will ensure that customer experience (CX) is kept at the centre of everything you do. 

CSAT scores can act as a powerful indicator of customer happiness and can provide you with an understanding of where your business stands against your competition. 

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Four Steps to Calculate your CSAT Score

Use the following four steps to measure customer satisfaction and to identify the different its key determinants:

Step One: Create your CSAT Survey

CSAT surveys usually take the form of single question surveys that ask customers a variation of the following question; “How satisfied are you with our company?”. This question will obtain feedback on customer satisfaction in regard to the customer’s entire journey with your company. 

However, when you want to measure satisfaction levels after particular touchpoints, you can frame your question like this instead; “How satisfied are you with your experience today?”. Your question must be followed by a rating scale such as the five-point Likert scale, from very unsatisfied to very satisfied, or the ten-point numeric scale. Each scale has its own set of advantages; the Likert scale is better understood by respondents, while the numeric scale allows for more variance.

Although it is normal for a CSAT survey to just have one question, it is very useful to add additional questions that help explain the reasons for your score. Ergo, once you’ve asked customers to rate their satisfaction levels, you should follow with a couple of open-ended questions such as: 

  • What was the reason for your score?
  • Please let us know if you have any suggestions for us to improve our service

Questions such as these will help you identify the reasons for why customers rated you the way they did. It will even provide you with information on what you need to do to improve CX and boost your CSAT score. 

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Step Two: Deploy your CSAT Survey

Once your CSAT survey is ready, the next step is to send it out to customers to collect feedback. You can maximise your survey response rate by using an Omnichannel Survey Software, such as Voxco’s Survey Software, A higher response rate will help ensure more accurate results. 

Step Three: Use Responses to Calculate your CSAT Score

Once you’ve obtained the responses from your CSAT survey, you can use the following formula to calculate your CSAT score:

CSAT (%) =( Number of satisfied customers*Number of Survey Responses) x 100 

*Number of satisfied customers is the number of respondents that selected a score of 4 (satisfied) and 5 (very satisfied) in the survey. If the 10-point numeric scale is used instead, the number of satisfied customers will include all respondents that selected a score between 7-10. 

The CSAT score is expressed as a percentage and therefore ranges between a scale of 0 to 100. In order to ascertain whether you have a good CSAT score or not, you must compare your score to your industry’s benchmark CSAT score. 

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Step Four: Analyse Responses to Extract Actionable Insights

The final step is to evaluate survey responses to extract actionable insights from your survey. The key reason for which companies measure and track different KPIs is to identify where they stand and what they can do to improve. Therefore, once you’ve calculated your CSAT score, take a look at the responses to the open-ended questions (or any other questions you may have included) within your survey. The feedback on these questions should provide you with insights on the reasons for your CSAT score and with some direction on how customer experience can be improved. 

FAQs on Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

The average response rate for CSAT surveys typically ranges between 5% to 30%. In most circumstances, a response rate of more than 50% is considered excellent. 

 The following formula can be used to calculate your CSAT score: 

CSAT (%) =( Number of satisfied customers*Number of Survey Responses) x 100 

The following factors may play a role in influencing survey response rates: 

  • Level of brand recognition
  • Demographic characteristics
  • Incentive
  • Industry type
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