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How to make the most of your brand experience?

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There’s no doubt that brands are at an inflection point in today’s marketing landscape. As customers have more options than ever, the cost of switching brands has significantly reduced. The only way a brand can strengthen its relationship with the customers is by delivering an exceptional experience during the interaction. 

Since 32% of customers get to know about brands from either their website or social media account, making the most of them is essential for ensuring a great first impression. While there are different brand experiences that can shape up customers’ perceptions about a brand, all of them have a similar goal of making a positive impact on the target audience. Here’s how you can make the most of your brand experience:

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Discovering purpose is key

Start with identifying who you are and your purpose. It is extremely crucial to determine the tone of the brand experience that you intend to create. For instance, Adidas never quotes its purpose as – “We sell shoes.” Rather it states to have the power for changing lives through sport. With a solid purpose, every facet of Adidas’s brand experience reflects so. In today’s competitive landscape, products can outshine the existing competition only if they have a broader purpose associated with them. In other words, the purpose of a product is more valuable than the product! 

Storytelling adds value

By highlighting their brand’s story, companies can create phenomenal experiences that last for long. What’s the story behind your brand? How did it come into existence? How it can improve lives? Through storytelling, brands can foster curiosity among the target audience while encouraging continuity. This makes them a growing and realistic entity instead of a static product that’s focused on making money only. Some of the exceptional brand experiences are created via blogs and social media, where brands can highlight their stories and inspire various people in the process.

Keeping it simple

Since you’re planning to improve the overall brand experience, it’s vital to keep it as simple as possible for your customers. Always make sure that people don’t have to click and go through multiple pages only for sending you a message, purchasing a product, or checking the list of your services. Your process should be easy to find and straightforward enough to execute for making customers happy and satisfied. Consider the example of Uber. The reason why this ridesharing service is preferred everywhere is its seamless and straightforward process. All a customer needs to do is type in the desired destination and press enter!

Including targeted Call to Action (CTA)

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Every time customers are exploring your website, never leave a chance to make them wonder where to go next or what to click for further steps. Providing your customers with a clear path that they could follow or guiding them in the right direction should be your responsibility. You need to figure out that when a customer arrives on your website’s homepage, what do you want him/her to do and where to go further? Uncover the stage of the customer journey at which this individual is and identify their needs. Include clear and straightforward Call to Actions (CTAs) that could cater to their requirements and elevate their experience. 

Consistency is essential

Do you know 90% of customers expect brands to deliver a consistent experience across all channels and devices while interacting? Irrespective of the mediums involved (i.e. physical signs, Instagram, etc.) the brand experience should be translated to your website. No matter how an individual encounters your brand, there should be no difference in the messaging, voice tone, visuals, or offerings. The customers shouldn’t feel that they’re interacting with some other brand or they’ve reached the wrong place. Maintaining consistency helps to avoid cases of confusion among customers and keeps them happy! 

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New call-to-action

Prioritizing experiences over sales

For any customer, the most memorable part of the journey would be the buying experience at different stages, i.e. pre-purchase, during the service, and even post-service. Being known as the three-stage model of service consumption, keeping these experiences positive is imperative for elevating your brand experience. You need to check if your customers find their pre-purchase experience to be simple and effortless or if they’re enjoying the post-service stage. Consider a famous store that sells skincare products. Take a look at their aesthetics, how they’ve displayed the products, how their sales staff treats the customers, the samples they provide even if a customer hasn’t purchased anything. Accordingly, you can craft an experience without prioritizing your sale! 

Keeping pixels in check

In order to deliver an excellent brand experience, you’ve to ensure that your website looks great too! As 38% of users do not interact with a website if its layout is unattractive, it’s important to focus on your website’s design to keep them intrigued. Make use of the right colors, fonts, and logos that resonate with your brand’s identity. Leveraging interactive icons and graphics can make your website look creative and cohesive that could play a key role in engaging your audience! 

A brand experience represents the symbiotic relationship that exists between a brand and its customers. While it’s not possible to control customers entirely, you can influence their perceptions by delivering a fantastic brand experience. Voxco offers powerful omnichannel survey solutions that empower you to evaluate how your customers experience your brand. Check out our detailed guide on how can you improve the overall brand experience

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