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How to improve digital customer experience


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Companies have evolved from simple market entities offering products and service to customer focused bodies that try to make the customer experience smooth and seamless. Customer experience is major determinant of whether or not the customer sticks with the company or chooses to shift on a better alternative.

 By customer experience, we mean any interaction that customers have with the company.

In today’s data driven world, it has become easier for the companies to increase their reach to current and potential customers. Likewise, it has become easier for customers to interact with the companies to get issues resolved , conduct purchases or any other activity.

 This is where digital customer experience comes in.

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What is Digital Customer Experience?


Digital customer experience includes the set of interactions that people have with your company through online media and touchpoints. These touchpoints act as a medium for customers to get in touch with the company , increase awareness, make a purchase or satisfy any other goal. 

 These interactions reflect heavily on how the people feel about the brand which makes it imperative for every company to work upon improving this experience. With the variety of touchpoints to gauge, identifying and creating a subset of touchpoints that attract maximum interest and those that are acting as a roadblock in good customer experience will help companies in enhancing digital customer experience.

Ways to improve digital customer experience

Map customer journey

This is one the basic steps that gets the identification process going. Mapping customer journeys is a method of putting the customer experience with the brand into perspective by highlighting which touchpoints have the customer used along with the goal they aspired to achieve as an end result. Conducting follow-ups on such journeys helps in gaining insights into how a particular customer touchpoints acted as an enabler to improved  customer interactions  and whether or not the customer was successful in achieving their goal.

Identify issues

While maximizing brand reach through a presence on multiple touchpoints is a viable theory, not all touchpoints operate with the same efficacy. While customers interact through a touchpoint or the company website itself, they might encounter problems relating to navigating to find the solution to their problem , excessive waiting time during a  customer service call or any number of issues that companies deal with on a daily basis. These issues need to be identified and resolved on a priority basis. The longer they continue to persist, the further your customers will be pushed away from you. Strategizing and implementing quick and effective is the way to go for long term relationship building.

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Conduct concept tests

Companies come up with a number of designs and  formats as prototypes for their digital touchpoints. To make these prototypes more suitable for the end user, concept tests should be conducted to gain market acceptance. Concept test bring to light , the flaws and plus points of these prototypes which allows the company to make improvements before they place the final concept in the market. Comparisons can even be established using methodologies such as proto-monadic testing. This preserves company image and prevents any possible damage to customer experience.

However , it is crucial that companies choose the right sample that represents their target audience  to make accurate decisions based on meaningful input.

Make use of expert opinions

Market experts understand customer psychology. They know the areas which can be a hit or a miss. Making use of expert insights can help take digital customer experience to the next level by understanding the way customers look through multiple touchpoints and how they make decisions. This serves as a great source of customer insight and help make digital interaction more customer friendly.

Conduct survey research

Companies can use a mix of structured and open ended questions to gather information about how customers feel about their digital interactions. Understand what they expect from the company and to what extent these expectations are being met currently. Rating based questions can be used to break down digital customer experience in to judgement criterias so that respondents can rate each aspect individually. This narrows down the research and helps to gain specifics regarding digital customer experience.

Collect feedback

Customer feedback can be used to collect first hand information about ways in which companies can work upon their digital customer interactions. This also helps in gaining ready market acceptance with respect to any changes or upgrades that the company makes. If a major chunk of  customers find it hard to navigate through the company site and feel that using drop down list sunder the given heads can be an effective way of displaying all the content, then the company has a solution and increased engagement as a result of implementing such solution.

Offer integrated services

Customers should not be forced to visit multiple touchpoints for different requirements. Instead companies should focus on certain channels that attract maximum audience and offer omni-channel services. This reduces customer time and effort and makes it easier to achieve the end objective through a unified mechanism.

Improve Customer Retention

Customize for devices


Customer use multiple devices as a part of their digital customer experience. So it makes sense for companies to design and customize their digital touch points in way that makes it easier for customers to access it at their own convenience. Device detection technologies can be used for this purpose so that the same services get aligned properly and format remains intact.

 Adopting these practices helps companies refine their digital customer experience . This brings in additional benefits of customer retention through enhanced customer satisfaction. Simply delivering services that over lap with customer needs and meet expectations is enough for creating customer relationships that last.

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