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In today’s highly competitive business world, the need to deliver exceptional customer experience has only intensified. Organizations are realizing that merely satisfying customers with products/services is not sufficient. You must strive to exceed expectations at every interaction along the customer journey. 

Customers have higher expectations, especially with the increase in convenience and accessibility since Covid-19. Having received personalized experiences from leading brands, they seek personalized interactions, omnichannel experiences, and prompt resolution to their concerns from other brands as well. 

With the rise of social media and online reviews, a single bad experience can tarnish a brand’s reputation, negatively impact customers’ perception, and impact the brand’s bottom line. While a delightful and better customer experience can create loyal advocates who return to do business with you while also actively recommending your brand to others. 

To stay ahead of the competition, you must refine your brand’s CX strategies and integrate the latest customer experience trends. In this blog, we will explore how to enhance customer experience in 2024and beyond.

What is Customer Experience?

When we talk about customer experience or CX, we’re referring to the overall perception that consumers have of a brand based on their interactions with the organization across all touchpoints within the customer journey. 

Within this article, we will take a look at five customer experience strategies that brands should employ in 2024 based on recent trends.

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Customer Experience Trends: 7 Ways to enhance customer experience

Let’s take a look at some predicted CX trends for 2024, along with the strategies businesses can use to keep up with these trends. Here we will look into X trends and how to enhance customer experience by leveraging these trends. 

01. Trend: Increase in E-commerce and increased use of WhatsApp

Recent trends show that there has been a boom in e-commerce that is likely to continue to increase in the following years. This increase has also been influenced by the pandemic, as there were periods of time when people could not leave their houses to make purchases. 

Additionally, Whatsapp’s new features that facilitate improved B2C interactions have resulted in an increase in the use of the app as an e-commerce platform. 

Strategy to enhance customer experience: 

Organizations should provide a range of channels through which customers can interact with them, including apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. Additionally, brands should facilitate an omnichannel experience where customers can switch between channels with ease. 

02. Trend: Increased awareness of environmental impacts

There is an increasing amount of evidence that reflects that most consumers have expectations of brands to be socially and environmentally responsible. Additionally, customers also want brands to be transparent about their sustainability claims, as customers may not believe them otherwise. 

Strategy to enhance customer experience: 

Brands must employ sustainable processes and practices. and must also be transparent about their efforts to back any claims made regarding sustainability.

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03. Trend: Increased focus on services

Nowadays, customers care more about the experience than the product alone. Brands are constantly finding new and innovative ways to enhance the overall experience of interacting with their brand rather than only improving their product(s). Therefore, we’re seeing an overall increase in the importance placed on services and experiences. 

Strategy to enhance customer experience: 

Brands must strategize new and innovative ways in which they can enrich the customer experience to make them stand out among their competitors and achieve an advantage. 

Customer service is an integrated touchpoint that drives a customer’s perception of the brand. So how to enhance customer experience and integrate this trend in your CX strategies? 

Offer multiple channels as a part of your omnichannel approach to gather customer feedback on their experience. Use benchmarking surveys like NPS, CSAT, and CES to evaluate the delivered service and identify the gap continuously. Close the loop on customer feedback to make them feel heard and understood. 

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04. Trend: Increased automation

Although this trend comes as no surprise, it is still an important one that must be taken note of. Due to the pandemic, most businesses around the world experience staffing shortages that result in dire supply chain issues. 

Businesses had to resort to technology, particularly robotic technology, to cope with this lack of staff. We saw an increased amount of businesses employing technology such as AI-powered chatbots and AI-powered drive-thru voice systems. 

Strategy to enhance customer experience: 

To cope with the exceptionally volatile business environment due to the pandemic, organizations must increase the integration of automation within customer-brand interactions so as to avoid any supply chain issues caused by potential staffing shortages.

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05. Trend: Integration of the human touch with technology

Although automation has many different advantages, it also comes with a few drawbacks. Organizations have learned that a lack of human interaction may cause customers to feel like their experience is impersonal and unsatisfying. 

Businesses are therefore strategizing new ways in which automation can be integrated with a human touch so as to provide more personalized and fulfilling interactions. 

Strategy to enhance customer experience: 

Integrate human touch into automated customer-brand interactions to provide customers with a more fulfilling experience.

Making customer service fully automated can make the experience impersonal. You can instead equip your customer service agents with technology to make the interaction seamless. 

Leveraging IVR can help you direct customers based on their queries and emergency to the right agent for prompt resolution. On the other hand, it can help customers find their own solutions and save time for both the customer and the agent. 

06. Trend: The need for personalized experiences

Customers want more personalized interactions and communications with the brand they do business with. Accenture found that 81% of customers want companies to know when (and when not) to approach them.  

Strategy to enhance customer experience: 

To personalize CX, you need to adapt the experience of each customer based on their profile data. Use surveys to gather data on customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points. Understand the drivers for customer behavior to make the customer journey smoother. 

You can use customer-reported data to offer recommendations and send marketing communications.

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07. Trend: Listening to customers’ voice

Voice of the Customer strategy helps you solicit feedback directly from customers about their experience. You can gather honest, reliable, and accurate feedback about how they feel about their experience. This can help you identify the gap in customers’ expectations and delivered experiences. 

Strategy to enhance customer experience: 

Leverage a survey software that allows you to run VoC surveys. You can use the platform to reiterate the survey and benchmark it over time. This will help you align your CX strategies to the need of the customers.


In this hyper-connected world where customers have abundant choices and shifting preferences, delivering exceptional customer experience is a prerequisite for business growth. With these seven CX trends, we conclude how to enhance customer experience in 2024 and beyond. 

The new normal brings both opportunities and challenges for businesses aiming to grow market share. By adopting these trends and building a customer-centric approach, you can nurture a long-lasting relationship between customers and the brand.

FAQs on Enhancing Customer Experience

Customer experience, or CX, refers to the overall perception customers have of a brand based on their cumulative interactions with the organization across all touchpoints within the customer journey.

Some CX trends to look out for in 2022 are: 

  • Increase in e-commerce and use of social apps such as Whatsapp
  • Increased focus on services
  • Increased importance placed on environmental impacts

The following are a few strategies brands can employ to enhance customer experience: 

  • Provide a truly omnichannel experience and increase the number of digital channels offered
  • Employ sustainable processes and be transparent about the measures taken
  • Integrate human touch into automated customer-brand interactions to provide customers with a more fulfilling experience

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