How Brands Benefit from Connected Customer Experience?

Learn about why creating a connected customer experience ecosystem can help you align your business vision and create customer-focused operations.


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Website, storefront, call support, social media, or online ads are some of the many touchpoints in how customers interact with your brand. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is about ensuring that you are indeed keeping track of customer satisfaction and engagement across all these touchpoints. 

But how can you monitor CX? – Creating a connected customer experience helps. 

A company ensures the customer journey is cohesive no matter which channel they use to interact by leveraging an omnichannel customer engagement platform. 

Customers have higher expectations from companies, more so in this socially distanced world. And they have started to reassess who they do business with. 

They have become accustomed to companies who value them as individuals instead of Customer ID No. with the personalized and gratifying experience delivered by Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Google. Not only personalized product recommendations, but customers are also expecting connected interaction at every touchpoint. 

70% of customers, according to Salesforce, say connected processes are “very important” to winning their business. 

Here we will answer how brands can benefit from creating a connected customer experience ecosystem, the challenges due to a lack of connected CX, and the importance of creating a connected customer experience.

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Why do you need a connected customer experience?

 When it comes to delivering a great connected customer experience, consistency is the key. More than a grumpy cashier, the disconnected experience ticks a customer off. 

Seamless, connected, and personalized interactions are the markers of customer experience that customers expect in return for their loyalty. 

However, today companies have multiple channels & touchpoints to deliver customer experience. This creates data silos within the organization, and customers get the short end, with poor services and detached experience. 

Challenges marketers face without a connected customer experience ecosystem – 

The silo within the organization causes departments to see data of the same customer but reach different CX decisions. 

  • A customer support center gathers insights on problems faced by customers. But without any connected customer experience ecosystem, the insights are kept from other departments. 
  • Market research teams may send surveys to gauge customer satisfaction with the tool, but the inability to share it with the product development team will not resolve customer concerns. 

The fragmented ecosystem is why customers often receive disjointed services and multiple broken interactions from different teams, making customers feel unvalued and frustrated.

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Connected customer experience platform is a game-changer

A connected customer experience can only be delivered with a platform such as an omnichannel experience platform that combines customer data from every channel and every device into a 360-view of your customers. 

An omnichannel platform puts the customer at the center of business operation and meets the need of every department by giving them a cohesive view of every customer. 

  • Contact centers can share their data with other departments and utilize data from other departments to ensure every customer receives the help they need faster. 
  • Marketing team can collaborate with the product development team to utilize customer feedback and opinion to build products that offer solutions to the customer’s concerns. 

An omnichannel empower your entire organization to deliver a personalized and connected customer experience. Capture signals via surveys, feedback forms, historical records, call transcripts, etc., turn them into insights and share them across the workforce.

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Importance of creating a connected customer experience environment

All your teams have a shared vision to deliver a great experience, retain customers, build loyalty, and boost revenue. However, with departments seeing partial customer data, there is a lack of alignment in CX strategy and, therefore, a visible gap in customer experience. 

Creating a connected customer experience environment within the organization with an omnichannel platform helps align every department. It encourages collaboration to strategize how every department can deliver the exact same experience to each customer. 

A connected customer experience within an organization leads to delivering an exceptional experience to the target customers. Let’s look at the advantages of creating a frictionless ecosystem within the organization. 

Create a holistic view of customers & deliver personalized experiences: 

The CX team has data on surveys and feedback, the analytics team has visibility of customer journey, and the call support team understands customer’s queries and complaints. Integrating customer data from all fronts, including the historical data from your CRM, can help you create a 360 view of your customers. 

A consistent and cohesive view of customer data across their lifecycle allows teams to utilize the insights and create hyper-personalized engagement and experience. Your organization can send personalized messages, recommend relevant products, and deliver proactive services at the right time. 

Empower CX decisions: 

It is not only the CX team responsible for delivering an exceptional customer experience. However, it is true that your CX team has the most potential to gather feedback from customers from multiple channels and analyze the data to highlight the gaps in customer experience. 

Sharing the insights with other teams allows the organization to make informed, data-driven decisions. Leverage customer comments and experience analytics to translate them into actions. Teams can apply proper methodologies and adjust strategies to ensure customers receive cohesive engagement across every channel and enjoy a connected customer experience despite using multiple devices/channels. 

“Voxco Online has helped us deliver our Grocery Pickup service in a way that truly builds on our customers’ feedback and needs.” – Bonni Poch, Manager, Online Customer Experience, Walmart Canada. 

Walmart used Voxco Online to gather key customer feedback & improved their Grocery PickUp Services. The brand saw improvements on three fronts –

  • Improved communication process. 
  • Better customer satisfaction team training. 
  • Increased product variety. 

Capitalize CX data: 

With an integrated view of customer experience, you can meet & exceed customer expectations at every touch point. Whether they share an opinion on a product or feedback on the promotional communications they receive, by creating a connected customer experience, the relevant team can step up and close the loop with every customer. 

A holistic view of CX enables the team to receive the right insight at the right time and take action to resolve any issues. Your organization can show the buyers and the non-buyers how you deliver on the brand promise. The marketers can show customers that they are listening to customer concerns and taking action to make their experience a breeze.

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Connecting Customer Experience on Every Step

As a customer-centric company, you need to capture customer data, merge them all, convert them into actionable insights, and ensure every team across the organization is aware of the data. 

To do all these, you need an omnichannel platform that helps you break down silos and empower your workforce to deliver an exceptional experience to each and every customer across every step of their journey. 

Voxco offers an omnichannel engagement platform that brings together customer data from every channel. The embedded text analytics and ML models help organizations deliver the right insight to the right team and recommend the next best action to ensure the right decisions are made. 

Drive business results and become a customer-centric organization that keeps customers at the center of every decision.

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