Building High Performance Teams in a Hybrid Contact Center

Organizations such as polling agencies have long strived to build productive on-premise teams but considering a shift to the hybrid contact center model, building high-performing remote teams is a novel concept that they are still adapting to. 
The organization’s technology stack can make all the difference when it comes to productivity. The tech stack is crucial as it provides the base for building high performing teams by providing a platform for communication, access to information and building trust with employees.

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Employees at high trust organizations experience 106% more energy when working, 50% better productivity and 76% higher engagement.

Without proper features to enable communication and transparency, it becomes difficult to form teams that outperform.

A transformed hybrid world

Even before the pandemic, polling agencies and other companies across verticals were in the process of embracing the hybrid contact center model.

Growth in remote work over the last 5 years
Growth in remote work over the last 10 years
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Remote work has seen a growth of 159% over the last 12 years

Polling agencies also encouraged their employees to work from home during COVID and are moving towards adopting a hybrid model with agents working on-premise and remotely. Rearranging their workforce allowed polling agencies to ensure business continuity in the longer run.   

Adopting a cloud-based solution like Voxco’s omnichannel platform, polling agencies can emulate the high energy collaborative environment which a workplace typically provides. The intrinsic advantages that a cloud-based WFH solution presents makes it easier for polling agencies to build cohesive high-performance teams.

Team work makes the dream work

Hybrid solutions have several checks and balances which empower your agents and supervisors to work as a single cohesive unit. 

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Hybrid Contact Center solution
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Increased organizational agility

Cloud-based hybrid contact center solutions such as Voxco, seamlessly sync data in real-time, enabling your supervisors to make decisions on the spot, always backed by the most current data. Polling agencies are faced with constantly changing trends, and a hybrid solution can empower polling agencies to be agile enough to meet challenges head on.

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Better Team Cohesion

A well laid out reporting system lends itself well to building a cohesive team for organizations. A channel of communication between supervisors and agents, with supervisors being able to step in at any moment allows for better cohesion between your teams. Hybrid contact centers feature Dashboards that present up to date data to help supervisors identify their next course of action in a more effective manner.

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A feedback loop for consistent improvement

Cloud-based solutions such as Voxco allow supervisors to leave feedback at all times, reinforcing their agents’ and validating their skills. By being able to take over an agent call if needed, it automatically negates the need for leaving negative feedback as well as presenting the opportunity for the supervisors to rescue the situation at hand while leading by example. In essence, this allows for a positive coaching environment, helping your agents to develop their skills effectively. Supervisors can view performance data at any time, allowing them to back themselves with data to become better coaches.

Employee experience (EX) is the primary factor in delivering a better customer experience according to 86% CX executives.

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Higher Agent Satisfaction

Agent satisfaction is dramatically improved when an agent experiences the flexibility offered by a hybrid contact center solution. Agents can experience the same level of connectivity regardless of their physical location which allows them to be more productive, engaged and responsive. With solution enabling custom training and instant feedback, agents can continuously improve their skill sets. A satisfied agent will be less inclined to leave the organization, which in turn reduces the attrition rate and impacts the training & onboarding costs for the organization.

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Productive Interviewer Tools for Supervisors

Monitoring, feedback management, coaching and report generation for polling agencies are simplified with hybrid contact center solutions. With a unified dashboard, supervisors can track interviewer activity in a single view. Supervisors can monitor agent calls, automate workflow for interviewer project assignment and generate in-depth reports without leaving their room which allows for greater productivity.