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Gym survey questionnaire template Gym survey questionnaire
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As the name suggests, gym surveys are taken by gym owners to get to know their members a lot better and serve them efficiently. The gym is a place where people from various backgrounds come together to experience their fitness training. These backgrounds can be age groups, incomes and education, schedules, dedications and passions. As a gym owner, it becomes your responsibility to identify and acknowledge each and every member’s constraint and provide them with the service they need.

Gym survey questionnaire includes all types of questions, right from basic demographic information which helps you to categorize the audience based on their ages and income, etc. And ones asking about fitness goals, another about their views and expectations on the gym and its functionality. 

Exploratory Research Guide

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6 types of gym survey questionnaires

  • Market research  

Market research dedicated gym surveys can be held in scenarios where you are opening your new gym center or thinking of expanding the existing one. Market research will help you to understand the right location, membership fees and right times for your gym.  

You are required to focus more on gaining as much demographic information about the audience as you can, which will define the crowd you will be attracting, and then generalize your gym demographics.  

  • New members  

Another type of gym survey can be framed for the newest members who have joined recently. New members gym surveys can ask respondents to state their issues and goals they want to accomplish in your gym.  

Apart from this, you can get the latest information on new members that you already didn’t know. Keep getting feedback from them about your service and other factors.  

  • General feedback  

This is like any other feedback survey where you ask all the members, new and old, to give their views on the gym’s functions and equipment. Ask them if they have any new requirements that they’d want to be fulfilled, any recommendations or suggestions.  

Keeping a feedback loop going around will keep you on top of people’s expectations and needs.  

  • Fitness  

A fitness gym survey questionnaire asks its members specifically about fitness goals and requirements. Afterall, gym is all about fitness. Hence, it is necessary for you to get to know why your members joined the gym in the first place, what transformations they expect for themselves and accordingly serve them. 

  • Membership cancellation  

In cases where members decide to leave, which is unfortunate, make sure to know the reason why. It is just as important to survey the members who aren’t satisfied with your gym service because only then will you find areas where there can be the potential of pushing the audience away.  

  • NPS 

Net promoter score survey is a commonly conducted survey in any business. Ask your members about how likely they will recommend you to their circle. You will find how many of them are your promoters, passives and detractors.  

Based on the score, you can plan future strategies to convert the passives and detractors into promoters. 

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Gym survey questionnaire template

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