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A Guide to Creating Feedback Surveys

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What is a feedback survey?

A feedback survey is used for identifying or measuring the experience of customers or different business entities. A feedback survey is mainly created to uncover insights into a company’s products or services or the working environment. This survey comprises well-designed and thorough questions that can help to fundamentally understand different business users. A feedback survey plays a pivotal role in allowing customers to express their experience, needs, as well as suggestions through the medium of a questionnaire. 

In order to survive and thrive in today’s hyper-competitive landscape, businesses need to focus on becoming customer-centric. To keep themselves up and running, all customer-driven companies prioritize gathering feedback from their customers. Irrespective of the type of feedback you get (positive or negative), it’s important to accept it openly. While praise can boost your morale to continue doing great work, condemnation can help you improve your product or service. 

By leveraging an efficient customer feedback survey, it becomes easy for organizations to understand their buyers’ experience related to the products or services of their company. Likewise, using an employee feedback survey empowers organizations to know their employees, understand their concerns & opinions related to the culture or environment.

A Guide to Creating Feedback Surveys Guide Feedback Survey

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Why should you focus on feedback surveys?

Gathering feedback is essential for the success of every business. Every time a company gets in touch with its customers, employees, or partners directly, it becomes ready to receive verbal feedback from them. A feedback survey helps to formalize the process of collecting information and empowers an organization to make the most of this insightful data.

It’s important to remember that top brands are always open to accepting feedback and that’s why they’re able to reach that level. Even after receiving negative feedback, they do not stop putting effort rather they put their best foot forward to improve their products or services. By conducting surveys and focusing on the feedback given by the members of their organization, they’re able to transform their weaknesses into strengths. No matter if it’s from customers, employees, vendors, or stakeholders, it’s essential to focus on the feedback given by every member equally. So if you want your organization to grow, don’t focus only on conducting feedback surveys, start accepting and understanding the feedback given by every member!  

There will be feedback always 

No matter if you sell products or offer some services or manage a team of employees, using a feedback survey allows you to understand their ideas and opinions. For instance — using a VoC survey empowers brands to know their customers well, i.e. what they think and expect. It also highlights the areas where improvements are required and what competitors are doing uniquely. It also plays a key role in gauging a product’s performance even before a launch. With the inception of feedback survey tools, it has become easier for organizations to gather feedback digitally. 

Every feedback matters equally

It’s important to ensure respondents that their feedback matters to you and you’ve accepted it completely. Always let your respondents know that they’re adding value to your organization and contributing to the betterment of your products & services. By doing so, your customers will feel more valued and give more unbiased feedback in the future. Moreover, this represents a positive brand image and delivers a satisfying experience to the respondents. 

Feedback helps to drive changes 

When asking respondents for feedback, you’re ready to add them to a process that drives change. While they become a crucial part of the strategy that drives innovation, they also become more loyal towards your brand. After gaining a feeling of belongingness, they develop a different perspective towards your brand and your products/services. Also, it enables organizations to outperform the expectations of the respondents and build a better relationship with them. 

Negative feedback promotes growth 

On gaining negative feedback, never consider it as criticism. Instead, use that feedback as a ‘fuel’ for enhancing the performance of your business. By taking that negative feedback constructively, your organization can make better and informed decisions for the future. This plays a crucial role in increasing your brand’s performance while boosting the respondents’ satisfaction. 

Feedback is a continuous process 

A feedback survey is a continuous process of learning that involves different respondents from different aspects of a business. All it needs is some constructive thinking, passion for innovation, and efficient survey software for gathering information. Also, it’s important to keep yourself aligned with your organization’s vision and mission while seamlessly accelerating the performance of your brand.

A Guide to Creating Feedback Surveys Guide Feedback Survey

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What are the types of feedback surveys your business should consider?

Customer Feedback Surveys

A customer feedback survey helps to gauge the customers’ perceptions about your company as well as your products or services. It plays a crucial role in tracking your brand’s performance and determining the factors behind sales. While customers may get influenced through the positive reviews given by other customers online, you cannot force them to give positive feedback to your brand. It’s important to ask the right set of questions in your survey that convinces customers to participate and provide accurate feedback. A customer feedback survey can help you: 

  • Determine the level of customer loyalty and their repurchase intent.
  • Acknowledge the rate of customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value.
  • Address negative feedback to retain customers and reduce churn.
  • Identify the brand promoters and ambassadors who spread positive word of mouth. 

There are various types of customer feedback surveys which include: 

 Employee Feedback Surveys 

An employee feedback survey enables you to uncover the experience and satisfaction of employees within your company. By asking employees different questions related to the work environment, this survey helps to list their concerns within the organization. Moreover, it makes it easy to understand how employees feel about the company’s atmosphere and determines their motivation levels. It’s important to conduct employee feedback surveys annually and analyze their sentiments over time. Using employee feedback surveys help to: 

  • Gather insights as well as recommendations for the company’s growth.
  • Identify specific areas where there’s a need for improvement.
  • Involve employees in the crucial decisions of the company & boost their morale.
  • Uncover key drivers behind employees’ behavior & track their satisfaction over time.

There are various types of employee feedback surveys which include: 

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How to conduct a feedback survey?

A feedback survey needs to be created carefully in order to help businesses get the most of their potential. Be it Net Promoter Score survey, CSAT survey, Employee feedback survey, or Market Research survey, soliciting feedback through surveys has always been the most convenient and effective option.  

However, the issue in creating a feedback survey comes when there’s a wrong pattern used. Including too many questions, irrelevant questions, or poorly phrased questions in your survey can make it boring and meaningless. It’s important to create a feedback survey with questions that directly target the respondents’ perceptions and uncover their ideas. 

Ensure your feedback survey is engaging 

A well-designed feedback survey ensures a great completion rate so, always focus on creating questionnaires that can keep respondents interested and engaged. While designing a survey, keep the respondents’ interests, expectations, and habits in mind to ensure a seamless experience. Here are certain best practices that you should follow: 

  • Keep the survey length short
    While creating a feedback survey, always follow a less is more approach. It’s essential to keep your survey short and crisp. Try not to include more than 8-10 questions in your survey
    • Include quantitative questions
      On collecting feedback from your respondents, you can’t rely on open-ended questions only. In fact, it is difficult to analyze such qualitative answers or discover trends from them. Whereas including quantitative questions make it easy for the respondents to answer as they come in a numerical form. This improves the survey completion rate too!
  • Answers should be balanced
    While adding answers to the questions in your survey, always ensure they’re symmetrical. The answer range should start from very dissatisfied to very satisfied and vice versa.
  • Keep a neutral language
    While creating your survey, it’s important to use unbiased language that appropriately communicates the message. This helps in keeping your survey participants focused and enables you to fetch the most accurate data.
  • Don’t forget to make it mobile-optimized
    As mobile devices have certainly become popular in the technological landscape, respondents prefer to participate in surveys through their mobiles only. So, creating, testing, and deploying a mobile version of your feedback survey has become more important than ever!

Keep the objectives of your feedback survey in mind 

There’s no doubt that the main goal of creating and sending a feedback survey is to reduce customer churn. However, before creating a feedback survey, it’s essential to know the real motive behind that survey. Discover the need of conducting a feedback survey, what can be achieved through a feedback survey, how to utilize the collected information through that survey? Once you identify the intent of a feedback survey, it gets easy to pick the right set of questions for your survey.

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What are the benefits of using a feedback survey?

  • Gain feedback in real-time: Using a feedback survey empowers businesses to collect feedback at any point and gain insights into numerous aspects of their company.
  • Be aware of trends: Leveraging feedback surveys help you uncover customer trends by understanding key drivers behind their behavior and gathering instant feedback from them.
  • Collect informative insights: Conducting a feedback survey is a great way of understanding how respondents react to your business strategies. These insights play a crucial role in making informed decisions.
  • Compare & benchmark results: Using a feedback survey tool allows you to create a survey and use it multiple times for gaining feedback from the audience on a continuous basis. It lets you compare data and benchmark the results to identify the changes that you should make.
  • Make respondents feel valued: Creating a feedback survey is a process of asking respondents to share their perceptions about a particular product or service or a brand. By explaining how much you value their opinions, it helps you deliver an exceptional experience that makes them loyal to your brand!

How Voxco can help you make the most of your feedback survey?

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Great Research
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Best-in-class ROI

Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries