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As businesses move forward to please the market, it gets more and more important to gauge the process. To achieve certain fixed goal, an organization needs to KNOW where it was standing yesterday, and where it is today. This measurement of progress of an organisation to compare the current state with its future, desirable state is called Gap analysis. 

Gap analysis provides you a frame of reference to understand how various strategies, technologies, plans, capabilities and processes are working out for your organisation. This helps the organisation to move towards the desired goal while eliminating the errors and risks along the way. 

In this article, we will see some examples of gap analysis and where and when you can analyse the gaps in your organisation:

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Examples of gap analysis

  • Individual assessment 

Employees can perform gap analysis on themselves to see where their performance is lacking and how they can fill the gap with working hard. 

This analysis is done on an individual level. When there is one department in an organisation that is particularly lacking behind in providing the required outcome, they teammates working in the department need to evaluate their performance to know where the efforts are misdirected. 

  • New product launch

After a new product is launched, a company can perform gap analysis to see where the sales are fluctuating and make the necessary improvements. 

The reason the sales are not meeting the required number may be due to the reason the product is not delivering what it is supposed to. In such cases, the production team should try different way of manufacturing the product in way that is more efficient and appealing to the audience.

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  • Sales projection

For the brands that produce products can gauge their product sales based on their performance and fill the gap in sales by producing the right mix.

Similar to the above example, here the sales projection is the focus. For the overall sales performance of the organisation, it needs to do a gap analysis on overall performance of the organisation right from the measurement of each department’s work to the product reviews and requirements. 

  • Software products 

The brands that develop software for the clients can perform gap analysis for the current output and desired output of the software and make sure it meets the user requirements.

The requirements of the clients when it comes to software products is always fluctuating and there is no end to the changes. Although, it is the organisation’s responsibility to connect to the client and keep the software updated.

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  • Supply chain management 

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can perform a gap analysis on the shortage of their products to fill the gap by working a way around on the supplies and their stocks. 

Apart from the healthcare facilities, this example refers to all those businesses that run on products without raw materials and development. The analysis of gaps in this sector is about how the goods flow in and out of the business. The way to bridge this gap is to keep the supply chain on track always. 

  • Production

Product manufacturers can analyse their gaps in the current productivity and the one that is required by the business and make changes in the production processes to build a bridge over the gaps. 

These product based companies need to hear out to the customers to know if their product is delivering its purpose or not. The gap in this situation could be the difference between the product’s current vs the desired outcome. 

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