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Frost Sullivan Case Study

Global research firm labels Voxco Online ‘best value in the industry’.

The Client

Frost & Sullivan is one of the industry’s premiere growth partnership firms. For over 50 years, over 1000 analysts on six continents monitor and analyze today’s rapidly fluctuating economic environment to guide clients from over 300 industries address challenges, meet growth targets, and develop core business strategies. With such an intense focus on identifying emerging trends and guiding future growth, online surveys play a significant role in the majority of Frost & Sullivan’s research projects.

The Challenge

The Frost & Sullivan team executes around 1,000 survey projects per year, deploying up to 100,000 online surveys to panels and client-supplied lists of respondents. With this high volume of projects, online survey development requires a significant amount of resources.

Considering the resources devoted to creating and deploying online surveys, efficiency is essential. So as a part of the best practice, every three years the Research Operations team conducts a multi-tiered, formal evaluation of leading professional online survey platforms on the market. They rigorously evaluate the features, productivity gains, and value offered by leading platforms.

The Solution

The 2014 evaluation wasn’t even close. Voxco Online scored near the top of almost every technical feature category. For price, Voxco was the lowest among equally-featured platforms. The results were clear: Voxco offered the best value of any professional survey software, hands down.

Once the team transitioned to Voxco, they were satisfied with the significant productivity gains they experienced, which exceeded their expectations. What used to take hours now took minutes. They were now completing complex questionnaires in less time, for less money.

The Results

Frost & Sullivan have been a loyal Voxco client ever since. They have gained a significant amount of time thanks to major productivity boosts using the platform. The Research Operations team is confident that when they do their next scheduled software evaluation, Voxco Online will comfortably remain the obvious choice.

“Voxco Online offers 90-95% of the features of other professional survey software, at one third of the price. It is, quite simply, the best value in the industry. “

Sascha Vetter, Director of Research Operations
Frost & Sullivan
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