FocusBari Audience measurement case study


FocusBari Audience measurement case study

How This European Firm Measures Media Audiences with Multiple Survey Modes.

The Client

Focus Bari is a Greek market research company that offers project design, execution, and CX-related services with a data-driven mindset. They serve a wide range of notable international corporate and media clients. One of their key offerings, in which they have 30 years experience, is media audience surveys for radio, print, and online media.

Focus Bari was founded in 1988 and boasts an expert team of 25 professionals (plus 120 interviewers) and software suite, including Voxco Multi-Mode, which is a blend of our phone, online, and face-to-face survey software solutions.

The Challenge

Since its launch, Focus Bari has always been a leader in providing quality audience measurement data to their clients. A few years ago, their initial software solution was no longer available, so they worked to find a solution quickly, as downtime was simply not an option.

Their search ended when they found Voxco Survey Software, boasting a centralized platform and compatible scripting across all survey modes – which was integral for FocusBari’s operations.

The Solution

Voxco Survey Software was built by industry experts that understand the importance of seamless data collection in the context of audience measurement.

valeria tsamis

“Relying on Voxco as our survey software provider has proved to be an excellent choice for our business. While our research requires us to use multiple survey modes (including phone surveys, online surveys, and face-to-face surveys), we’re able to collect the data in one centralized database. This makes our work more streamlined.”

Valeria Tsamis, Managing Director FocusBari

The Results: Streamlined Data Collection Across Multiple Survey Modes

Focus Bari has been able to widen their scope and reach new respondents using CATI, CAWI, and CAPI surveys. They are now able to increase their volume of data collection, reach wider audiences, and deliver to clients quicker – as they are collecting more data, but all into one centralized database.

Increasing the volume of their surveys, while streamlining their data collection and processing operations has contributed to Focus Bari’s success as an increasingly productive audience measurement firm.

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FocusBari Audience measurement case study

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