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What do you mean by a flex matrix?

As the name suggests, flex matrix is a matrix, meaning it has a grid structure but is far more complex than a textbox grid or matrix spreadsheet. In flex matrix questions, the grid combines multiple question types. The cells in the grid can be a dropdown list, a text box, a radio button, checkbox, etc. flex matrix puts together multiple questions and topics so that the respondents get to focus on them one at a time.

You can look at flex matrix questions as a group of sub questions which makes the survey short and time saving.

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What is a flex matrix question in surveys?

Researchers use flex matrix in their surveys to add the sub-topics together in a single question. The answer options to these types of questions is in a grid manner where each column and row represents certain fields and each column can have different input types. They can be any one of the below:

  • Single selection
  • Multiple selection
  • Textbox 
  • Numeric input
  • Rank order
  • Dropdown menu
  • Rating scale
  • Numeric slider

Talking about the data analysis in flex matrix survey questions, the researcher needs to analyze the data with respect to the input types and answer items. Large organizations can have huge infrastructures that will help them gather data from various sources and organize and analyze it for them. Researchers can then draw out meaningful information out of the raw data and come to conclusions and insights regarding the research topic.

Examples of flex matrix survey questions

Why are flex matrix survey questions used?

Flex matrix questions help respondents to answer multiple questions at the same time, so the researcher will gain quick insight on the customer perspective of your brand. They can also compare the standing of their brands with the other brands and determine strategies to achieve the competitive edge over the others in the market. 

If you want your survey to be short and quick, you can use flex matrix questions wherever you can. Its best feature is that it can have multiple questions nested into one question, irrespective of the type of input any of them takes.

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Advantages of flex matrix survey questions

  • Using flex matrix in your surveys saves a lot of space that could’ve been used by the multiple questions. Instead, the flex matrix combines all those questions into one and makes the survey size shorter. 
  • Users do not have to spend a long time responding to the survey as they cover up all the sub questions under just one question. This makes them save time and increase the survey response rates. 
  • Since the answers have various input types and take answers for many questions at the same time, organizations find it useful to draw data and process it to draw conclusions and insights out of it.
  • Flex matrix allows the question to have multiple answers with flexibility of input types.

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