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Customer Experience Definition

Customer experience, also known as CX, refers to customers’ perception of a brand based on their holistic experience with the brand across all touchpoints within the customer journey.

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Why is Customer Experience (CX) Important?

In today’s day, customers have access to a range of different options. Especially owing to globalization and the world wide web, customers can buy their preferred products regardless of where they are sold. With this surplus of options in the market, businesses must do their best to stand out and be great so as to obtain a competitive advantage in their industry. Good customer experience helps organizations achieve just that. 


When organizations provide customers with great interactions and experiences, customers will not only continue to purchase from the brand but will also act as advocates for it, reeling in new customers. A bad customer experience, on the other hand, will result in customers leaving an organization for another and potentially spreading a bad word about their experience, dissuading new potential customers from doing business with the company. Customer experience, therefore, has a significant influence on the success of a brand and must be prioritized by businesses in order to be successful.

Examples of Great Customer Experience

Let’s take a look at five organizations that used unique and innovative strategies to enhance their customer experience and achieve increased sales in the process: 

  • McDonald’s: Use Customer Feedback to Enhance Customer Experience

McDonald’s is a great example of an organization that effectively improved its customer experience to achieve increased sales. When the company noticed a decline in sales, it increased its focus on customer experience and feedback. They listened to what their customers wanted and introduced changes such as a simpler menu, higher-quality ingredients, and improved order accuracy. Once these changes were implemented, it was forecasted that McDonald’s would experience a sales growth of 4.1%. 

  • Adidas: Provide Customers with a Seamless Digital Customer Experience

Adidas has been focusing on their digital CX in order to enhance customers’ overall experience with the company. Adidas noticed that customers were shopping online more than before, and realised that customers’ digital experience will begin to play a bigger role in shaping their overall experience when compared to before. By fine-tuning its digital experience, Adidas was able to enhance customer experience and boost customer satisfaction.

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  • Netflix: Introduce Personalisation and Focus on Individual Customer Needs

Netflix employs customer-focused strategies in order to keep its subscribers engaged and to encourage them to continue to come back for more. They do so using their machine learning algorithms that carefully select what shows and movies are recommended to subscribers based on what they’ve watched or searched for in the past. This means that each subscriber will have a personalised home page that features the kind of shows and movies they are most likely to be interested in. This, along with their seamless user interface, creates a great customer experience that gives them an edge in the OTT industry. 

  • Taco Bell: Quickly Adapt to Changes in the External Environment to Maintain Great CX and Prevent a Decrease in Sales

Taco Bell adapted to the pandemic by maximising their drive-through experience so as to prevent a fall in sales due to the closure of indoor dining. They introduced fast indoor pickup shelves, made their drive-through lanes larger, and streamlined their kitchen equipment to accelerate food processing and delivery. By quickly adapting to the external environment, Taco Bell was able to make the best use of its existing resources while providing a great customer experience. 

  • Burberry: Leverage the Use of Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

Luxury brand Burberry launched an augmented reality experience that allows customers to create virtual sculptures of Burberry’s pocket bag which they can “place” among their real-life settings to get an idea of how it may look in their homes. This provides customers around the world the opportunity to engage with the brand from the privacy of their own homes, creating a comfortable and personalized customer experience. 

FAQs on Customer Experience Examples

Customer experience is the overall perception customers have of a brand based on their experiences and interactions (through digital and non-digital channels) with the organization from the beginning to end of their customer journey.

 An example of great customer experience is illustrated by fast-food giant McDonald’s. By taking a customer-centric approach, McDonald’s implemented changes within their organization that were recommended by their customers. This included introducing a simpler menu, higher-quality ingredients, and improving their order accuracy.

A good customer experience is one that is customer-centric and caters to customers’ needs. It also must be seamless, and should allow customers to shift from one channel to the other with ease.

Studies have shown that the cost of acquiring a new customer can range from being 5 to 25 times more expensive than the cost of retaining an existing customer. By providing a great customer experience, organizations are less likely to lose customers to their competitors and are likely to experience an increase in revenue and customer lifetime value.

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