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In the evolving business world, adapting to customers’ needs, expectations, and preferences has become the foundation for success. And with customers spread across the world thanks to digitalization, what better way to stay attuned to these needs than by utilizing product survey tools?

Engaging the customers directly and gathering first-hand data in real time is the cornerstone of driving business growth, refining products, improving customer experience, and gaining competitive advantage. Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, the right product survey software will help you gather empirical evidence from your target audience and guide your strategic decisions. 

In this blog, we explore the features and importance and compile a list of the top 10 product survey tools.

The importance of product survey tools

To best understand how a product survey tool helps a business, let’s start with an example.

A sports apparel company launches a new line of sportswear only to find it doesn’t resonate with the target audience. 

This misalignment results in wasted resources, lower ROI, reputational damage, and missed opportunities. This is where a product survey tool plays a vital role. 

The software lets the company directly connect with the intended customers and capture their feedback about the product concept. The company can use the feedback to make informed changes in the concept and design of products that genuinely meets customers’ needs. 

The success of a business, small or large, depends on customer satisfaction. So, the perfect fit can help you gather data that facilitates informed decision-making. 

  1. The tool allows you to tap into real users and gather authentic feedback. 
  2. Instead of making assumptions about customer preferences, product surveys gives you accurate data from the actual user perspective. 
  3. Developing products by understanding customer needs helps mitigate the risk of failure. 
  4. Inviting customers to share their feedback in product development fosters a sense of loyalty and demonstrates your genuine effort. 
  5. Gathering opinions and feedback from diverse audiences/users through surveys fuels innovation.

→ Expanding its Online Grocery PickUp service to other states.

→ Increase in product variety from 3000 to 7000.

Features to look for in a product survey tool

In the quest to discover the best product survey tool, there are several key features you should evaluate on each platform.

1. User interface: 

The tool should make it easy for you to design your product survey so you can start your research without much hassle. Look for platforms with lower learning curves; for example, Voxco offers a drag-and-drop survey builder that reduces the time to design surveys.

2. Customization: 

The ability to tailor your surveys to suit your research needs and audience is crucial. Look for tools that offer various question types, white-label or CSS customizations for branding surveys, and logic and branching to ask targeted questions.

3. Multiple channels for survey distribution: 

The tool you use should help you maximize your reach and response rates by engaging your audience in their preferred channels. Look for a product survey tool that allows survey distribution via multiple channels like email, sms, social media, and website embeds.

4. Data analysis: 

The in-built analysis tool will enable you to generate real-time insights. The platform should allow you to analyze data as it is transmitted from the audience within the same platform. It should also enable you to perform statistical and text analysis.

5. Integration: 

The tool should seamlessly integrate with your existing software ecosystem. It should perfectly fit your CRM to allow smooth data flow and management. 

These are some core features that should be a part of your evaluation process. Before we help you navigate through the multiple product survey tools, let’s look into the benefits of adapting them.

Benefits of product survey tools

These tools are an integral component of the business strategy, empowering you to harness the voice of the customers and fostering innovation and business growth. Let’s look into some more ways they can be of advantage.

1. Enhance customer understanding:

Product survey tools allow you to gather insights into customer needs, demands, and preferences. It helps you get a better understanding of your target customers and craft products that fulfill their needs. 

For example, an e-commerce platform wanting to enhance customer experience can use post-purchase surveys to understand customers’ satisfaction with product quality. The data will help them refine their product selections and identify areas for improvement.

2. Agile iteration: 

In the dynamic business landscape where customer demands are rapidly evolving, it’s important to adapt quickly and iterate based on feedback. The tool can facilitate a continuous feedback loop allowing you to keep a pulse in changing demands. 

For example, a mobile app developer can swiftly make adjustments to their app based on user suggestions. They can update the user interface elements or introduce features to deliver an improved user experience.

3. Improve customer loyalty

By involving customers in the product development process, you demonstrate your efforts to deliver the products they need fostering a sense of loyalty and ownership. Product surveys allow customers to have a voice, making them feel more connected and valued to your brand. 

For example, a footwear company can use a survey asking about the customer’s experience with the variety, comfort, and design. The company can then incorporate the feedback into their product development to address the customers’ suggestions leading to an increase in customer loyalty.

Top 10 product survey tools

In this section, let’s delve into the top 10 product survey tools to help you choose the one that resonates best with your business aspirations. 

1. Voxco 

When looking for a modern solution, Voxco is the one platform you should check. It is an all-in-one survey solution that enables you to design surveys, gather data using its omnichannel platform, create targeted samples, and analyze and visualize data. 

Voxco’s product survey tools empower you to design branded surveys to ensure consistent brand perception during a survey. It enables you to ensure anonymity and confidentiality by designing anonymous surveys and securing data with enterprise-grade data security standards. 

Key features: 

  • Three modes to conduct surveys – Online survey tools, phone survey tools, and offline survey tools. 
  • Host the platform on the cloud or on-premise. 
  • Drag-and-drop survey builder with 100+ question types, multimedia question types, automated survey translation, skip and branching logic, etc. 
  • Reach audience in preferred online channels – social media, sms, emails, and website embeds. 
  • Create targeted samples using Voxco Audience. 
  • Design NPS surveys with open and closed-ended questions and interpret data with a real-time NPS dashboard. 
  • Visualize data in a powerful data analysis dashboard. 
  • Create a comprehensive view of your product survey with statistical and text analysis. 

Voxco offers an end-to-end research solution with flexible pricing to meet your changing needs.

Voxco was named a leader in survey software by G2 based on client testimonials.

Finding The Perfect Fit: Deep Dive Into Product Survey Tools product feature testing

2. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a user-friendly tool that provides a no-code survey builder to help you design online surveys. The platform helps you gather data online and offline using mobile devices. It also enables you to analyze, generate reports, and back up data. 

Key features: 

  • Design surveys with multiple answer types, pre-build survey templates, multiple languages, skip logic, and theme customization. 
  • Use its AI tool, SurveyMonkey Genius, to review your survey questions and get suggestions. 
  • Extract insights using sentiment analysis tools and word cloud. 
  • Visualize data with custom charts and graphs. 

Online survey software comparison: Voxco Vs. Survey Monkey.

3. Qualtrics: 

Qualtrics lets you handle simple surveys to complex research projects. The platform allows you to design targeted surveys and integrate touchpoints across multiple channels into a single point of truth. 

The platform streamlines the process of designing engaging surveys and ensures a seamless respondent experience. It offers ready-to-use survey templates and multiple channels for data collection. The platform lets you generate survey reports with 30 different graph types. 

Key features: 

  • It offers a drag-and-drop survey builder, extensive theme customization, 100+ question types, language translation, skip logic, and branded surveys. 
  • Send surveys across multiple channels like website, QR code, mobile app, sms, and email. 
  • Set up triggers to target the right audience for online surveys. 
  • Use iQ analysis to extract insights with the help of AI and ML. 
  • Leverage predictive analytics, text analytics, and sentiment analysis. 

4. SurveySparrow:

An experience management platform, SurveySparrow focuses on conversational surveys. Its CUI or conversational user interface resembles a messaging app. The platform offers you 700+ survey templates to choose from. 

You can schedule surveys at regular intervals with its built-in automation and share results across multiple channels. Key features: 

  • It offers 20+ question types and multiple survey languages to help users tailor surveys. 
  • Bring your data to life with powerful analytics, interactive dashboards, and insightful reports. 
  • Ensure seamless workflow with 1500+ integrations. 
  • Share surveys via the website, social media, email, and direct links. 
  • Leverage ticket management for the close-the-loop program.

Checkout Voxco Online features to see how it can help you unlock the power of data with its robust functionalities.

  • 100+ question types
  • Advanced logic 
  • White-label
  • Auto-translations in 100+ languages

5. Qualaroo:

With a no-code builder, Qualaroo offers powerful product survey tools to design surveys in minutes. It offers a plethora of features enabling you to gather customer feedback in real time. 

With its capability Nudges you can create unobtrusive surveys for your SaaS product, mobile app, and website to gather in-the-moment data from the target audience. 

Key features: 

  • Design various online surveys using a visual builder. 
  • Leverage pre-built templates, 12+ question types, survey theme customization, white-labeling, rebranding, skip logic, automatic language translation, etc. 
  • Survey the right audience based on their site behavior with built-in advanced targeting options. 
  • Categorize and analyze feedback with sentiment analysis. 
  • Filter survey data with in-depth reporting functionality. 

6. QuestionPro:

A web-based survey platform, QuestionPro is known as suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s one of the leading product survey tools that helps you design engaging and immersive surveys. 

The tool also offers an audience panel to help you achieve accurate data for your survey campaigns. 

Key features: 

  • Share surveys across websites, mobile apps, web apps, and email. 
  • It offers 250+ pre-built templates you can customize based on your brand image.
  •  With 30+ question types and 95+ survey languages, you can tailor surveys for your research needs. 
  • Run statistical data analysis like conjoint, A/B testing, and Maxdiff analysis. 

Online survey software comparison: Voxco Vs. QuestionPro

7. SoGolytics:

Another platform that automates data collection is SoGolytics. A good fit for small and large enterprises, the platform lets you create sophisticated surveys, distribute, and analyze data painlessly. 

Key features: 

  • Design surveys using multiple question types, multi-lingual surveys, theme customization, or simply use its template library. 
  • Embed your surveys on the website or share them via link and mail. 
  • Ensure seamless automation with 30+ integrations. 
  • Create action plans and set task deadlines based on survey results and track processes within the platform. 

Looking for World’s best Survey Platform?

Voxco is the leading online survey tool that annually powers more than 50Mn+ surveys.

8. Zoho Survey:

Its effortless survey editor makes Zoho one of the most user-friendly product survey tools. The platform also offers a dedicated audience panel to help you meet the intended sample and collect targeted responses. 

Zoho Survey offers a secured user platform with features like SSL certification, Recaptcha, and password protection. Additionally, Zoho Survey is a component of its seamless collaboration with Zoho Suite. 

Key features: 

  • The platform offers 200+ survey templates, customizable themes, 25+ question types, skip logic, survey scoring, etc, to help tailor your survey. 
  • Share surveys via email, web links, web embeds, QR codes, social media, and more. 
  • Analyze survey data using custom reports, crosstabs, and trend reports. 
  • With Zoho Flow, you can automate actions such as triggering follow-up surveys or updating CRM records based on survey responses. 

9.  Typeform:

Typeform focuses more on conversational surveys and beautiful designs, thus breaking apart from traditional look and feel. It is a SaaS company that let’s design mobile-friendly surveys that display one question at a time. 

The platform allows you to design various survey types with its drag-and-drop builder. Additionally, you can design surveys from scratch or use a ready-to-use survey template. 

Key feature:

  • Its developer portal allows you to build a survey system from the beginning. 
  • With advanced question types, conditional logic, and conversational format to design personalized surveys. 
  • Design surveys that work on any device. 
  • Gather voice and video feedback with its built-in VideoAsk feature. 
  • Integrate with 30+ tools to automate dataflows. 

10. Jotform:

Jotform offers a free online survey builder known for its intuitive interface and a large repository of survey templates. The platform offers a centralized inbox to keep all the survey submissions. 

Key features: 

  • Provides a drag-and-drop survey builder. 
  • It enables you to design single-page and multi-page surveys. 
  • Supports conversational surveys, pre-built templates, multi-language support, and skip logic to personalize survey experiences. 
  • Share surveys via multiple channels like website, link, email, and mobile app. 
  • Turn feedback into graphs and charts with visual reporting.

Want insights that help you refine products and improve customer experience?

Use Voxco to capture customer feedback and generate actionable insights.


Product survey tools can help you track changing customer needs and keep a pulse on customer preferences. As the needs and expectations of customers are changing, you also need to evolve and adapt a modern tool that enables you to understand your customers better.


1. What are product survey tools?

Product survey tools are applications designed to help you create surveys that evaluate a product-related topic. The platform enables you to design and distribute surveys and gather and analyze feedback in one platform.

2. How to create a good product survey?

Creating a good product survey includes careful planning to ensure you ask relevant questions and gather meaningful data. 

  • Clearly outline your survey objective. 
  • Craft questions that align with the objective. 
  • Keep the survey short to maximize response rates. 
  • Provide a clear introduction about the purpose of the survey. 
  • Add branded elements to your survey to maintain a consistent brand image. 
  • Include a variety of question types to keep respondents engaged. 

3. What is the objective of a product survey?

The focus of a product survey is to gather insights from users about a product or product concept. 

  • It helps understand user preferences, pain points and needs related to the product. 
  • The data highlights the areas for improvement. 
  • It facilitates innovation and data-driven decision-making.

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