Choosing the right mode for conducting your surveys can be overwhelming — we have CATI phone interviews, CAWI web interviews, CAPI interviews, and more.

The reality is that the most optimal mode depends on your research goals and the kind of respondent you’d like to reach. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll be covering the advantages of conducting CAPI surveys with Voxco.

What is Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)?

CAPI refers to an interviewing mode in which the interviewer uses a mobile device to ask the respondent survey questions. This mode can be chosen over a phone survey in the case that respondents need to be caught in the moment (like an airport survey), or are hard to reach (patient evaluation survey). 

Interviewers use Voxco Mobile Offline to survey 250,000 tourists in Hong Kong.

Why use Voxco Mobile Offline?

A question type for every methodology: All standard and the advanced question types in one centralized tool.

Multimedia capabilities: Build audio and video into the surveys. And let interviewers capture responses in a multimedia format too. 

Customized look & feel for your brand: create visually stunning surveys by changing colors, adding your logo, brand images, and much more. 

Powerful logic: Skipping, piping, looping, branching, you name it! We can do it.

Tweak things on the go: You can make changes to a questionnaire that can be pushed quickly to interviewers in the field doing surveys.

We’ve just released an update to our Mobile Offline platform that is more closely aligned with Android standards, streamlined navigation, and refreshed interface for improved usability. 

We sat down with our Mobile App Developer, Dominic Lacaille to get his team’s perspective on building Version 3! Read on below:


Dominic Lacaille

Mobile App Developer

Did the team’s perspective shift when you embarked on updating Voxco Mobile Offline?

A lot of the time us programmers tend to think of problems logically, we identify a problem and devise a solution. We don’t usually think of design along the way. 

We identified that many issues with the application were due to design and we were dedicated to making it better. The new synchronization bar at the bottom now shows progress and what is being synchronized, while adhering to Google’s design standards.  

I think recalibrating our focus on design made us realize how important it was for any product we build.

What was a key challenge that you overcame when working on it this time around? How’d you overcome it?

I think the key challenge was to think outside of the box when it came to the design of the app. We really had to forget what was already there in the application and question ourselves: “Is this really the best way to use this?”

Another big challenge we had was supporting large surveys. Interviews in Voxco Online run on very powerful servers and it was tricky to make sure surveys run just as fast on something you can have in your pocket. It’s really surprising what today’s phones and tablets can do.

What new features are you most excited about?

The new synchronization bar for sure! It makes the app feel snappy and productive for the user. I also really like the new survey details page that shows respondents and quotas just by scrolling.

sync progress bar blog

Anything you’d like people to know about what goes into building a product like this?

Lots of love went into this update, we hope it can bring a positive change to our client’s productivity and appreciation towards this product. 

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