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3 Use Cases for Survey Software in the Healthcare Industry

Conducting research in the healthcare space is key for a variety of reasons; from driving insights for service improvements, patient engagement, or outreach automation.

Patients and healthcare providers may not necessarily always agree on what the best approach is, so it’s crucial that researchers work to bridge that gap whenever possible.

Surveys are a great tool to help garner key insights that may not necessarily come up in organic patient/provider conversations. Another added benefit is that surveys can be completely or partially private – patients may shy away from providing sensitive information in a more casual setting.

Healthcare researchers must also consider that these patient populations can be difficult to reach at times. This may especially be the case for elderly populations that are not necessarily technologically savvy – so survey strategies need to be adjusted accordingly.

For this piece, we at Voxco wanted to cover some interesting use cases we’ve seen for our survey software in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Call Centers

For providers and healthcare organizations, prioritizing patient and member outreach is important to keep patients satisfied with your services. Beyond this, it keeps patients engaged, driving success – whatever your organization’s goals may be.

Phone surveys are a great method for reaching these populations. In turn, using robust CATI software, with integrated IVR and dialer, is integral to increasing productivity in call center interviewers. This means that you can make more calls and reach more respondents.

Our clients specializing in healthcare phone surveys use Voxco to conduct new member/patient welcome calls, health risk assessments, discharge follow-up calls, custom campaigns, and more.

Face-to-Face Patient/Senior Evaluations

As our populations age, it can be challenging for some to stay independent in their homes. Healthcare researchers, government, and home care services often use tablet-enabled survey software to conduct needs assessment surveys and collect pertinent data – even without internet connection.

Of course, this method of surveying is especially effective for hard-to-reach patients, as the interviewer would visit them in-person.

In this use case, the healthcare professional would conduct an in-house computer assisted personal interview with elderly respondents and possibly their caregivers to evaluate the appropriate living situation and health needs.

As a result, elderly and/or disabled populations can be supported with a customized care plan, and you, the provider, can garner other valuable insights on your services as well.

Patient Research Surveys

Healthcare researchers work to shed light on needs, sentiments, and feedback within the healthcare industry in order to improve services and gain a better understanding of how services are perceived by patients.

Research in this space can be done through a multichannel approach, combining phone surveys, online surveys, and offline surveys – to maximize respondent reach.

Our clients in the space conduct surveys that are critical to bridging the gap between research and healthcare providers. Due to the sometimes sensitive nature of their research, many of these clients elect to host the data directly on premise, which is easily facilitated by our platform.

Regardless of your healthcare organization’s goals, working with a flexible yet powerful survey software is absolutely necessary to ensure quality of work, productive interviewers, and meaningful research.

Above, we touched on only a few of the many possible uses for survey software within the health industry. Due to the flexibility of our platform, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Using CATI, CAPI, CAWI, or a combination of the solutions enables organizations to reach respondents no matter where they are. 

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