e-Commerce Organization Voxco Online / Professional Services


e-Commerce Organization Voxco Online / Professional Services

Voxco empowers HR team to evaluate 2,000-person monthly hiring process.

The Client

One of Voxco’s US clients is a large international e-commerce organization with around 35,000 employees worldwide. Through an extensive network of hiring managers and consultants around the globe, they hire hundreds of new employees each month. This means they are facing a constant need to gauge the effectiveness of their hiring processes.

The Challenge

The organization previously had in place a third-party HR program that evaluated the success of their talent acquisition process by surveying an average of 2,000 respondents monthly. Yet the organization’s HR team found the 3rd party tools and questionnaires were far too rigid for their needs. Furthermore, survey results were being compared to the 3rd party’s standardized benchmark data that did not accurately reflect the organization’s existing talent acquisition process.

It was becoming tough to hold individual hiring managers accountable for their performance in the talent acquisition programs. It also meant that members of the HR team spent significant time working with a third-party HR solutions provider to program and manage the survey tools and then help analyze and interpret the collected data.

The Solution

Voxco suggested that our professional services team could personally manage a far more flexible hiring process evaluation program for them. It was a clear solution for the organization to overcome a previously frustrating work process and would allow them to ask more relevant questions that better represented their own hiring practices.

The Voxco team quickly incorporated the organization’s custom-written hiring evaluation plan into Voxco survey software. Every month, Voxco uses online surveys to collect feedback from about 2,000 new hires, hiring managers, and HR consultants. Voxco manages the entire data collection process – including scripting, sending invitations, adjusting quotas, hosting data and scheduling automated reports on a few pre-determined key insights.

The organization’s HR team can now confidently focus on analyzing the monthly results to improve talent acquisition where needed, instead of worrying about the logistics of the day-to-day management of the online survey tools.

The Results

With support from the Voxco Professional Services team, the organization’s HR department was able to easily create a talent acquisition evaluation process that fit their needs. Hiring managers finally feel that they are being evaluated on performance metrics within their control. Their human resources team can now run monthly online surveys of their employees and hiring managers without any strain on their internal resources.

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