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Event survey questions Event survey questions
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What are event survey questions?

It is rather a common understanding that in order to keep improving, you need to keep receiving feedback. When you get to know what people think about your past events, areas which they’d want to be changed and improved, you get to see new perspectives towards your events and make people’s experience even better. 

When it comes to post event feedback, receiving negative feedback is just as important as receiving positive feedback. You should always look out for what is lacking in your event and what people expect instead. Get to know the bits where they enjoyed the event, and the parts where they thought could’ve been better.  

Statistically, 90% of the virtual event organizations use event feedback surveys for better event satisfaction to the attendees. In order to frame a perfect event survey, make sure to include the following questions.

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Event survey questions types

Event survey questions can be in any form, the one which best suits the topic needs to be put in an efficient way. You can see survey questions in the following forms: 

  • Open-ended – allowing respondents to express their views in brief.  
  • Close-ended – multiple choice questions with predefined answers to choose from. 
  • Rating scales – scales that range from 1-5, 1-10, etc. which determine the intensity of a feeling in ascending or descending order.  
  • Slider questions – a sliding bar where the respondents slide the answer bar towards or away on a scale ranging answer option.  
  • File upload – these questions ask respondents to upload images, pdf, videos or any other files as answers.  
  • Demographic questions – these questions gather personal information from the people to map their responses and observe answering patterns. 
  • Matrix/grid – this question is in a table format where rows have various questions and columns have common answer options. Respondents can complete various sub-questions in a single one. 

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Event survey questions

  • How satisfied are you with the event? 
  • Which moment or experience did you enjoy the most? 
  • What are the areas you want us to improve? 
  • How was the event helpful to you?  
  • Do you think the event met your expectations?  
  • How likely are you to attend our future events? 
  • How likely are you to recommend our event to your friends and family? 
  • Did you find the event interactive? 
  • Were your questions or problems solving at the event? 
  • What was the reason for you attending this event? 
  • Where did you get to know about this event? 
  • Have you attended this event before? 
  • Will you attend this event again in the future? 
  • Have you attended any other of our events? 
  • How satisfied are you with the quality of the content? 
  • How helpful was the staff at the event? 
  • How satisfied are you with the virtual organization? 
  • What were your favorite virtual features? 
  • Tell us about your least favorite experience of the event. 
  • What is your takeaway from the event?

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