Escorts Kubota saved 27,300 man-hours annually and significantly reduced their warranty costs by leveraging our AI-driven defect management portal


Escorts Kubota: Case Study Survey Sampling
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Escorts Kubota: Case Study Survey Sampling


Escorts Kubota is one of India’s leading Manufacturing companies, specializing in the production of construction equipment, railway equipment, and agricultural machinery. 

When any kind of machinery is manufactured, there’s always a potential for defects. To ensure that these defects are caught early on and that customers don’t receive defective machinery, Escorts Kubota needed to have a process in place to identify and track machine defects.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Voxco Intelligence, the process leveraged by Escorts Kubota to track defects was entirely manual. They had a set of employees who were in charge of inspecting the machinery and noting down the identified defects on paper. Another set of employees was in charge of manually entering the data into an excel file to keep a record of the defects in their system. 

For many reasons, this process was inefficient and created a lot of room for error: 

1. Lack of Data Validation at source: As data needed to be collected and inputted separately, this made real-time defect capturing impossible and delayed decision-making. 

2. Volumes of Unclean Data: This manual process of data collection was not only time-consuming, but also corrupted the data quality. Inspectors would sometimes note down the wrong machine code leading to faulty information. Additionally, as there was no mapping or characterization of defects, inspectors could note them down in many different ways, leaving a lot of room for error and confusion. 

3. High Manpower Requirements: Since the entire process of defect identification and tracking was manual, this created the need for a lot of manpower thus increasing costs for Escorts Kubota

4. No Real-time Implementation: Even after the defects were identified, it would usually take a day or two before action could be taken as the data would first need to be manually entered into their system. 

Escorts Kubota: Case Study Survey Sampling

The Solution

In order to address these issues, Escorts Kubota partnered with Voxco Intelligence to create a Defect Management Portal to make the process of identifying and tracking defects more efficient. 

This portal allowed Escorts Kubota’s employees to view all machinery defects on a single platform and also helped automate the process of data collection. Each machine had a QR/bar code linking it to Escorts Kubota’s oracle. This oracle was linked to Voxco Intelligence’s defect management portal. To input an identified defect, the machine inspector simply had to simply scan the code on the machine and select which part of the machine was defective (engine, gearbox, rear axle, etc). The portal would then present a list of possible defects for the inspector to select from. 

The automation of this data collection process enabled: 

  1. Real-time recording: Data could now be identified and inputted into the system in real-time.  
  2. Quicker decision-making: By accelerating the process of identifying and inputting identified defects, employees could address defects and make decisions proactively. 
  3. Higher data quality: This new process left less room for human error and ensured an increase in data quality and data formatting.
  4. Reduced manpower and paper requirements: The defect management portal automated this data collection process and allowed Escorts Kubota to reassign their employees to more complex tasks, saving resources spent on quality control.

The portal also helped execute three key functions: 

1. Automated Generation of Daily Manufacturing MIS: The manufacturing MIS helps higher management track all the major contributors that negatively affect KPIs and take decisions on a priority basis to meet KPI targets. The MIS also presents a daily defect report that helps track key performance indicators like DPTT (defects per thousand tractors) and SPR (straight pass ratio). 

Voxco Intelligence’s defect generation portal automatically generates Escorts Kubota’s tractor manufacturing MIS on a daily basis. Additionally, this information is automatically emailed to users on the portal’s master list. These emails can be scheduled according to the company’s preferences. 

2. Data Analysis using Customizable Dashboards: The portal has an analysis tab that allows users to view the gathered data in the form of charts and dashboards. Users can decide what data they want to view based on date, model, and type of defect, among other parameters. These dashboards can also be emailed by schedule. 

3. Uploading Video Recordings of Defects: With the defect management portal, machine inspectors were now able to upload videos of the identified defects so that relevant personnel could see exactly what the issue is with the machines. This also helped Escorts Kubota properly track the nature of various machine defects on a single integrated platform.

Escorts Kubota: Case Study Survey Sampling

The Voxco Intelligence Impact

Voxco Intelligence’s defect management portal helped Escorts Kubota achieve the following: 

✔ Real-time capturing of defects

✔ Accountability

✔ Tracking Resolution (RCA and Action Plan)

✔ Cost reduction by saving paper and manpower 

✔ Complete automation of daily MIS

✔ Data Standardization – digital register for inspectors, drivers, and defects

✔ Control and audit

✔ Improved plant quality

The automation of this defect management process helped reduce Escorts Kubota’s annual manpower requirements for their tractor manufacturing plant by 27,300 hours, minimizing their labour costs and boosting ROI. 

The portal would also help ensure a reduction in warranty costs, aiming at a reduction of 10-15% over a period of two years (FY21 – FY22) as a result of increased end-user satisfaction in terms of tractor quality.

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Escorts Kubota: Case Study Survey Sampling

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