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Employee survey questions about culture


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Employees all over the world look for one prime thing before getting into a company – work culture. As a result of which most companies are keeping track of how and what their employees are feeling about the environment in which they work every day. 

That is why companies use culture surveys or work culture surveys to get these insights. In this article we will be taking a look at whats and hows of the Employee survey questions about culture.

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What are Employee survey questions about culture?

A workplace culture survey is conducted with the employees of a company to know what they think about the company’s work environment. Companies run this survey through the staff to know what the employees think about their experience with working in the firm. Through these survey techniques, employees get a chance to evaluate the workplace and whether the company’s culture is in sync with the company goals and ethics. 

The results of culture surveys tell the company what improvements they need to make the employee’s work-life better.

Employee survey questions about culture is a questionnaire used to collect the above-mentioned opinions from the employees. The questions are framed in a way that covers all the areas relating to the day work-life of the employees working in the company.

Tips to write an effective culture survey

Culture surveys have been proven to be really effective to bring out what the employees think about the company’s culture. However, to make a good culture survey it is better to follow below mentioned tips:

  • Provide anonymity – people prefer to open up more when they know that their response is not going to be identified by anyone. Especially in case of a negative response. So it is a good step to take by ensuring them the anonymity of their responses. It won’t make any difference in the response apart from the fact that the employees will be more frank and honest. 
  • Give time – give the employees enough time to take in the questions and answer them. Avoid rushing the surveys across the staff as doing so will only provide you with hasty answers which won’t even make any sense in the end. 
  • Words – make sure you frame your questions to be totally away from any kind of bias. Look after the words you use and the way you put the topic. It is important to know that the question is totally neutral and does not influence any kind of answer. 

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Example of culture survey questions you can ask your employees

  1. Do you feel your peers and seniors respect your work enough?
  2. Do you have a strong belief in the work done here?
  3. Is our company a good fit for you?
  4. How do you think we can make our company a better workplace?
  5. Are you one of the happy employees? Please let us know why?
  6. Do you feel that we have a positive environment at work? Please let us know why? 
  7. How often do you feel stressed or overwhelmed? 
  8. Do you feel the management is trustworthy?
  9. Do you feel supported enough to give your best at the job?
  10. Do feel it is important to give feedback?
  11. How can we better reach out to you for feedback?
  12. Is your voice heard enough in the company?
  13. Are you in line with the company’s vision and goals?
  14. On a scale of 0-9, how likely are you to recommend our workplace to your friends and family?
  15. Are you able to have a healthy work-life balance?
  16. Are you provided with timely feedback from the management?
  17. How would you describe the leadership at this company?
  18. What are your views about job security at our organization? 
  19. Do you have a say in the organization’s decisions and policy changes?
  20. Is there anything you would like to tell or ask us?

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Benefits of employee culture survey questions

  • Determines how much the employees are united with their peers and seniors. 
  • Lets us know whether the employees actually believe in the work that the company is doing.
  • Culture survey questions about what the employees wanted from the company and what it is providing them will tell you indirectly the amount of satisfaction they have by working there. 
  • It is a good way to know what changes the employees want regarding the company or the way it works.
  • It tells you how many happy employees the company has and what the others have to say about their negative feedback.
  • It is important to know that what causes the most stress to the employees and try to fix it in a way that will not be a burden to anyone. 
  • Identify the employees preferred channels of taking a survey are and try to reach them out through that.
  • Culture survey questions also sheds a light on whether the employees are having a healthy work-life balance.

In conclusion of the benefit of Employee survey questions about culture and how they are helpful, there is one thing that makes it extremely important: if you keep the employees happy, you will always be on the path of growing your company. Customer surveys are common and all of the companies use them, but how often do they pay attention to their employees? Keeping your employees happy is a way to keep your customers happy. So the culture surveys can be a direct ticket to focus on the employees. 

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