Getting Employee Experience right can be hard even in the best of times, and now a global lockdown has placed employers in uncharted waters. COVID-19 has essentially forced companies to embrace big changes in organizational structure and functioning (work from home is a big one).

When the pandemic’s impacts first came to light, many worked on the assumption this would be over soon – Employees switching to work from home took it as a short break from routine. The reality of remote work persisting was something that most nations & businesses across the world were unprepared for. Companies now face new challenges to ensure their Employee Experience stays on track.

The employee journey will be virtual for the foreseeable future

Recruitment, on-boarding, day-to-day activities – every touchpoint involved in the employee journey has gone virtual. How do organisations ensure company culture remains consistent under remote conditions?

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The world continues to move, despite staying at home

The pandemic has had a differential impact on businesses. While some (airlines, travel & restaurants) are struggling to stay afloat, others (for eg. e-commerce players) have had to hire to keep up with demand. On-boarding employees virtually presents its own set of challenges. How does one ensure a smooth transition, clarity about company ethos & the new role? Surveying new hires can be invaluable while designing a new virtual onboarding program.

Mental wellbeing matters more than ever

There’s no doubt social distancing, the threat of a pandemic and generally negative news broadcasts about are causing a great deal of stress. Surveying employees about their mental well being can help you tweak your company’s communication approach to reassure them while considering options to relieve stress & boost productivity. Should the company offer guided meditation classes, virtual group yoga or online courses for them to skill up? Employee feedback can help you decide. Such an investment in employees would also show that you care and instil a sense of loyalty amongst them as well.

Work culture is a whole new ballgame

In a traditional office environment, it’s easy enough to establish a vibrant company culture but has it transcended the boundaries of the virtual world to your employees’ homes? Although it’s perhaps too early to expect them to have an uninterrupted work environment where they live, it’s definitely possible to carry your company ethos across.

It wouldn’t hurt surveying your employees to know a little more of what’s going on behind the scenes. What are the biggest challenges they face as they rearrange their life to adjust to working from home? These may range from managing stress caused by uncertainty about the pandemic to finding the right resources for their kids to learn from home. The resources your company offers will depend on the responses you get. The insights you glean can help your company remain agile while ensuring a great employee experience as well.

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