Employee Engagement Survey: Definition, Questions, and Benefits.


Employee engagement survey: definition, questions and benefits Employee engagement survey
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It is important to monitor employee engagement at all times, but even more so during disrupted times. Time such as now, the post-pandemic world, the business and economic disruptions impacts employee productivity. Employees are seeking a work-life balance, value in work, and more personal time. 

An employee engagement survey is a simple way to gather data from employees on their experience and satisfaction at the workplace. Highly satisfied employees lead to better business outcomes, satisfied customers, and higher revenue. Brands that realize this check in with their employees more often to track their satisfaction. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the different questions you can use when writing your employee engagement survey.

What is an employee engagement survey?

For a better functioning organization, it is important to know whether the employees working there are happy to be there or not. The roots of better customer experience lie in better employee experiences. 

Employee engagement surveys help an organization determine what their employees feel and think about working with them. Employee satisfaction is the only thing that drives their loyalty to your company. They will decide to stay loyal to your organization or decide to switch to a better opportunity the moment they feel like they can do better than this.

Engagement surveys for employees help leaders and superiors: 

  • Understand employees’ experience within the organization. 
  • Uncover their perception of the workplace. 
  • Identify drivers of productivity and engagement. 
  • Implement changes that drive the business outcome. 

In this hybrid and remote workplace setting, it is nearly impossible for leaders to check in on their employees and have a conversation. An employee engagement survey makes it possible. It creates a platform for leaders to hear what employees have to say and for employees to express their perspectives honestly.

Employee engagement survey: definition, questions and benefits Employee engagement survey

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25 Employee engagement survey questions

Here are 25 employee engagement survey question examples to help you create your own survey and gather insightful data from employees. 

Questions for manager/supervisor evaluation

1. Do you get regular feedback from your manager/supervisor?

2. Do you get regular feedback from your colleagues?

3. Are your best performances appreciated enough by your manager?

4. What do you think about fairness in the employee evaluation process?

Questions on teamwork

5. Does your team have any contribution to completing your tasks?

6. Do you feel a strong team spirit in the organization?

7. Do you take a decision as a team altogether?

8. Does your team inspire our work productivity?

Questions on growth opportunities

9. Does the organization’s goal align with your career path?

10. Is there enough exposure to new technologies and tools in this organization?

11. Does your manager motivate you to try out different things?

 12. Is your manager paying attention to your professional success?

13. Do you believe that the organization has your best interest in mind when making internal operations decisions?

Questions on work-life balance

14. Does your organization support a healthy work-life balance?

15. Are you allotted a reasonable number of responsibilities?

16. Do your work tensions affect your personal life?

17. Do you get to spend a sufficient amount of time with your family after work?

Questions on behavior

18. Does your manager communicate with you professionally and cordially? 

19. What do you think about the organization’s rewards and recognition policies?

20. What is your take on partialities in the organization?

21. Do the authorities treat everyone in the organization equally?

Questions on effective communication

22. Does the management communicate enough about changes in policies and procedures? 

23. Do you agree that there is bidirectional communication in this organization?

24. How do you as a team communicate within yourselves?

25. Is there transparency between the employees and the management?

Questions you shouldn’t ask in your employee engagement survey:

1. How fairly would you say your team leader treats your team members on a scale of 1-10?

    • Fairness is subjective, and you can’t pin it on a scale of 1-10. 

2. How would you describe your journey with our company since you joined?

    • This would either get you a vague answer or a very long answer leading to no insightful information. 

3. Have you ever seen your manager favor some employees? Who is this employee?

    • The question will make employees feel uncomfortable as you are asking them to share gossip.

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Why do you need employee engagement surveys?

1. Employee engagement surveys help an organization find out the motivating factor inside the organization that drives employees to work hard. 

2. Management needs to know what the employees think about their workplace and the things handled. 

3. The organization gets to know what the employees are looking for and expecting from the management, like career advancements, recognitions, rewards, employee benefits, work-life balance, etc.

Employee engagement survey: definition, questions and benefits Employee engagement survey

4. Using open-ended employee engagement surveys is a great way to initiate bidirectional feedback.

5. Employee engagement surveys help you to set certain goals for the betterment of the employees. You can identify the upcoming issues and changes that the employees wish to have in their workplace and take necessary actions.

6. Employee engagement surveys bring out the department that has better employee engagement than the rest of them so that you can focus in the right direction.

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  • Build employees’ trust in their workplace. 
  • Give employees a platform to express their honest opinion. 
  • Gather feedback that helps you drive meaningful actions in internal operations. 

Employee engagement surveys can have a huge impact on driving business outcomes. It is a simple yet comprehensive medium for employees to express themselves and for leaders to communicate with the employees. 

Leverage employee engagement survey software to automate survey launch, data collection, and analysis. The best employee engagement survey software will enable you to extract meaningful insights at the right time to make operational changes.


What are the types of employee engagement surveys?

There are three common types of employee engagement surveys. These types include: 

  • Annual employee engagement surveys. 
  • Employee lifecycle surveys. 
  • Employee pulse surveys. 

How often should you conduct employee engagement surveys?

Conducting employee engagement surveys once a year won’t give you enough insight into employee satisfaction. However, over-surveying can lead to a lower response rate which can impact the data quality. There should be an effective balance between listening to the employees and causing survey fatigue. 

1. Send employee engagement surveys that include questions on all key topics annually. 

2. Send at least four surveys in a year with a productive gap between the surveys to take proper action and drive positive change. 

3. Send pulse or micro surveys in between the quarterly surveys after an event or critical milestone. 

How to choose the right employee engagement survey software?

The best employee engagement survey software should empower you to gather insightful data more productively. It should automate survey launch, data collection, and analysis to allow you to focus on building plans to improve employee engagement. 

Here is a checklist for your employee engagement survey software: 

  • Intuitive survey maker interface. 
  • Efficient survey launch. 
  • Multiple distribution channels.
  • Anonymous surveys. 
  • Real-time data on survey progress. 
  • Robust online survey data analysis platform. 
  • Seamless integration with the existing system. 
  • Responsive customer service. 

How to increase the response rate for your employee engagement surveys?

Employee engagement surveys are like any other surveys. These take time, energy, and resource of the respondents. Here are six tips on how to increase the response rate for your employee surveys. 

1. Announce and communicate about the survey regularly throughout the period. 

    • Before the survey launch. 
    • During the survey launch. 
    • Right after the survey closes. 

2. Write the survey questions from the employee’s perspective. 

3. Use skip logic and branching to make the survey questions relevant to the employee experience. 

4. Allow employees to participate in the survey anonymously. 

5. Dedicate a survey-taking time for employees so they can peacefully complete the survey and not worry about work. 

6. Assign team leaders and managers to encourage employees to participate in the survey. 

7. Communicate the reason and importance of conducting the survey.

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