Employee engagement survey: definition, questions and benefits


Employee engagement survey: definition, questions and benefits Employee engagement survey
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What is an employee engagement survey?

For a better functioning organization, it is important to know whether the employees working there are happy to be there or not. The roots of better customer experience lie in the better employee experiences. 

Employee engagement surveys help an organization determine what their employees feel and think about working with them. Employee satisfaction is the only thing that drives their loyalty to your company. They will decide to stay loyal to your organization or decide to switch to a better opportunity the moment they feel like they can do better than this.

Employee engagement survey: definition, questions and benefits Employee engagement survey

There are various online survey software like Voxco, which has various employee engagement survey templates. You just have to pick up a template, [lug in your questions and distribute the surveys to the employees.

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Employee engagement survey questions

Questions for manager/supervisor evaluation

  • Do you get regular feedback from your manager/supervisor?
  • Do you get regular feedback from your colleagues?
  • Are your best performances appreciated enough by your manager?
  • What do you think about the fairness in the employee evaluation process?

Questions on teamwork

  • Does your team have any contribution in completing your tasks?
  • Do you feel a strong team spirit in the organization?
  • Do you take a decision as a team altogether?

Questions on growth opportunities

  • Does the organization goal align with your career path?
  • Is there enough exposure to new technologies and tools in this organization?
  • Does your manager motivate you to try out different things?
  • Is your manager paying attention to your professional success?

Questions on work-life balance

  • Does your organization support healthy work-life balance?
  • Are you allotted with a reasonable number of responsibilities?
  • Do your work tensions affect your personal life?
  • Do you spend enough time with your family?

Questions on behavior

  • Does your manager communicate with you professionally and cordially? 
  • What do you think about the organization’s rewards and recognition policies?
  • What is your take on partialities in the organization?
  • Do the authorities treat everyone in the organization equally?

Questions on effective communication

  • Does the management communicate enough about changes in policies and procedures? 
  • Do you agree that there is bidirectional communication in this organization?
  • How do you as a team communicate within yourselves?
  • Is there transparency between the employees and the management?

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Why do you need employee engagement surveys?

  • Employee engagement surveys help an organization to find out the motivating factor inside the organization that drives employees to work hard. 
  • Management needs to know what the employees think about their workplace and the things handled. 
  • The organization gets to know what the employees are looking for and expecting form the management like career advancements, recognitions, rewards employee benefits, work-life balance, etc.
Employee engagement survey: definition, questions and benefits Employee engagement survey
  • Using open ended employee engagement surveys are a great way to initiate bidirectional feedback.
  • Employee engagement surveys help you to set certain goals on betterment of the employees. You can identify the upcoming issues and changes that the employees wish to have in their workplace and take necessary actions.
  • Employee engagement surveys bring out the department that has better employee engagement than the rest of them so that you can focus in the right direction.

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