15+ Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Survey Questions You Should Ask in 2024


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey Questions Diversity
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In this world with dynamic workplaces, employee commitment and engagement are the key to successful companies. Promoting diversity leads to a healthy work culture. However, to integrate diversity, you need to gauge employee experience and uncover points of friction. A simple way to do so is by implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion surveys in your employee journey. 

In this blog, we’ll uncover the benefits of DEI surveys and explore some questions you can ask in your survey. 

What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are the three pillars of an organization. Today’s businesses strive to create a welcoming workplace for all employees. Employees will always choose to work for a firm that hires people regardless of their background.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey Questions Diversity

Before digging deeper, let us understand what these terms mean.

Diversity – 

Diversity is referred to as the qualities and elements that are unique to an individual. Ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, and other factors could be among them. For an organization to be diverse, individuals from various categories should be treated equally and fairly.

Equity – 

Equality, and equity are two terms, used interchangeably, but with the same purpose- to be fair. The term “equity” emphasizes the requirements of a person. It recognizes that everyone is unique and has unique needs. Equity provides them with resources based on their needs, instead of distributing them equally. Equality, on the other hand, is treating everyone equally and giving them equal opportunities.

Inclusion – 

Inclusion is concerned with how people with different identities are heard and valued. It is all about giving a sense of belonging to employees working in an organization. Inclusion encourages everyone to participate equally and their opinions to be respected.

Because of the variety of people who work in an organization, diversity, equity, and inclusion survey provide the door for creativity. People come from different backgrounds, and they bring a variety of skills and experiences. This creates a positive environment where people can have healthy discussions and share ideas.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey Questions Diversity

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What is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey?

A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion survey is a kind of survey that helps an organization understand how its employees feel about the company’s work culture and policies. 

An organization with employees from diverse groups does not necessarily have to be inclusive. How can you tell if they’re inclusive or not? By carrying out a survey. 

A DEI survey can help determine how well a company has integrated diversity, equity, and inclusion. Data gathered from these surveys can help companies identify where they stand.

Organizations can also use this data to plan events and activities for their staff. This will ensure that they remain long-term members of the organization. According to research conducted in 2020, more than half of employees believe that companies should be more diverse and inclusive. 

So, by conducting these diversity and inclusion surveys, companies are giving them a platform through which they can express their viewpoints. By asking the correct diversity and equity questions, a company can learn how employees feel about the work culture, which can help improve their experience. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey Questions Diversity

What are the Benefits of Conducting a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey Questions Diversity

Leveraging the DEI survey can help you assess the impact of workplace initiatives and identify the areas of improvement. By gathering feedback from an employee perspective, you can create a holistic view of your workplace management and environment. 

  • Diversity and inclusion surveys help organizations understand how their policies affect employees. By letting the employees share their experiences anonymously, organizations can obtain an insight into their feelings.
  • Companies can arrange leaves and holidays accordingly. This encourages employee engagement. 
  • Companies will not only learn where they need to improve, but they will also have their strengths highlighted.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion surveys are a means to reassure employees that their feedback is valued. By acting on their diversity policies, companies can create a safer space for their employees that will help them perform better. 
  • The more diverse an organization is, the more successful it will be. Statistics prove that companies that improve their diversity and inclusion policies generate more revenue. 

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How to Create a DEI Survey?

Create effective diversity, equity, and inclusion surveys to gather relevant data that helps you generate an honest view of how employees feel about the company and its management. Follow the steps to leverage the survey to nurture trust and demonstrate your commitment to understanding the employees. 

  • Ask the right questions

The key to designing an effective diversity and inclusion survey is to use accurate DEI questions. Frame the questions carefully, without any assumptions. 

  • Creating an anonymous survey

Making the survey anonymous will let the employees open up. Assuring them that identities will not be revealed will boost the survey response rates. Inform the employees at the beginning so they can fill the survey with ease. 

  • Make questions optional

Sometimes, people may hesitate to answer certain questions. Allow them to skip the questions they don’t want to answer. Asking the respondents to answer all the questions could lower the response rate. 

  • Be clear with the objectives

According to a firm that specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion, transparency is crucial when conducting surveys. While conducting the survey, inform the employees of the what, why, and how, i.e., what the purpose of the survey is, why it is significant, and how the data will be used. 

  • Share the results and make necessary changes

If you want to let your employees know that their opinions and feelings are valued, share the DEI survey findings with them. Walk them through the information gathered, and let them know what actions will be taken to improve their experience. 

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Diversity and Inclusion Survey Questions: Examples

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey Questions Diversity

You can also download our survey sample template for Diversity And Inclusion Survey and use it to understand how your employees feel about the workplace culture. Or you can also design a survey from scratch with our Voxco Research platform. 

We have also compiled questions that can bring in-depth insights so that you can build an inspirational strategy to improve the D&I program of your organization. 

You can also download our survey sample template for the Diversity And Inclusion Survey and use it to understand how your employees feel about the workplace culture. You can also design a survey from scratch using Voxco

We have also compiled DEI questions that can bring in-depth insights so that you can build an inspirational strategy to improve the DEI program of your organization. 

Survey Questions on Diversity: 

Diversity brings together the different elements that make a human unique. In the workplace culture, you can ensure that you embrace uniqueness and diversity by asking the following questions. 

1. How diverse is your team? 

Hearing your employees’ opinions on the diversity of your organization. This will help you understand how everyone in your organization supports diversity. 

2. Do you think our employee evaluation and promotion strategy supports diversity? 

Without beating around the bush, you can clearly understand whether the evaluation and promotion process is biased. 

3. Do you believe the company hires candidates from all backgrounds or unrepresented communities?

A company that values diversity in its work culture will also represent diversity in its hiring process. Gather employees’ opinions on the hiring process and whether they believe the company hires people from different backgrounds or not. 

4. Have you ever felt uncomfortable talking about your social and cultural background to your colleagues or executives?

It is important that the diversity is well-represented within the working environment as well. Gather feedback to gauge employee sentiment using sentiment analysis. Understand how comfortable your employees feel within the organization to talk about their cultural and social backgrounds. 

5. Do you believe that the management is understanding and supportive of the needs of your disabled colleagues? 

Understand the efforts the management team, the team leaders, the executives, and everyone else make to support the employees with disabilities. Keep track of employee emotions and make improvements to bring diversity to the core of the organization. 

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how diverse do you feel our organization is in terms of people?

Use the eNPS survey to understand how satisfied employees are with the organization’s effort to make improvements and embrace diversity. 

You can read more about employee NPS or eNPS to learn how to improve employee loyalty: Employee Net Promoter Score.

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Survey Questions on Equity: 

Equity survey questions help you identify the inequalities employees face in the workplace. Gather data directly from the employees instead of making assumptions about employee experience. The following are some examples of equity questions you can ask and how you can benefit from asking them. 

7. Rate on the scale how you feel that your contributions are valued by your team and supervisors.

This question can help you gauge the employee’s perception of the recognition within the workplace. It tells you whether the employee feels acknowledged for their efforts. 

8. How satisfied are you with opportunities for career advancement?

The company should offer opportunities for all employees to boost their careers in terms of promotions, incentives, etc. Assess employee satisfaction with career development opportunities to understand how it affects their engagement and commitment to the company. 

9. Do you think the supervisors treat everyone fairly? 

A DEI question like this helps you evaluate the fairness within the team and in the workplace. Offer a rating scale or answer options to quantify how employees perceive the workplace’s commitment to fairness. 

10. On a scale of 0 to 10, how comfortable do you feel providing feedback to your supervisors?

Evaluating whether employees feel at ease when communicating feedback or expressing concerns with their managers and supervisors can help reflect the openness of the work culture. It can gauge the quality of leadership and communication. 

11. Have you noticed any senior manager showing favoritism in the workplace?

Favoritism can be a conscious or unconscious action. However, it can impact an employee’s motivation, lowering their respect towards the company and its leaders. 

12. How would you rate the transparency shown by the management in communications regarding promotions, project opportunities, and pay?

Assesses employee satisfaction with transparency and communication to identify if employees feel informed and aligned with organizational objectives. Transparent communication is the key to fostering trust and enhancing engagement. 

Survey Questions on Inclusion: 

A key to enhancing workplace productivity is by ensuring your employees feel appreciated and welcomed. So, what’s the best way to ensure that no one in the organization feels left out? – Inclusion survey.  You can send out short surveys to your employees at regular intervals to understand the level of inclusivity. 

13. Does the management team promote inclusivity? 

It is important that your employees are also involved in the implementation of the inclusivity program. With this question, you can understand how well the management team is promoting inclusivity amongst the employees. 

14. Can you freely share your concerns with your colleagues or leaders?

Employees should not feel scared to voice out their concerns within the organization. Listen to what they have to say about how safe they feel to share their concerns. 

15. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the inclusivity of our organization?

Using an NPS question, you can understand how employees feel about all the efforts made by the organization to support and promote inclusivity within the organization. 

16. Do you feel comfortable sharing contradictory opinions within the organization?

This question is a clear indicator of how inclusive the workplace environment is. Whether employees feel confident and safe to express their contrary opinions can show how successful you are in promoting inclusivity. 

17. Have you ever experienced discrimination due to your cultural background?

Learn about the employee experience to understand what they face within the organization and how you can improve it. 

18. How can we promote & implement inclusivity throughout the organization?

Invite suggestions and opinions from your employees to learn how they think you can successfully implement inclusivity at every level of your organization. 

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Final Words

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion surveys as they have become a crucial part of modern-day firms. A well-designed survey that asks the right DEI questions in the right way will help gather insights that could lead to game-changing results.

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