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Digital Customer Experience Vs. Customer Experience


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What is Digital Customer Experience?

Digital customer experience, also known as Digital CX or DCX, refers to the sum total of all digital and online interactions between an organisation and a customer. This includes every touchpoint that takes place on social media, your company website, mobile app, chatbots and any other virtual channel. 

What is most important while tracking DCX is the perception or impression the digital interactions leave customers with. The role of technology in the lives of customers is continually increasing, and as more customers turn to digital platforms, they want brands to follow them across a range of digital channels while providing a seamless customer experience.

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Digital Customer Experience Vs. Customer Experience

Customer experience is a broad umbrella that encompasses CX through all kinds of channels, whether that be traditional customer service channels or newer digital interfaces. Digital customer experience (DCX), on the other hand, only focuses on digital interfaces, including both front-end services and back-office process optimization, which ultimately helps improve the overall customer experience. 

Digital customer experience plays a pivotal role in influencing customer experience as customers are constantly interacting with brands through digital channels. Businesses in today’s environment can’t remain competitive without offering excellent customer experience at every step of the customer journey, and at every channel- whether that be online, in-app, or in-store.

Strategies to Improve Digital Customer Experience

Constantly Capture Customer Feedback

Customers may not always bring inconsistencies and their grievances to your attention. Instead, it is your responsibility to actively measure how well the digital interactions are meeting customer expectations.

Improve Customer Retention

Provide Channel Flexibility

Be accessible to customers through multiple different digital channels such as different social media platforms, a company website, an app, and more. This allows you to meet customers where they are, on their preferred channels, improving their digital customer experience (DXC).

Provide Consistent User Experience (UX) Across Channels

Customers interact with your brand through multiple channels, and they expect you to update their information as they switch between channels. Customers will get frustrated if they have to repeat their answers to multiple agents. Consistent user experience can build trust, improve customer loyalty, and improve brand reputation.

Dive Deep into Different Key Digital Touchpoints

Dive deep into certain digital touchpoints to identify pain points and areas where customers are getting stuck. By asking the right questions at the right time, you can identify pain points effectively and take appropriate measures to eliminate them.

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FAQs on Digital Customer Experience Vs. Customer Experience

DCX includes any channel where the touchpoint is virtual, such as:

  • Company Website
  • Social Media
  • Chat Bots
  • Mobile Apps

As brand-customer interactions are increasingly taking place online, to ensure good CX, a brand must ensure good digital CX. In order to provide customers with a great overall customer experience, it is important to identify the needs and expectations of online and offline channels and focus on DX and CX as a whole.

Although customer interactions are increasingly taking place through digital and online modes, it is important to remember that customers don’t differentiate their experience by digital and non-digital categories. Therefore, it is important to ensure good CX across all channels.

One of the most pivotal characteristics that distinguish digital experiences from traditional channels of customer interaction is the speed at which these interactions take place. DCX strategies are fast-moving and agile, and in order to retain valuable customers, brands must respond to customer feedback in real-time.

Improve Customer Retention

Why Choose Voxco?

Use Voxco to track Digital Customer Experience and Customer Experience, and enjoy the following benefits:

Omnichannel Survey Solution

By connecting with customers on their preferred channels, you can maximise your survey response rate to get a more accurate representation of customer satisfaction levels regarding their digital and non-digital interactions with your company.

Centralised Survey Authoring

Centralised survey authoring allows you to create your survey and send it across multiple channels, without needing you to reprogramme it to fit every channel.

Powerful Dashboards

Voxco’s powerful live-updating dashboards conduct an analysis of customer feedback as and when responses come in. Visual stories depicting patterns and correlations found in the data are then presented on our dashboard, allowing you to easily extract actionable insights from your data.

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