Top CX Trends to Watch in 2022


CX Trends in Retail you should steal this 2022 Trends in Retail
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The advent of the pandemic caused a dynamic shift in CX trends. The new safety regulations caused a rise in the digital customer experience. Amid all the shifts in CX trends, some companies thrived while some faced losses. 

While most companies have figured out how to keep up with the changing CX trends, it is important to remember that not all CX trends are permanent. It goes the same for the Retail industry. 

The trends of 2020 shaped the current market landscape. It means retailers have to prioritize retail CX for both in-store and digital retail operations and make it a competitive differentiator. 

We have compiled a list of CX trends in retail that you can use as pillars to redesign your retail processes for the new normal. 

CX Trends in Retail you should steal this 2022 Trends in Retail

1. Customers want you to know them: 

Solicit customer feedback to understand & design experiences customers will truly love. 

64% of customers feel that retailers don’t truly know them. 

However, 63% of U.S. customers are willing to share more information with a brand that delivers a great experience. 

Pay attention to what customers are telling you. Leverage the feedback, opinion, and suggestions customers provide you to design deals & offers that customers truly want. Customers want their favorite brands to include them in innovating the experiences which allow them to enjoy their journey and make purchases on their own terms. 

Don’t define their journey by simply relying on predictions and intuitions – what the brand thinks a customer may want. Use their reviews, responses, and feedback to meet their needs and expectations. 

Increasingly, customers are welcoming experiences from a brand that allows them to control & design their journey.  


Dell once suffered a great deal when they didn’t pay attention to customer feedback. 

Since the loss, Dell created a separate website IdeaStorm for Dell users to leave comments. In the forum, they prioritize the customer review that receives the most votes/comments. 

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2.  9 out of 10 consumers expect omnichannel services: 

60% of consumers say they will be willing to leave a brand because of inconsistent experiences. 

Consistency is the key!

Customers are constantly switching the channels they use to engage with your brand. However, customers expect their favored brand to meet them in the channel of their preference and deliver a consistent experience. 

Omnichannel CX empowers you to simplify customer interactions across multiple channels and touchpoints.  

91% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that recognizes, remembers, and provides relevant recommendations. Omnichannel CX combines every interaction into a single, unified experience. There is no more isolated interaction with your brand; hence, there is no need for repetition.

For retailers, this means adopting a digital omnichannel approach and offering a smooth & positive experience across digital and physical spaces. 

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Apple ensures that its mobile app and the physical store are in perfect sync. 

A customer can book a support appointment at its Genius Bar using a user’s mobile app. In the case when a customer orders an Apple product online for in-store pick-up, they receive a notification when their mobile sense a nearby Apple store. The mobile device displays relevant information which the customer can show to the store assistant. 

3. Unique & Personalized CX will set the brand apart: 

75% of customers expect brands to personalize engagements serving their needs. 

Customers love unique & personalized experiences. 

A customer journey involves multiple touchpoints starting from when they found out about your retail brand until they make a purchase. The journey touchpoint is like a spider web, making it even more complex.  

The key to offering a unique yet relevant experience to your shoppers is using customer data to its full potential. Designing an outstanding CX is a team effort. A prerequisite for personalization is integrated customer data. 

Your customer data exists in fragments across your company. However, creating a unified view of customer data enables you to identify the unique customers and their needs thus allowing you to scale your personalization effort. 

A unified view of the customer journey enables you to get an outside-in look at marketing & sales campaigns. 

It helps you identify your loyal customers & understand how to boost sales, reduce friction, and identify the opportunities for cross-selling, upselling, or additional purchases. It also helps marketers identify segments of interested customers and innovate effective campaigns for acquisition. 


We cannot forget Netflix when it comes to personalization. 

The company not only personalizes recommendations for movies and series but also highlights celebrities you are familiar with. 

Netflix is in a true sense data-driven. It personalizes your watchlist just as much as you personalize it for your entertainment. It mines data of 300+ million users and feeds the data for personalization. 

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Tip: Focus on EX for better CX

Better employee experience leads to an excellent customer experience. When employees feel empowered and confident, they can provide better customer experiences. 

The frontline employees engage the most with your customers, and it is also an important touchpoint for customer experience. A bad experience with a customer support employee can lead to churn. 

To ensure employees feel confident means equipping them with tools that give them access to critical customer data to provide excellent service. Arm them with tech that empowers them to understand their customers and make smart customer-centric decisions.

Employees can offer proactive services and resolve issues faster with all the information at their fingertips. 

80% of customers in the U.S. say that speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service are the most important factors for a positive experience. 

CX Trends in Retail you should steal this 2022 Trends in Retail

To thrive in this new normal where companies are still figuring out which CX trends are here to stay while new customer expectations are being set every day, customer data is the key to delivering an outstanding customer experience. 

The best tip to design a better experience is working on foundations and not chasing temporary trends. CX trends in the retail industry will shift, but some expectations will remain the same. 

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