Customer support: Definition, benefits, features


Customer support: Definition, benefits, features Customer support
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What is customer support?

Customer support can be defined as a series of help that your business offers its customers, so they can get the most out of your products and services. Customer support includes serving the customers with things like getting onboard, product or service issues, query solving, product demo, etc. customer support’s job is to basically make sure that customers are provided with all the help they need regarding anything related to your business.

Customer support can use various mediums to help customers out like on-phone interaction, emails, in-person visits or even use of technology tools like intercom.

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Why is customer support important for your organization?

A product company knows well how important customer satisfaction is. When customers are served well with care and respect, they find reasons to stay loyal to your organization. Customer support is a department that takes care of particularly that part of the business. People at customer support teams, also known as agents, are always available to solve any problems that the customers come up with. 

A good customer support plan in place will help your company to: 

  • Have happy customers
  • Have higher customer engagement
  • Gain customer loyalty over a period of time
  • Have active customer feedbacks on products and services

Apart from that, customer support allows you to have one on one, individual relationship with the customers. This makes them feel special and listened to. And as a brand, you get to closely monitor what difficulties your products are creating out there so that you can make necessary upgrades. Along with that, you know what the customers need and want more form your products and services, so you develop the future of your brand accordingly.

What are key features of customer support?

  • The way of support 

You need to decide in what way you are going to support your customers. Meaning, there are various styles in which a company handles customer problems. One way is to straightaway give out all the answers to obvious problems that can occur to the customer. It can be a long paragraph or a documentation. Customers will then have to find out solutions related to their problems, or they can again contact the agents.

Another way is to individually handle each customer call. Agents can deal with the customer calls as they come and try to assist them individually. 

  • The way of speech 

The customer support agents are the voice of your organization. You need to plan how to speak to the customer accordingly. You can ask yourself questions like:

How formal do you want to be with your customers?

How informal do you want your conversation with customers to be?

Do you want to have a conversational tone?

  • Speed of conversation 

Customer support calls are usually real-time. As an organization, you need to decide how long you want your support calls to be. Or, is it even important for your organization to have a time limit on your conversation. 

Studies say that speed of the customer support calls are as important as the language and coverage is a money problem. 

  • Coverage 

Coverage implies the time period you provide your customer support. It can be 24 hours, 7 weeks a day. Or it can also be Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm. 

Depending on how many customer calls you get in a day, identifying the busy hours, you need to decide what time you want to keep open for customer support service. 

  • Language 

Language barrier is a serious discussion when it comes to supporting customers. Now, depending on whether your business is a B2B or B2C. In B2B business, English can be a pretty good choice as it is a globally identified business language. 

But when it comes to B2C businesses, as customers can call from any part of the world, you can cling on to generic language from the region or the one that a larger part of the population understands.

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How is customer support different from customer service?

Where both customer support and customer service work closely with customer satisfaction, the line between them seems to blur. 

Customer support defines everything that comes under providing a good customer experience with all the interactions. Whereas customer service focuses more on longer term relationships with the customers and gaining loyalty.

A best example of differentiating both support and service is that of a hotel. Customer service in a hotel would mean a waiter helping you out with the seats and orders. But he won’t provide you with customer support by showing you how to eat your food.

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