Customer obsession: Definition, qualities and steps


Customer obsession: Definition, qualities and steps Customer obsession
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What is customer obsession?

You have heard of customer-centric organizations and how it is important to prioritize customers over everything if you are one. 

Well, customer obsession happens to be just the case, but with a HYPER-focus on the customer. Organizations that are customer obsessed do not only prioritize their customers, but also make their business completely about their customers, what they want and how they feel. These organizations work round the clock to provide better and better customers with every step of the way.

Once your organization cracks customer obsessed commitment, you will understand how sales and marketing revolve around the customer and just like that, pretty much everything an organization does is for the customers themselves.

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Two main priorities of a customer obsessed organization

  • Customer engagement 

Organizations obsessed with their customers will take extra care of where their customers’ focus is. They make sure that their customers are engaged with them in all ways possible by keeping them in touch using all the data they have on them. 

It includes:

  • Using feedback loops to stay in touch with customer needs and views of your organization.
  • Addressing the customer with empathy in every interaction and conversation.
  • Providing the customers with products and services they wished for.
  • Employee engagement 

Employees that work for your organization indirectly work for your customers too. When your employees are better engaged with your company, they will provide better customer service with patience and empathy. 

To boost employees to increase their engagement you can:

  • Train the employees 
  • Manage, coach and mentor them 
  • Give them career opportunities
  • Acknowledge their achievements

What qualities do customer obsession have?

  • Empathy 

Understand customer situations and try to solve their problems by getting into their shoes.

  • Respect 

Customers liked to be respected and taken seriously. Provide them with the quickest services and don’t keep them waiting over a solution.

  • Simplicity 

Make sure to make your brand simple for the customer. Put efforts in minimizing customer efforts and issues. 

  • Communication 

Be as transparent with your customers as you can be. Few honest and meaningful conversations can go a long way to understanding your customers and them feeling valued. 

  • Customer focus 

It is not just customer service or customer support that drives a customer obsessed organization. It takes all the departments to work together in a customer focused way.

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How to build a customer obsessed culture in your organization?

Step 1: Inspire 

Customer focus begins from your organization. A strong leadership can drive a force throughout the company and motivate every employee to think in a way that will always benefit the customer. 

You can make use of seminars, presentations and inspirational talks to educate people on how a customer focused firm can reach heights when it comes to making profits and earning customer loyalty

Step 2: Build a team 

Just gathering a couple of employees and starting to work isn’t an ideal way to serve the customer. You need to be very specific about who you let in to serve your customers. 

While hiring new people, make sure to sort the list based on talents and the qualities that are ideal for your organization to be customer obsessed enough. After that, do a proper onboarding of those who are new to your firm and don’t know about how things go around here regarding customer focus. 

Even after this you will always need to manage your staff and customer support tools according to the ever changing customer experiences and the ways of providing them.

Step 3: Innovate 

You can be the greatest of the managers, with the greatest of the staff ever, and still be performing poorly when it comes to keeping customer focused culture in your organization. The reason being you don’t listen to the customer data. 

The only way you can know your customers better is through the data that they bring to you on the table. You need to pay attention to what the data is trying to tell you about the latest market trends, customer needs and views.

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