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Customer Journey Map is a method used by marketers to understand what motivates the customers, their needs, their concerns, and their experience with the company. It uses storytelling and visual representation to illustrate the interaction of customers with the company from the beginning till the end. 

Simply gathering data can’t tell the marketers the experience that customers go through when they interact with the company. That’s where the Customer Journey Map comes along to tell the story from the customer’s perspective. 

The story provides a detailed and clear insight into the customer experience across various touchpoints. It helps the market researchers understand the needs, expectations, and demands of the customers, along with the issues and concerns. 

Customer Journey Map helps you get a glimpse inside the mind of the customers. It helps you walk through the entire interaction between customers and your company from the perspective of customers. 


Why do you need a Customer Journey Map?

Customers, their experience, and satisfaction either increase a business’ profit or decrease the value in the market. Customer Journey Map helps you understand what they go through which provides you with opportunities to improve their experience. 

It helps ensure that the customer journey remains consistent and seamless across multiple channels of communication. So that the customers can continue their interaction on a different channel or device from exactly where they left it off on another device or channel. 

With Customer Journey Map you can improve customer experience which increases the conversion rates and customer retention. The data that customers leave behind on different channels help figure out the behavior pattern, likes, dislikes, etc. that can help identify opportunities to improve the customer journey. 

Customer Journey Map can show you situations where they may experience friction but also moments of delights. It allows you to plan your strategy ahead to get involved at the right time that may lead to an increase in brand values. For example, during the festive season, you can inform your customer that the team has adjusted the festive hours. 


How Customer Journey Map helps improve Customer Experience

Visualizing the Customer Journey in real-time reveals every ups-and-downs in customer experience. It reveals what good measure you took along with the pain points. 

Every action that a customer takes in their interaction with your brand is driven by emotion. If your customers are happy with the service they receive they may purchase your product. Or, if they are not satisfied the customers may leave your company. 

The customer’s emotion will change depending on the stage they are in their customer journey. Figuring out what is stopping them from achieving their goals can help you diminish the issue. 

Customer Journey Mapping is a powerful tool because it allows a business to empathize with their customers. It helps them to truly understand the experience customers go through.

It allows you to have a deeper understanding of the various touchpoints in the customer journey to improve the customer experience and meet the expectation. 

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Create Your Own Customer Journey Map

Build Customer Persona

Customer Persona is a part of the journey map that provides a deeper understanding of who your target customers are. It helps identify the audience, their needs, and the channels they use to interact with the company. 

Most of the important data come from the persona. It tells you about their goals, motivations, pain points, preferences, etc. This makes the business process easier for the company. It helps relevant teams to personalize the customer experience by providing the customers just what they want. 

Determine whose customer journey you want to map out. It could be potential customers, specific customer types, or customer segments. After determining the customer persona you can build their customer journey maps to describe their experience across various touchpoints. 

Stages in Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map has various stages. Each stage involves a goal that the customer wants to achieve from their interaction with the company. The customer journey map should be built from the perspective of the customer representing the customer’s goal-driven journey. 

Identify the stages in a customer’s journey and the actions customers take at each stage. Define each of these stages:

  • Discovery– of products/services provided by a company
  • Explore– product/ service on the internet in more details
  • Compare– options across different providers 
  • Evaluate– decide on the final product/ service to purchase
  • Purchase– make payments for the product/ service
  • Referral– spread positive feedback and bring awareness

Touchpoints in the Customer Journey Map

Customer Touchpoints are the point of interaction your customers have with your brand. It begins from the moment they discover your products until they purchase or achieve their goals. 

Identifying customer touchpoints keeps track of the entire customer interaction. It helps the market researchers keep a tab on specific interactions, the concerns a customer may have. It helps improve the internal process of the customer journey to make sure the customer has a seamless experience. 

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can help you walk the customer’s journey in their shoes. It helps to understand what their goals are. It reveals what action they took to achieve it, the touchpoints in their journey. You also learn the emotions, motivations, and pain points they had to go through. 

Customer feedback can tell you what they had expected from the brand. You learn about how they felt during their interaction with the company and how long the process was.

Customer feedback gives you knowledge about things you may have otherwise missed if you looked at it from a business perspective. 

Identify the Issues

Now that you know whose customer journey you want to map and have described the touchpoints, you have to now look into any issues that may lead to customer churn. 

You have to now scrutinize the team and look at the customer journey thoroughly. It will help you identify what the red flags or concerns are in the customer experience. 

Improve Customer Experience

From a customer journey map, you should be able to identify opportunities to improve customer experience and increase ROI. Read through the map regularly and make sure it is updated. Share it with the entire management to help identify ways to improve customer experience and meet expectations. 

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What are the Types of Customer Journey Maps?

Current State: These maps are highly used in the business and help to boost positive customer experience. The maps represent the actions, thoughts, and emotions a customer goes through during their interaction with your company. 

Day in the Life: These maps also visually represent the actions, thoughts, and emotions of the customer or prospect but with a focus on specific areas. It tracks customer experience across all the activities that customers are involved in on a daily basis, whether or not it involves your brand. The maps identify the pain points in the customer’s life. These maps are used mostly to discover new strategies for market efforts.

Future State: These maps help predict the future thoughts, actions, and emotions that customers may experience in their interaction with the brand. It offers a clear picture of where your company fits the most depending on the current experience of the customers. The maps are used to visually represent the strategic goals. 

Blueprints: This map starts off as a simplified version of one of the above. Then, it adds on the factors which are responsible for delivering customer experience. These maps help identify the root cause of the current customer journey. And, it helps identify the strategies needed to achieve the future customer experience. 

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Surveys to help create Customer Journey Map

It is important to collect data on customers to understand what motivates them and what stops them from making the purchase or achieving the goal. Surveys help you understand customer journey and experience through customer’s own words. 

It helps you learn about their expectation, preference, concerns, issues, and other factors that affect their decision from their own voice. This prevents you from making any decision based on assumptions. Assumptions about customer journey and experience can lead to misguided strategies. 

You can survey methods like Net Promoter Score®, or Customer Satisfaction to gather customer feedback. You can reach the audience on the channel they prefer the most – emails, SMS, social media, website surveys, etc.



When you are creating your Customer Journey Map it should include touchpoints and key points of interaction in great detail. But, also you should include the customer’s emotions, motivations, concerns, and pain points.

A Customer Journey Map includes all the touchpoints a customer may have during their interaction with a brand. It starts with when they first heard about you and moves until the end when they made the purchase. The purpose of mapping the customer journey is to understand each touchpoint in great detail. It helps identify any issue in order to improve customer experience.

An End-to-End customer journey refers to the process of recording a customer journey from the thoughts of purchase to the actual purchase. It also involves the after-purchase works. The company has to carry on with after-sales support and collecting feedback.

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