All you need to know about Customer Journey Management 02


All you need to know about Customer Journey Management

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There’s no doubt that customer experience is a make-or-break factor for business success nowadays. As customers expect an experience as exceptional as the CX leaders (like Amazon, Uber, or Netflix), any difference can lead to dissatisfaction (and sometimes brand churn too!)  

While enterprises are focused on customer feedback management, 86% of businesses fail to improve their CX scores. That’s where customer journey management can help. But how to facilitate customer journey management and measure its impact on their business? Let’s find out: 

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Managing Customer Journey the right way

Seek feedback from your customers

Managing customer journey is impossible without gathering insights into the customer experience. Thus, it’s imperative to create avenues leveraging which you can ask customers for feedback. This indicates the levels of customer satisfaction across every touchpoint. 

To solicit feedback, support tickets can be a great option to start with. For instance, if several customers experience similar kinds of problems, this indicates a challenge in the particular stage of the customer journey. Once you identify your customers’ pain points, it gets easy to determine how to overcome those challenges. 

To discover customer issues, you can collect customer data through surveys, social media, text analytics tools, etc. Voxco offers omnichannel survey solutions to help you gather customer data across every stage of the customer journey.

All you need to know about Customer Journey Management 01

An emotional connection is essential

According to Forrester, appealing to emotion is key to building superior customer experiences. By establishing an emotional connection with the customers, a brand can effortlessly understand their challenges at different stages of the journey. This further helps to streamline customer interactions with a brand. With the proliferation of social media platforms as well as review sites, diving deep into customers’ emotions, and solving their challenges has become easy.

Moreover, winning customers’ approval and fostering engagement is popular among brands that focus on solving customer frustrations while sustaining an emotional connection.

Omnichannel is key

As every customer has a preferred platform for interaction with a brand, 51% of companies are using at least eight channels for ensuring excellence in customer experience. While some customers prefer interacting with a company over a chatbot, others might get in touch over social media platforms. Thus, leveraging different channels and platforms empowers the customers to interact with your brand at different levels of the journey, leading to a cohesive experience.

Using the right technology makes a difference

To bring any program to fruition, technical capabilities play a pivotal role and customer journey management is no different. By leveraging the right technology solutions, it gets easy to discover journeys that customers take for achieving goals. It also helps to define success or failure by uncovering both in-journey and cross-journey signals. Using an enterprise customer journey platform empowers the managers to:

  1. Identify the cause of customer behavior
  2. Evaluate overall journey performance
  3. Improve customer experience & reduce costs

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What is Customer Journey Management?

Customer journey management is the practice used by organizations to optimize their customer experience with the help of behavioral trends and technology. Intending to minimize customers’ efforts across all touchpoints, customer journey management helps to ensure a seamless experience during customer interactions with a brand. By delivering value to customers as well as the companies, it empowers the customer-centric organizations to:

  1. Uncover customer needs to identify journeys that matter 
  2. Predict journey success by measuring the in-journey signals effectively 
  3. Synchronize omnichannel interactions when needed
  4. Prioritize & focus on low-performing journeys 

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Why should you focus on Customer Journey Management?

Focus on company resources

With effective customer journey management, you can uncover customer pain points across every touchpoint, their future expectations from your brand in terms of hardware, software, or services. By acting on the customer journey insights, you can proactively respond to customer issues that breed loyalty and advocacy.

Discover new customer base

Managing customer journeys can provide you with a comprehensive list of information about the customer’s behavior. However, this is not to be restricted to addressing the concerns of the existing customers. By keeping a tab on the prospective customers (that eventually went in another direction), you can identify the gaps in your offerings, i.e. where they lack. You can then incorporate customer feedback into current offerings or release another product that dedicatedly caters to that niche.

Handle online & offline customers effectively

For businesses having an online and offline presence, there can be two vastly different sets of experiences across the customer journey. What has been working for your online store may not hold any relevance in the physical one. In case the data and insights are siloed, identifying successful product strategies will become more difficult. With customer journey management, you can identify what’s going wrong in one medium to bring it in line with the other counterparts.

With the ever-increasing customer expectations and competitive pressures, every enterprise should adopt customer journey management to revitalize its business around the customers. Want to implement a customer journey management approach for your business? Get in touch with Voxco for uncovering actionable insights into the customer journey across every touchpoint.

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