Customer Experience Transformation in Retail Retail Customer

Customer Experience Transformation in Retail


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What is Customer Experience Transformation in Retail?

Customer Experience Transformation in Retail Retail Customer

Customer experience transformation, or CX transformation, refers to the changes in organizational values, structures, and operations so as to enhance CX by being more customer-centric. Due to the pandemic, many different trends have emerged in the retail sector that have influenced CX transformation. These trends are likely to have lasting effects on customer behaviour and purchasing habits. We will delve further into these trends as we get into today’s article. 

We will also go over the key areas of focus in retail CX transformation as well as some challenges that threaten CX transformation. 

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Areas of Focus in CX Transformation

Customer Experience Transformation in Retail Retail Customer

There are four main focus areas in organizations where change must occur to address changing trends and provide customers with great experiences at a large scale. 

  • Vision and Strategy: Higher management and leadership must be committed to a customer-centric strategy to enhance customer experience.
  • Employees: The organizational structure must allow for the effective communication and collaboration of employees across different silos, teams, and departments. 
  • Operations: Processes and procedures should be created with the main vision of customer-centric change in mind and must also be designed in a way that facilitates and encourages collaboration across functional groups. 
  • Technology: The organization’s technical infrastructure should support cross-functional operations. 

Current Retail Trends Influencing CX Transformation

Customer Experience Transformation in Retail Retail Customer

Let’s take a look at some of the most recent trends that are influencing CX transformation in the retail sector:

  1. Personalization: Recent surveys and trends have shown that customers now want more personalization. A personalized experience helps customers resonate with an organization, making them engaged and emotionally invested. Retailers can leverage this trend by successfully incorporating personalization into their operations to boost customer loyalty and increase their conversion rate. 
  2. Increased Automation: Increased restrictions owing to the pandemic resulted in businesses being short of staff. To face this issue, businesses increased their focus on automation with the use of self-service technology, chatbots, and digital shopping assistants. Such tools allow retailers to cut costs and provide customers with 24/7 access to certain services as technology isn’t limited to a 9 to 5 workday.  
  3. Omnichannel Servicing: Omnichannel servicing is the key to providing customers with a fully connected experience. As the pandemic shifted a large proportion of people’s shopping experience online, customers expect businesses to facilitate the seamless transition from one channel to another. 
  4. Increased Digital Customer Base: The pandemic compelled people to become more digitally literate, placing more customers online so that retailers can target them. Retailers now have a larger online customer base that they can target using creative and innovative strategies. 

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Challenges to Retail CX Transformation

The following are some challenges that limit customer experience transformation within retail organizations:

  • Siloed Customer Data

Perhaps the biggest challenge to CX transformation is siloed customer touchpoints and data. Customers want organizations to provide them with a personalized shopping experience that caters to their wants and needs. This is hard to achieve when using multichannel data collection platforms that have siloed customer data and independent managed channels. This siloed view of customer data fails to provide a complete picture of customer feedback, making it extremely tedious to extract reliable insights. 

  • Ineffective Customer Service

Customer service is an extremely critical touchpoint as it has a significant influence on customer loyalty. Slow or reactive customer service, lack of customer insight, inability to arrive at a resolution; all these issues cause significant friction and can make customers frustrated at the business.

FAQs on Retail Customer Experience

 Customer Experience Transformation refers to the changes in organizational values, structures, and operations so as to be more customer-centric and enhance CX.

Retail customer experience refers to a customer’s entire experience with a retail organization, across all channels and touchpoints. 

 Siloed customer data and customer service friction are significant challenges to CX transformation in the retail sector. 

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