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What is a Customer Experience Survey?

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A customer experience survey enables a brand to gather a customer’s perceptions based on the experiences across various touch points. To determine the crucial touch points of the customers, it’s imperative for businesses to map their journey. Leveraging an entire customer experience management is essential for this.

For instance, you need to track the experience of your customers from the time when they considered your brand (for the first time) to when they become repeat customers. In this scenario, you must keep a check on what customers are saying about your brand at every level. By using a best-in-class customer experience survey, you can effectively measure customer experience as well as satisfaction across different touch points of their journey.

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Why are Customer Experience Surveys important for your business?

Being a crucial component for understanding what customers think about a brand, a customer experience survey empowers businesses to gain actionable insights into the overall customer journey as well as customer support. Here are some reasons why you should use customer experience surveys:

  • Boosts customer retention
    A customer will return to your brand only if he/she is happy and satisfied. By allowing you to effectively track the customer journey, a CX survey lets you anticipate if your product or service is performing well or not. It also helps you forecast future sales on the basis of customer loyalty. A CX survey highlights the required changes that need to be immediately incorporated for retaining customers.
  • Discover your promoters
    A customer experience survey is an ideal method to determine the promoters or advocates for your brand. Leveraging a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey can help you categorize your customers as promoters, detractors, or passives. Moreover, this information can be used for sending targeted and personalized messages, thereby transforming detractors into promoters.
  • Solicit feedback for making informed decisions
    Data is certainly the most important factor for making decisions in the best interest of a business. With a customer experience survey, businesses can gather insightful data that helps them to function smoothly and uncover the likes and dislikes of their customers.

What are the types of Customer Experience Surveys?

There are multiple surveys or metrics that you can use for tracking your CX. Based on the touch point in question and your specific requirements, you can pick up the right customer experience survey to measure your CX. Here are some CX surveys that you should consider:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey
    Net Promoter Score Survey (NPS Survey) is used by brands to measure customer loyalty as well as brand advocacy. With an aim to predict the growth trajectory of a brand, this survey asks the respondent a simple question:

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our product/service/brand to a friend or colleague?” 

After the respondents choose a score, they’re asked another question: “Why did you give us that score?” This is an open-ended question that propels the customers to give their feedback in detail. This follow-up question can help you gain insights into the customer pain points. Based on the score given by respondents, they’re classified as: Promoters (rating of 9 or 10), Detractors (rating between 0 to 6), and Passives (rating between 7 or 8).

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Survey
    Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys are used by brands to determine the level of customer satisfaction with their products or services. Being an excellent indicator of critical aspects related to CX, a CSAT survey helps to track how customers feel about the quality as well as the effectiveness of a brand & its products or services. In this survey, customers are asked the following question: 

“On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with our product?”

  • Customer Effort Score (CES) Survey
    Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys are used by businesses to understand how much effort does a customer had to put in specific touch points or interactions with them. This helps to determine if the customers are really happy or sad with a brand. These surveys are mostly dispatched after a customer has interacted with a brand’s customer service. It involves asking customers one question:

“Please rate how easy or difficult was it for you to find a relevant solution to your problem on our website?”

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Making the most of your Customer Experience Surveys

  • Set your goals right
    Start by defining your goals, i.e. what do you want from this CX survey, how will it add value to your brand? This benchmark will prevent you from losing sight of your survey’s purpose while helping you visualize the results too. Without analyzing your objectives, you might get data from the survey but not the required insights you need!
  • Choose an efficient CX survey software
    To effectively evaluate your customer journey, it’s important to choose the right software for your customer experience survey. A robust CX survey software not only helps you to elevate your customer experience but also empowers your brand to stay ahead of the competitors. Voxco offers best-in-class customer experience surveys for fostering closer ties with your customers.
  • Pick the right survey template
    Finding it difficult to design your CX survey from scratch? Look no further than a survey template! While a survey template is a great source to create a customer experience survey for your brand, it also comes with the added benefit of customization. So you can easily customize it according to your brand logo and color code!
  • Use the right question type
    As respondents are going to interact with your brand through a CX survey, it’s essential to include questions that provide the best information. While you can use any question type (dichotomous (yes/no), rank order, slider, matrix table, multiple-choice), it’s recommended to use open-ended questions as they help to gather more actionable and insightful information. Also, you should avoid using questions that are biased or misleading as these undermine the validity of the results.
  • Test your CX survey
    Before you begin with distribution, you should always test your CX survey to discover the loose ends. Getting feedback from a group of testers can help you realize the areas of improvement and make required revisions. Moreover, it helps you acknowledge the chances where customers might misinterpret the questions.

What to look for in a customer experience survey software?

While choosing a customer experience survey software, it’s important to consider one that can transform your organization’s growth by seamlessly tracking & optimizing customer journeys. Here are a few things to consider while selecting the software for your CX survey: 

  • Omni channel Capabilities
    There’s no doubt that it’s a technology-driven world where most individuals are online, not everyone has access to the internet 24×7. This is why it’s essential for your customer experience survey software to help you reach respondents across all channels (Online, face-to-face, telephonically). This ensures to gather more accurate data by allowing brands to break down geographical barriers while surveying their respondents. Voxco’s omnichannel CX surveys help you gather the feedback you need anywhere, anytime.
  • Powerful dashboards and analytics
    Gathering data is a crucial aspect of CX, but for insights, your customer experience survey software needs to be equipped with robust analytics tools. Voxco enables brands to intuitively view their data through customizable dashboards and identify the key trends in customer behavior. Not everyone in your company needs access to all the data collected through your CX survey. With Voxco, you can effortlessly control information access while ensuring that the right data is available to the key stakeholders. 
  • Seamless App Integration
    For businesses having a large volume of app users, this feature is a must. By integrating customer experience surveys like NPS, CSAT, or CES into your application, you can understand customer pain points by soliciting feedback immediately after important interactions. Voxco’s best-in-class CX survey software allows for easy integration into your app, helping you to get customer feedback within no time. This, in turn, boosts the overall customer experience.
  • Flexible Hosting Options
    Customer data is certainly the key contributor to business success. This extends to the feedback data collected via customer experience surveys as well. With exceptional survey tools like Voxco, it gets easy to store your customer feedback data securely on the cloud or your own premises, as it’s compatible with the security protocols of your business!

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