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Why Customer Experience Survey Software is crucial for your business?

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Creating happy and satisfied customers is the main goal for businesses in almost every industry. As 71% of customers are likely to leave a brand due to bad customer service, delivering a top-notch customer experience has become extremely crucial for businesses to thrive in today’s digital world. But to make your customers happy and elevate their overall experience, it’s important to tap into their psyche and truly understand them (as well as their choices)! That’s where the need for customer experience survey software arises! In this article, we’ll discuss what customer experience survey software is and how it can play a pivotal role in your business success. Let’s start:


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What is Customer Experience Survey Software?

Customer Experience Survey Software, also known as CX Survey Software is a tool or platform that is designed especially to help businesses manage their interactions with customers effectively. It works well for both the potential customers and the existing ones. As getting customer feedback is extremely useful for businesses to improve, using a Customer Experience Survey software makes the process more seamless by helping you collect it. Also, this software comes with robust tools that help to uncover insights from the collected data. 

Without using a customer experience survey software, it can be tough for a brand to understand the customers’ perception about their products or services, and about their company as well. Leveraging a CX survey software empowers a business to effortlessly interact with its customers at any touchpoint, and collate the customer feedback for uncovering actionable insights.


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Why Customer Experience Survey Software is essential for your business?

In today’s digitally driven world with cut-throat competition, 86% of customers are happy to pay extra for receiving a great CX. This has made customer experience a crucial differentiator for business success. Since customer loyalty doesn’t rely on factors like product quality or its price anymore, it has become extremely essential for brands to deliver a world-class experience that keeps up with their customer demands. Here’s why you should use a customer experience survey software for your business: 


  • It’s better to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones 
  • Soliciting customer feedback helps a brand to improve exponentially
  • A valued interaction helps to transform existing customers into loyal advocates


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What type of questions should your Customer Experience Survey Software offer?

  • Multiple Choice Questions A highly popular question type for Customer Experience surveys, multiple-choice questions allow a customer to choose an answer from a list of options. The options used for producing data are mutually exclusive and can be easily analyzed. As the answer choices are fixed, it ensures an effortless survey-taking experience for the customers. Moreover, this question type has a higher response rate as the customers don’t have to think much before answering these questions.
  • Likert Scale Questions Known for playing a pivotal role in every CX survey, Likert scale questions are used for gathering customers’ feedback using a psychometric scale. By providing customers with a range of answer choices starting from “not at all satisfied” scaling up to “highly satisfied”, Likert scale questions help you uncover insights about your product or service in detail. These questions come up with a 5, 7, or 9-point agreement scale for measuring customers’ perceptions or ideas about a particular scenario.
  • Dichotomous Questions By offering two possible answer choices to the customers, a dichotomous question is considered to be effective for screening purposes in a customer experience survey. It involves answer choices like yes/no, true/false, right/wrong, agree/disagree, etc. This helps to seamlessly segment the target audience as well as filter out the irrelevant ones. Also, this question type is ideal for limiting the ambiguity that arises with subjective answers of the respondents.
  • Rating Scale Questions Rating scale questions can help to solicit customer feedback about a specific product (or service) in a comparative form. By using a numeric scale for multiple answer choices, this question type asks the customers to rate a product or its related attribute accordingly. The rating can feature customer satisfaction on a scale ranging between 1-5 (CSAT survey) or the likelihood of recommending a brand on a scale of 0 to 10 (NPS® survey).
  • Open-ended Questions Popularly known as open-text questions, open-ended questions enable survey respondents to answer questions based on their perception as well as knowledge. This question type is widely used for its free form and is not restricted to a specific number of answer options. Since there are no limitations of predefined answer options, this question type helps to gather insightful information and discover customer concerns that you were usually unaware of.
  • Demographic Questions An important part of a CX survey, demographic questions are used for collecting information about the customer’s background. By determining qualifiers like age, gender, geographic location, marital status, income, family members, etc., demographic questions can help marketing and sales divisions to effectively segment their customers and visualize the target audience too. This plays a key role in building promotional strategies for converting leads for the business.

What features should your Customer Experience Survey Software have?

A customer experience survey software is the key to managing a brand’s interactions with its customers. By playing a significant role in elevating customer experience across all the crucial touchpoints, it empowers you to cater to your customer needs in the best way possible. Here are some features that your customer experience survey software must include: 


  • Omnichannel Capabilities

    An ideal customer experience survey software should empower you to track CX across multiple mediums effectively. It should help you reach out to the target audience by conducting surveys online, through phone, or face-to-face. Voxco offers omnichannel survey solutions that allow you to gather customer feedback across every touchpoint of the customer journey.
  • Intuitive Dashboards & Analytics

    Gathering data is a crucial part of the Customer Experience Survey, but uncovering actionable insights from that data is even more important. So, your customer experience survey software needs to be equipped with powerful tools for surfacing the customer data collected. Voxco offers interactive and insightful dashboards that help businesses to gain a 360-degree view of their customers and identify trends in their behavior. Also, its best-in-class analytics help to discover relationships between customer preferences and your brand’s offerings.
  • Third-party Integrations

    The data gathered through customer feedback is highly crucial for a business but it’s equally important to focus on data coming from sources like website analytics, and CRM systems. In order to gain better visibility into CX, your customer experience survey software should be able to seamlessly integrate them all together (especially if your business handles a large number of users at one time). Voxco offers easy integrations with third-party apps that empower you to gain timely feedback into customer interactions while uncovering a better customer view. 

Leveraging a customer experience survey software can help to effectively measure customer experience across all touchpoints of the customer lifecycle. Want to elevate the customer experience for your brand? Get in touch with the experts at Voxco to anticipate and embrace customer trends for your business. 


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