Using Customer Experience Surveys to Design your CX Strategy


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Customer Retention can be a challenge at the best of times and when coupled with the constant need to increase one’s customer base, it’s an even bigger one. Customer Experience surveys could possibly help glean actionable insights to help you develop a coherent CX strategy.

A well implemented CX strategy can ensure increased customer satisfaction, reduce churn and maximize lifetime customer value. By regularly taking customer feedback into account, you can provide offerings which customers truly desire, rather than forcing them to compromise. 

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Here are a few things to keep in mind while designing your CX strategy

Define your Customer Experience Journey

Generalized CX journeys are a great starting point, but you need to define a CX Journey that would more accurately reflect a Customer’s experience with your organization. From marketing to the purchase and customer support – both before and after the sale. Customer journeys are increasingly fluid these days – Conducting surveys, both CATI and Online/Web surveys will allow you to define your CX journey in a data-driven manner. 

It’s also important to define your CX Journey in line with your brand mission and vision. Customers notice these things and establishing and living up to your brand ethos can infuse loyalty in customers. 

Is it easy to buy what you’re selling?

Literally speaking, how easy is it for customers to purchase your products, or buy into your ecosystem? Whether you’re selling to the general consumer or other businesses, your customer onboarding process needs to be as seamless as possible so it doesn’t act as a deterrent for customers. 

Integrating queries about the purchase or buy-in process in your customer experience surveys will help you streamline and optimize the purchase experience. 

Customer Experience Surveys = better, more personalized CX

We’re living in an age where personal data and preferences are worth small fortunes. While cookies and the like can fetch you a general idea about customer preferences, collecting feedback across the customer journey will fetch actionable insights into customer behavior and help you deliver products that customers will feel are personalized to their requirements. 

This can be a big driver for customer loyalty and reduce churn for the long term.

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Use Quantitative data to better CX

There’s no substitute for the benefit that cold, hard facts bring to the table. Customer experience surveys like NPS® , CSAT, CES etc. have been proven to deliver valuable data from which the keen mind can derive insights.

These surveys can often help paint the bigger picture when it comes to customer experience and allow you to quantify and improve on customer pain points.

Customer loyalty and retention gain massively if customers feel that their concerns are being addressed quickly, and these surveys help you do just that.

Good Design equals better CX

Whether you’re a business that deals with tangible goods or software, you need to ensure that your design language is up to par and carries across your companies’ touchpoints. Your software or your website needs to be fluid and responsive. It also needs to meet your customers’ requirements effectively.

You should consider pursuing customer experience surveys about your design, and see what aspects need addressing. You can also survey your employees about the same to gain insights into issues which you would have otherwise missed.

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