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Customer Experience Software

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Why businesses need customer experience software, and how they can get the most from it

Customer experience (CX) is a major focus for businesses in almost any industry. Whether its B2B or B2C, CX is now a key differentiator for companies looking to decrease customer churn and improve profitability. This is where customer experience software come into play. Many businesses across verticals have started to rely on them to improve their NPS® scores and grow faster than the competition.

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What is Customer Experience software?

CX software, often referred to as CX management software is a tool or software platform that can help your business manage interactions with customers. They can be potential customers as well as existing ones. Feedback from both sets of respondents is extremely useful, and a Customer Experience software can help you collect it, and provide the tools to uncover insights from the data you’ve collected. 

Without a CX management software onboard, It can be difficult for an enterprise to control how their customers feel about their relationship with their products and services, and even the brand itself. Customer experience software provides businesses with the flexibility to interact with the customer at any touchpoint they deem fit, and collate customer feedback collected along the customer journey into actionable insights. 

What is CX management?

Customer Experience Management can be described as the process through which businesses proactively manage customer sentiment about their brand along the customer journey. Without a customer experience software handy, trying to predict customer preferences and customer sentiment is like shooting in the dark. You never know if you’re going to strike gold, or strike a nerve. 

By managing customer experience, businesses can get insights into what their customers like about their brand, what needs to change alongside making customers feel that their opinion is valued. CX management allows businesses to limit customer churn, and come up with product updates supported by insightful marketing, which will attract more people towards their brand. 

Customer Experience management extends into all areas of your business. From your contact centers to your sales process, every bit is observed by your customers, and their experience decides whether they’ll be promoters or detractors. 

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What to look for in a customer experience software ?

A CX software is an important investment for any organization, one which is likely to transform your organization, its growth and your offerings. Here’s a few things to look for while deciding on a tool for CX management:

  • Omnichannel data collection
    • Although much of the world is online, not everyone has access to the internet 24×7. This is why it’s important that your customer experience software has the capability to reach respondents across all channels (Online, face to face, telephonically).
    • This not only ensures more accurate data, but allows businesses to break down geographical barriers while choosing to survey respondents.
  • Email Integration
    • There are several simple surveys such as NPS® , CSAT and CES surveys whose opening question can be integrated into an email itself. This greatly improves your survey response rates.
    • After choosing an answer, respondents are directed to the remainder of the survey, to which you can add the questions of your choice. Even if respondents entered via a response to an NPS® question, you are free to add any type of question to the remaining portion of the survey.
  • App integration
    • For any business or enterprise whose app handles a large volume of users, this feature is a must have. By integrating surveys like CES, NPS® and CSAT into one’s application, you can feedback into customer pain points almost immediately after important interactions.
    • Voxco’s omnichannel customer experience software allows for easy integration into your app, allowing you to get timely feedback into customer interactions which will help improve overall customer experience.
  • Analytics and Dashboards
    • Collecting data is an important aspect of CX management, but for insights, your customer experience software must be equipped with powerful analytics tools. Voxco allows businesses to intuitively view their data via customizable dashboards and identify trends in customer behavior.
    • Not every employee in your enterprise needs access to all the data you’ve collected. With Voxco you can easily control access to information and ensure that key stakeholders have the right data with them whenever needed.
    • Analytics can assist in finding relationships between customer preferences and your (and your competitors) offerings.
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  • Customer Experience Software Workflows
    • With Voxco, it’s possible for researchers to automate several parts of the survey process. With workflows, researchers can optimize the survey process to get better productivity. It’s also possible to integrate the survey/questionnaire process into your existing tech stack, allowing for real time feedback management.
  • Rewards integration
    • Better respondent participation = more accurate data. 
    • Sometimes it may require a little convincing to get respondents for your survey. It could also be the case that you need to ensure that your survey drop off rates are as low as possible. For scenarios like these, Voxco’s customer experience software can integrate rewards into surveys, which are presented to respondents only after they’ve completed and submitted the survey. 
  • Flexible hosting
    • Customer data is of the utmost importance. This extends to the customer feedback data collected via customer experience software as well. With survey tools like voxco, it’s possible to store feedback data securely on the cloud, or on your own premises, compatible with all your business’ security protocols.
Flexible hosting

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